Unpacking the MedOKH container in Abadiania

Dear friends I am happy that the art from Bali was so well received in the House of John of God – and with continued good luck and providence this will only be the first of many containers filled with art to beautify the hospitals of the world. Art is powerful information to uplift the spirit – a concept that has completely been forgotten in the gray and sterile hospitals of today . We surround us with art when we are happy or in holiday – and when we need it more than at these times – in sickness and suffering our culture has established forms that fail this simple insight.


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One thought on “Unpacking the MedOKH container in Abadiania

  1. this is a beautiful place to be…  a life changing experience…  

    and I can honestly say that just sitting one afternoon by the gardens looking nowhere at the bench of Jesus…  It filled my heart…

    now with this statues you can travel all around the world sitting there… Art is right brain and I really think that the right brain is where the feeling of fullfilement  exists…  And to be able to feel you are having a full life makes you realize how God is part of your life

    Dear Marco

    we resonate – and that is why we have met and create so much together – thank you for making the effort to come to Iceland next weekend – although 2 weeks later we have the seminar in Portugal – this is the way to realize what we envision

    Dedication, Valuation and most of all love and respect for the higher forces that guide our lives


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