Vision and Mission for the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller MedOKH


Vision and Mission for the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller MedOKH

MedOKH will develop the science of Information-interaction and facilitate practical applications for secular and spiritual life. It will base its work on the four principles UNITY, DUALITY, TRINITY and QUADTRINITY to establish a framework that will allow to understand traditional religious and medical practices from a common perspective and motivate you to become a part of our human mission to support each other.

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The quest for unity is at the center of human evolution, it is know under many names as commitment, singularity, coherence, focus, synthesis, center of gravity, holism. Its lack in contemporary culture leads to many diseases formost ADHD

Example : Marriage  is a commitment, a form of unity, that makes another person the center of gravity of ones life. To create a center of gravity, to make a lasting commitment has far-reaching informational and spiritual consequences and is the basis of spiritual connection. Kiran Schmidt is making this commitment to the catholic church. Like in a marriage this commitment does not mean that you are a slave, or that you cannot look at other women or even enjoy their company.



The ability to discriminate right and wrong, useful and useless, darkness and light is essential. Even more is the practical acceptance that every work, organization or event has both aspects. By continuously trying to avoid the hard or disliked aspects, to even imagine any possibility for a future that holds only the positive aspects we create the basis for sickness.

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All spiritual traditions were giving attention to the polar nature of existence, however New-age philosophy is focusing exclusively on NON-duality and positive thinking. Today’s relativism does not understand this informational law which leads to ideas like “There is no absolute truth”, “Everyone is right”, ”Nobody can tell you what is right for you” a.s.o. This misunderstanding that has only been around for a hundred years results in an ever increasing feeling of helplessness/ loneliness/ lack of orientation and causes the need for more and more addictions. Addiction to poses, to eat, to get intoxicated, to work, to be entertained, to change relationships, to have power ….



Symbolizes the need for a channel/ relay/ catalyst/ tool/ medium to make any changes in ones physical, energetic, informational and spiritual existence. The US American “DO it yourself” philosophy connected to the reformatory mistake to exclude the ideas of Saints and Angels from religion has left most people helpless

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Self made prophets like Luther and Calvin did not understand this informational principle and just dismissed the whole concept of Saints – establishing the idea that “God is equally accessible to anyone”. This was the beginning of the “Do it Yourself” illusion and opened the way for countless copies in self-made church-founders. The body of an effective church however is created by those  beings that have established a degree of sainthood that makes them capable to be such a channel. The catholic church is created of thousands of saints that are accessible to those who make the church their center of gravity. The concept of Catalyst is one of the most important concepts in Informational Medicine and is least understood in contemporary science



represents the holographic nature of our existence and its foundation in the four triads of Matter, Energy, Information and Spirit – it shows the integral connection of all four realms and the CoRe system uses this Matrix as the basis of its working principles

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“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.”  Leonardo da Vinci

To learn, to evolve spiritually, to make changes in ones emotions or mental attitudes one has to bring energy to information. Knowing and book knowledge is not enough – one has to use ones hands and feet to make knowledge a physical reality and to alter the way one relates to this physical reality. If we do not know how to take steps to bring energy to our aspirations in order to make the necessary changes, nature has to come in and force us to change with disease and tragedy in our lives. Any spiritual strive that is without a physical manifestation is empty and going nowhere.

Bringing beauty and meaning to the sick and to hospitals will be the carrier activity for those who want to be part of the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller.


5 thoughts on “Vision and Mission for the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller MedOKH

  1. Kiran:
    I’m not sure what you mean about Beauty. For me ultimately, it  is to allow the patient to have the choice in belief and behavior that allows them to return to the Infinite Love. To me healing comes in three possibilities, remission, cure, and healing unto a good death. I have no choice as to which it will be. I must place my trust in the Lord and pass this trust on to the patient.

