Vision of Spiritual Healing in the tradition of the Knights Hospitallers

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Dear Friends


providence has given us a new way to define our work of healing that is true and connected to more profound healing traditions that always knew the close relationship of Priest and Healer.


If you become  a Knight or Lady of the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller

(which is open also to non-CoRe users)


you make it clear to the world that your work is directed at being spiritual in its very core.


If you know and apply the concepts of  “Spiritual Medicine” as outlined below you are more save from legal harassment then any insurance could give you. We will have a form that you need to sign to accept these tenants of “Spiritual healing”.

However more importantly you join a spiritual tradition that started even the concept of “Hospital” and “Hospitality” and that has been built over centuries by the work of thousands of individuals of which some are considered saints.

This tradition and your dedication to join it – will have a sensible impact on your success as healer and the acceptance of your work in society. You will verify the existence of a legion of spiritual helpers that are the informational connection to the source that fuels all our lives.


please contact me personal for application details







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Definition of “Vision of Spiritual Healing in the tradition of the Knights Hospitallers”

and related concepts that are the foundation of and agreed understanding for those who want to become knights or ladies of the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitallers.

It makes clear how we differentiate our work from that of physical or energetic medicine that is ruled by worldly authorities

Glossary of spiritual healing

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A aggravationanamnesisapparatus
B balancingbelief
C complementaryconsciousnesscontra-indicationscure
D devicediagnosisdiseaseDLE
E energy medicineevaluation
F facefieldfinding the cause of disease
H Heal-Thyselfhistoryholistichologram
I illnessimbalanceindicatorinformational medicineinformationinstrumentintegralissue
M matrix
N natural medicine
P placeboproblempsycho-somatic
R reasonremedyresonances
S self-healingside effectssign of diseasesoulspiritspiritualsymptomsystem
T therapytooltreatment.


All esoteric traditions hold, using one name or another, that the spiritual realm is divided into two parts; that of the spirit and that of the soul.
Due to lack of understanding these are usually used as synonyms. Work with the CoRe system made it obvious that we can affect issues like convictions, compulsions, desires and dislikes and other aspects of what usually called mind and emotions.

Living beings are organized similar to computers, the software and the hardware.

Besides the hardware that is the exclusive object of diagnosis and treatment for conventional medicine, there exists no concept of human software that may treatment as well…

The software also has two major parts; the operating system and the application software. The operating system is the same for a computer independent of the purpose for which it is used, whereas the application software is specific to the type of work that is to be done.

I propose to understand the spirit as the seat or repertory of all individualizing characteristics and the soul/consciousness analog to the comparable to the operating system or more fittingly the cloud that is will replace it and will be common to all individual computers.

As the CoRe system can only influence individual traits and not those of collectives, it is in fact spirit-medicine. Also as the CoRe essentially works with information and we follow that informational medicine is synonymous with spiritual-medicine.

The breakthrough in understanding the concept of spirit came by investigating the laws of information as analogous to the laws of spirit. Whereas we have only anecdotal knowledge of the laws of spirit, we have an unprecedented amount of knowledge about the laws of information based on our technical advances in computer programming. The application of this knowledge has lead to the development of the Inergetix system for informational or spirit medicine.

Mind, emotions and body control mechanisms are all different forms of the informational level of life.

From this division it is understandable that the CoRe System cannot replace healing of the spirit, which is the prime purpose of religion. Techniques that are focused on the soul all have in common that they do not work with information but that on the contrary are designed to transcend information.

A prime example of information processing is the activity of our mind, and here the above brings clarity to a traditionally very confused topic. With the division between spirit/information and soul it is made clear that mind activity is not soul-activity.

Soul techniques of an authentic nature all have in common that they incorporate techniques that transform information into conscious into silence or non-verbal awareness. Methods that are focused on concepts, words, dogmas, beliefs are at best methods that can influence/alter the work of the informational/spirit level and this is the function of the CoRe system to change informational content and relationships.

Soul tools are ritual prayers or mantras that are not intended to ask for help, or are a form of self-investigation, but instead transform information into consciousness. This division makes clear that the CoRe system is not intended to or capable of replacing the work that is traditionally done by religious practices or meditation but instead complements it with its informational/spirit work.


The time has come for a complete revision of how we present ourselves. There was a time when, if you were holding that “This man needs some proper food or a clean living space instead of some prayer or help from God”, you would be denounced and delivered to the Inquisition and burned at the stake for questioning the almighty power of God.

