Curiosity on Mars or about SELF ?

if you are short of time just skip the words and see the movie

After Descartes declared that Outside and Inside are separate & that you can become an expert observer of the outside without necessarily being curious of your inside – the world has taken this route towards  the outside wholeheartedly with amazing results 

please see the technological feast that brought a 2000 pounds  rover safely on planet Mars  that has its own Plutonium reactor power source and is sending first pictures.

Imagine we would be curious about exploring inner worlds as much and put as much ingenuity towards this goal – how many new landscapes and lifeforms would we discover. This is the mission of the Health Navigator CoRe system and this was the reason for the establishment of all true spiritual movements, as that of the Hospitaller. 

YouTube Preview Image

and first panoramic view

YouTube Preview Image





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