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Dear All

I am responding to one e-mail, representative of many I get in private, as nobody wants to take it out into the open?

It is a very honest and sober description of a situation, which many of you will share or know from times in your life :

Hi Kiran

By taking responsibility I mean I don’t blame anybody else. I also means that I’m doing what I can to solve the problem and pay my debts. So I’m reaching marketing 6 hours non stop last Thursday, 8 hours on Friday. I’ve also accepted to be a Nuskin distributor and have organized a meeting at my place next Sunday. I sold my ping pong table, and I’m trying likewise to sell different things. The most expensive thing I have is my Core 5. I know I haven’t integrated its teachings and could do things with it, so I’m keeping it.

I suppose I could have done things differently, is it “stupidity from the past” as you put it? that I don’t know.

i’ve been working hard with the weight loss group. I spent hours and hours coaching them, every week each, for free. I gave them your informed stones. I made a wonderful program, to be sold on internet.

I launched it. Sold only for 27€. Was I stupid? You tell me.
Did I take risks? Yes, I think so.

So all in all, I know life could be much easier. I will not tell you all of the trials I’ve been through in the lasts years. But I’m tired, so tired. Life is not fun for me.

So is it karma? invisible attacks? my own stupidity? I don’t know.

I only know I’m doing my best, I’m a good man, I’ve helped many as a coach in the last years.

I’m a good father also. My children never lacked anything. On the contrary, I had to protect them against my ex’s partner, who amongst other things, planted a fork in my son’s arm…

And I could carry on like that. There’s no point. I’m not asking anything else. For the time being, I’m only focused on working as much as I can.



People like EM try to teach, nurse, rescue, protect and heal others whereas they feel their own life is in a dead end or at least no fun, just in order to feel less of their own pain.

Others and of course the large majority life everyday filling their moments with dragging on in a repetitive job, watching TV, eating or browsing the internet. They have been made immune for any guidance from outside as they follow the current religion that tells them that they are the ones that know best what is good for them and anyway they are very special individuals. So the only way to subdue their growing desperation is with more shopping and this is exactly what is the program of the US virus.

My discussion with EM started when I asked him what he means with “Taking responsibility for his situation”. He basically said, to take responsibility means for him “to work as much as he can to have his children happy and protect them from his ex-partner”.

Can you see a threatened animal – it does the same – run for food and protect his offspring.

And in this was one lifetime follows another and only the faces and names change but the challenges remain the same. Why ? because this life has a purpose – not to rear children or care for the sick – but to “realize one’s Self” and it is not about finding what talents one has, what one believes in, what ideals one carries, what morals one defends.

So “What is it all about”

By now you know that I consider DLE the solution. The last time I wrote about intellectual DLE http://www.hospitaller-soulspirithealing.org/intellectual-know-thyself-to-know/ and all the various ways that spiritual seekers have created to make this movement possible between the polarities on an Intellectual level, silence, self-observation, dialectic, adveita, mantra, prayer, stopping thoughts…

All this can give great results if one does it consistently for a long enough time –  often it turns just in some mechanistic exercise without commitment, just an empty form.

However the most frequent DLE that we are supplied every day of our lives is “Emotional DLE” the hot and cold emotional showers that we receive from dealing with the requirements of life and other people.

New Age, all of it and not only the Law of Attraction tells you that if you do things right you do not need to have all these ups and downs – you can live  a life of bliss and abundance. If this is not yet the case for you, you just self-sabotage, because the Universe wants to give you all and everything.

So most believe in this somewhat and this adds to their desperation as they see that their life is just not the bliss and abundance.

This system is attractive as it feeds the personal ego and the illusions that eventually all will turn out better. But it is the oldest bestseller and it is just another patch like before the believe that in paradise/ nirvana/ Buddhahood all will be solved.

However when you understand that “emotional DLE” is necessary, that suffering is a part of life that will not disappear, on the contrary that will increase to the degree one is capable to use it, then things change.

The way we deal with suffering is what discriminates the level of people. Most try to not experience it by eating, drugs, work and if they still feel it hope every moment for a time where it will be gone. Some very rare ones take-on  even more potential for suffering not because they want to help others or the world but because they know that by making such a bold act very powerful transformation becomes possible.

Transformation into what ? …. Into the unspeakable – even if you call it God you are mistaken – that  is why Buddha said the “believe in God is unhealthy”. And of course – few would do any big efforts for the “unspeakable”, therefore many incarnations one goes from one desperate situation into another until one has been tired out so much that “suddenly it makes click”  BUT

Not for all-and-forever but for a new and more intense round of DLE – only helped by the unshakable knowledge now and forever that one is on the right track.

Keep reading and following this indigestible nonsense – until you are starting to get so confused that finally you “run-out-of-words and buts”

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