Now the wheel has turned 180 degrees in that if you hold that “This man needs spiritual intervention to be healed rather than surgery or another round of chemotherapy”, some people call this “charlatanism”.

Most people were fueling this absurdity by playing the “Game of Words” in not using words like “Treat, diagnose, cure” and so on, thinking that in this way they could fool the authorities, mostly however fooling themselves and their clients.

The authorities were probably only too busy with more serious things and thus just did not give much of their limited resources to this field.

This document instructs you how you can use the words “diagnosing, treating, curing” by being clear that you are doing spiritual Medicine and now to set yourself from physical and energetic medicine that is properly ruled by worldly authorities.

We can do that because the spirit is today considered completely separate from the physical realm of which the body is a part. This unnatural understanding that has developed over the last 500 years is in our favor for differentiating our work from that of physical medicine.

This requires that if our work was accompanied with physical health changes for the better or the worse we cannot take credit for it as from the beginning we have made clear that this is not our job and therefore was not intended and nor could it be expected.

The circle has closed… where for example Descartes or Galileo had to take great care that their work would not be interpreted as an attempt to interfere with or replace any spiritual work of the then dominant church, so we have now to do the same in an opposite way in making clear that our work does not interfere or replace any work on a physical level.

BackDevice, instrument, apparatus, tool, system:

The CoRe System is a spiritual tool that is intended to be used as a spiritual tool and not a medical device as outlined in 201(h) of the FDA. As a knife is not inherently a medical tool but only becomes such by being used in example for surgery with the intent to “Affect the structure or function of the body” and thus treat physical disease, the energetic part of the CoRe System could possibly be used like a Rife unit (a knife to kill pathogens or destroy tumor cells) but we do not promote this or intend it in its design.

We do not follow Rife’s philosophy that certain frequencies applied via electric or light energy could kill particular bacteria or viruses. We hold that this is “energetic allopathy” which is based on the dogma that one should kill pathogens to be in a healthy state. On the contrary, our spiritual approach is to heal the spirit. The above “energetic allopathic” approach tries to treat a physical symptom instead….. which would be practicing medicine with the device, which we do not intend or promote.

However on the contrary we hold, and are supported by the general opinion of the scientific community, that it is virtually impossible that electricity of a maximum of 12 Volts and 20 miliAmps or visible light of very moderate intensity could penetrate into the skin, or even could kill microbes there… Anybody holding this understanding is just following a misunderstanding developed by Rife, Hulda Clark and others who trust in physical explanations.

BackDiagnosis, evaluation, anamnesis:

Many concepts of the physical world are meaningless on the spiritual level.
One of those concepts that we are trained to take as self-evident is that of cause and effect. However, in the spiritual world time does not exist and consequently the idea of cause and effect, which requires time in the form of a before and an after, has no meaning. Therefore, correctly speaking, if someone diagnoses a cause of illness he is not practicing spiritual medicine.

On a spiritual level the concept of resonance is the most appropriate. In example, if someone attracts a certain disease be-CAUSE you see some spiritual issues, you have to make clear to yourself that the spiritual issue is not the CAUSE of the disease but that the symptom and the spiritual issues are resonances of each other and that it is not possible in this mindset to state what came first and is therefore a cause of the other. The CoRe System from the beginning made clear that it cannot find causes but resonances, and this is not a game of words but asks you and your client to develop a very new understanding of connections in the spiritual/informational realm.

BackEnergy medicine:

Just as we would not call a conventional doctor an energy practitioner only because he uses his voice with his patients, although it is sound energy. Likewise we do not consider ourselves energy medicine practitioners only because we use conventional energies like light, sound and electricity to deliver information. In spiritual healing, energies are only used as carriers of information just as for example in a religious service the music or candle light is not intended to give energy to the participants but to deliver a message and to create a state of receptiveness for information.

The energy used in the Inergetix energetic component are information carriers but not effective on their own because of their insignificant intensity. Energy used for information transmission is capable of bridging large spans of space but are incapable of carrying significant amounts of energy which would be necessary to facilitate physical changes directly. For that reason the CoRe system is in its essence an informational system and not an energetic one like a radiation therapy or lithotripsy device.

BackHolistic, complementary, integral, natural medicine:

To use herbs, homeopathy or electricity does not make one a HOLISTIC PRACTITIONER. This is a common mistake and unfortunately has created a lot of confusion. As long as one is not trained and qualified to treat both body and spirit equally well, one cannot hold that one is truly a healer of the WHOLE.