    Kiran’s comment :

    Simply – our contemporary hospitals are not as nice as for example the resort where I am right now http://www.rioquenteresorts.com.br/en (2 hours away from John of God) – so why do people go to beautiful places like this when they are happy and healthy but society puts them between gray hospital walls when they are sick – its just a big mistake that people even have become so blind to this simply human need that they ask “I’m not sure what you mean about Beauty” because even probably your church is a reformed one and has thrown out all the beauty of catholic churches – because as they imagine “you just have to have trust in God” and spend your money on a new BMW

    Its so clear that your just repeat what is taught at your church “conform to the needs and ritual of society, educate your children well, that they will conform to society as you did, make all the insurances that you can afford and then place the remaining uncertainties on the TRUST OF THE LORD” and make sure that you convert others to your faith as this will solidify your trust that you are secure and do everything right so the Lord will take care of you” —-this is of course total nonsense and has nothing to do with the faith and trust that Jesus wanted to teach as this trust cannot be given to somebody else by nice words and sermons it has to be earned the hard way by as Jesus said “Leave everything behind and follow me” – take risk and take risk and take more risk

    but you do not see that it is your trained relationship to your environment that makes you ask “I’m not sure what you mean about Beauty” because US America has become the country that is based on the idea that “beauty” is an unnecessary complication of things – if you can eat your mac donalds fries out of a plastic basket why not reduce cost and hassle by giving your the fries in a disposable paper cone – they do not understand that BEAUTY can act as the mediator in the TRIAD of healing to make things possible – but they will have to learn this – eventually the hard way

  2. Once again, congratulations on your initiation as the Grand Master of the recently revived Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller and the step you are taking to collapse the integrative vision now being defined on this new website.  It is coincidentally proper that in an era of continuing debate in Western Culture about whether traditional medicine and religion can play mutually exclusive roles in healing, your appointment signals a return to an understanding that healing a whole person has greater value than healing a part.  Psychosomatic medicine as it’s understood in the west is a move in the right direction but still falls short of being holistic as it is limited principally to the  mind-body, therefore, still limited to an impersonal material understanding of disease.  After all, any sane person will accept that we are something more than just our bodyminds.  One must ask in mind-body approaches to healing, who is the person being treated?
    For a more holistic understanding we need look to an earlier perspective, one commonly held by Orthodox Christians.  Byzantine culture was marked by faith and the science of its day; in no area was this nexus more evident than in the field of healing.  Faith and medicine were considered as divine gifts and Byzantines benefited from the integration of science and religion.  Monastics were often trained in both theology and medicine and it was not uncommon for monastic institutions to have hospitals attached in which both the spiritual and physical needs of patients were attended to.  The Byzantine understanding of psyche (soul) and soma (body) as  the constitutional basis of human nature, together with the merging of faith and healing, resulted in the healthy co-union between the physical gross and subtle bodies and the metaphysical soul.

    Regardless of whether one accepts the theological claims about Jesus of Nazareth, one must be impressed with his stature as a healer.  According to the synoptic gospels, Jesus healed: paralysis, scoliosis, menorrhagia, fevers, deafness, aphoria, blindness, psoriasis, leprosy, epilepsy and insanity.  These healings followed different interventions, however most related to the faith of seeking cures with a positive correlation as an intervention in the afflictions of body, mind and soul.  Ironically, Byzantine diagnosis began with head and moved downward; perhaps in taking Jesus’ advice, to love God with all our heart, all our soul and all our mind and our neighbor, as our self, we should best begin by paying more than lip service to our belief in holistic healing and reincorporate the too often lost spiritual dimension of healing.  Our times require an openness to one another and the employment of all means at our disposal in our efforts to serve humankind and turn the wheel of healing.
    In closing, I am happy to be your well-wisher as you are the well-wisher of everyone. I have often thought that the entire gospel of Christ can be summed up in the example shown by the Good Samaritan who loved a traditional enemy as himself. He was cited by Christ as a true neighbor, having displayed what it is to be a true person of good will. We may still fall shy of that goal, but just realizing it, and our distance yet to travel, bodes well for ourselves, others and the world we are creating; thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth, as it is, in Heaven.

  3. First of all I have to give praise to whoever created your theme and second to you for writing what I can only describe as an fabulous article

    Dear Muriel
    you can praise me twice – I created the Theme and the all the articles on this site


  4. Amazing passage! I honestly love how it is fair on my eyes and superbly (sp?) well written. Is there somesort of way I could be notified whenever a new entry has been uploaded? I’ve subscribed RSS feed, thinking that will do the trick! – yes will do

    Dear Delila – thank you for your appreciation – ability to value is a great sign of health – and feel free to apply for initiation into MedOKH if you feel so.

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