Also the title ‘natural medicine’ is equally misleading as homeopathy is not MORE NATURAL than for example chemical drugs, as both are created in an elaborate man-made process.

Therefore we consider the title “Complementary medicine” as the most appropriate for what we are doing, it is the spiritual complement to physical medicine. This also asks us to be honest to ourselves and our clients about our true field of expertise as well as about our limitations.

BackIllness, disease, imbalance:

Spiritual medicine can only make statements about the cause and possible remedies of spiritual disease that is primarily non-material and non-energetic in its origin. Of course it is not always obvious what is the cause and what is the effect and therefore it is important that we make it clear to our clients that if we attempt spiritual healing we can only alter disease on the spiritual level, that is, in information and consciousness. It is therefore important that a client should always be advised also to seek the counsel of a doctor who works on a material level with drugs or non-symbolic energy. If symptoms on the material level are changing for the better or worse we cannot claim to or be held accountable for it as these changes are purely unrelated and placebo effect.

BackInformational Medicine:

The central principle of spiritual medicine is that “information is the carrier of spiritual disease”, similar to a virus in a computer which also is information that makes the computer malfunction and not a physical entity nor some form of energy. Different than matter and energy, information is ruled by quite different laws, primarily that of being outside time and space and thus NOT being quantifiable with the concepts of number. For example, different from energy and matter, information can be multiplied without diminishing the individual parts, which energy and matter can not. Therefore it is correctly more related to the timeless nature of the spirit and thus NOT under the laws of worldly authorities but those of spiritual ones.

BackNegative Side-effects, aggravation, malpractice:

From the above it is clear that physical and energetic negative side-effects could never be ascribed to our work as spiritual healers just as we cannot claim that any benefits on the physical level could have been caused by our work. However it is common legal practice to blame the healer for aggravations of the disease condition of a person that develop after a client makes contact with this spiritual healer. The argument is commonly that if the client would have been informed about the limited possibilities of this kind of this kind of therapy he would have saved time and chosen effective (= conventional) medicine. Therefore if it essential that the client signs the disclaimer to this effect. This is of course is a paradoxical situation based on the contemporary legal practice mainly in the United States because it is not considered a mistake of the person who was choosing this kind of service but of the one who was providing it without giving sufficient legal advice. However much we may understand or like this fact we have to observe it and also make our position clear, if we want to avoid legal consequences.

BackQuantum field, Zero energy field, The Matrix, The Hologram, vacuum field, tachyon field, scalar field, psi field, intrinsic data field, zero energy field, akashic field, morphological field:

The abundance of names that were invented for the field that general physics cannot explain have given rise to much confusion and been used to make money selling devices or offering healing services under one of these well-sounding titles.

None of these ideas were associated with doing spiritual work as its main constituent factor, but have been presented as an extension of contemporary physics. This attempt to gain followers based on the widespread and almost religious belief in physics and its possibilities was very successful, but has attracted the attention of regulatory organizations that have the mandate to protect the public from misleading claims.

We make clear that we are interested in extending the knowledge of the spirit rather than that of physics and are making it the focus of a science. Spiritual work is not identical with belief in the sense of “accept and don’t question.” This work reconnects to the time when the spiritual realm was the focus of study rather than mindless ritual practice.

BackRemedy, Cure, Balancing, Therapy, Treatment:

The moment we claim as spiritual therapists that many physical ills are related in a causal sense to informational causes and that we therefore are in a position to heal them, may get us in trouble given the legal conventions particularly in the USA. We have to understand that legal conventions bind the individual judge to make a legal system more predictable. In the current situation we cannot even intend or claim to be curing physical disease indirectly but we can rightly claim to be in the profession of finding and administering spiritual remedies. In today’s legal convention a priest cannot claim that his prayers were the cause for the physical healing of someone otherwise he would be considered to be practicing medicine without a license. No matter how much we like or agree with this convention we are still bound by it and better observe it if we want to avoid confrontation. Again we are finding spiritual issues that can be informational or conscious causes for spiritual discomfort. So in fact it is not so much the language we are using but that we are clear and make it clear that we are working and investigating connections on a spiritual level only.

BackSpiritual, face, belief, psycho-somatic or placebo healing:

Spiritual medicine is considered in contemporary science to be completely separate from all phenomena on the material level. Therefore it is generally agreed that if effects occur on the level of matter or energy they must also have their cause there and if by chance we observe that a thought happens while we see an effect on the energy or material level that looks like a result of the thought, we have to hold that this is purely coincidental – that is, unrelated and only by chance happening at the same time. We completely align ourselves with this form of scientifically accepted principle, first because it is the conviction of the majority and second it clearly separates the spiritual world from the material. It does not leave room for any overlap and therefore makes it clear that if we work on an informational level, effects on an energy or material level have to be considered coincidental and could not be intended or expected. From the beginning the name CoRe-System stood for Coincidence Recognition System. In our representation of the 4 levels we see that in accepted science the realms of information and energy are not even touching and what lies between them is the so-called Cartesian gap, the division that was defined by Descartes centuries ago and that is now the basis of the divided worldview that allows us to define our work so clearly separate from that of worldly doctors.

Spiritual healing is Belief healing, but different from the common understanding it is not enough to believe in some arbitrary thing and then expect that it will be given, as now for example “The Secret” proposes. The law of attraction works but you have to know what a specific individual can ask for and this is what he or she resonates to and the CoRe system is the tool to find spiritual resonances. Also it is a science on how to connect to the informational field, which is the research area for informational science.

BackHEAL-THYSELF, Self-healing:

Over the last 50 years one concept “Heal Thyself” has become so generally accepted that it is almost the mission statement of holistic medicine today to a degree that few even questions it anymore.

Of course this statement has come as a reaction to an ever increasing health industry that wants to take control and make profit of every aspect of healing….. doctors and drugs have become synonyms for healing.

Therefore this reaction that healing is also and maybe most importantly depending on a willingness and cooperation of the patient is only natural
HOWEVER: “It went a step too far”.

Now we have on one side people who try to get healthy with the help of drugs and doctors and on the other those that want to do the same by “Heal Thyself”.

The first quote science as the reason why drugs are necessary and the second content that “Heal Thyself” is self-evident or was already commanded in the bible.

In fact the need and almost command “Heal Thyself” creates a lot of pressure on many people that think and are told that ultimately if they don’t get well it is their own fault.

The “Concept, demand, idea…” : “Heal Thyself” is not a HOLISTIC one … …if we understand that “Healing comes from the Whole”.

Certainly “We all have a part of the whole” but most of the time, we do not act from this part but from a very limited idea, feeling, concept of SELF.

How much more so when we are under the pressure of illness or even in a struggle for survival… The command “Heal Thyself” calls all the forces of the small SELF on the plan and exactly those will not be successful.

BackGOD, “The All and Everything”, Both Polarities, DLE:

Spiritual Healing can be considered Holistic only to the degree that it integrates the concept of GOD. We teach that the main obstacle to experience GOD is our preferences, and that we try to exclude polarities like “Insecurity”, “Unpredictability”, “Male” or “Female”, “Sadness”, “Death”, “Old Age”, “Poverty”, “Church”, “Religion” a.s.o. from our environment, in actual fact and even more importantly “informationally”. Spiritual Medicine is about creating awareness of the areas where we do not want to allow one or another polarity and to facilitate methods for their integration.

BackSymptom, sign of disease, problem, issue, indicator:

To hold that Symptoms are the result of mental or emotional mistakes of the client is a very common and rather brutal mistake on the side of the therapist. To put the blame on the client for the disease and to considered that the soul uses disease to communicate a warning about a lesson that was not learned is on the same line as some priests who are holding disease was a punishment for sins or some new-age believers who call it a payment for bad Karma. The moment the therapist makes these kind of connections and possibly coincidently a positive or negative physical changes occurs he is actually not doing spiritual healing but practicing psychology or even medicine without a license as he makes a causal connection between spiritual and physical manifestations. So don’t do it – its not good for the client and it is not good for your spiritual health.



As we can see, conflicts can be avoided, if we are clear that the CoRe system is a tool for spiritual healing and that it uses energy only as a carriers of information. We have to be honest towards ourselves and our client and know that the modalities of the spiritual realm are not a panacea for all problems and that we cannot claim, if physical or energetic symptoms improve during our treatment, that there is any causal connection with what we did.

This position requires courage as it does not cater to the contemporary belief system that chemistry or energy are the only causes of disease and that drugs or new technologies are the true healing agents.

We have to deeply understand of spiritual healing that we can properly present – towards this end it is important to properly absorb the content of this document.

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