The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – 3 dimensions of healing and God experience

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Humans have 3 ways to experience our world – through the mind, the emotions and our senses.  If you observe people you can recognize that everyone has one of these faculties as the predominant channel of perception.  These 3 types need also 3 different forms to relate to God. To that purpose Christian tradition was given the concept of God manifesting in 3 forms, not because he/it is in fact divided, but because humans experience God through one of the corresponding  3 channels. Life has the potential to become more and more 3 dimensional when we learn how to use all 3 channels more equally and then bring the God experience to more and more areas of life.

The mind person is seeing the world  from a perspective of information, of theories, rules, interesting factual knowledge, ideas, models, strategies, plans and consumes  information in its various forms is a major part of his life. These people appear more predictable because their live is based on knowledge that has always a structural  base which can  feel more hard, inflexible, hierarchical and has a more male touch to it. Through the mind we can experience God as that force that has made the plan for our life, that has created our world and existence like a father usually has being doing  for us. This is the God of duality of right and wrong, of blessing and of punishment, of creator and destroyer most predominant in the Old Testament.

Emotional people are more oriented towards others; they care to know what they are doing, what they feel and how they can be in exchange with others. Feelings are different than ideas much more fluent and changeable, but also much more complex and widely unpredictable. Emotionality is a key aspect of the female principle. Love is not an intellectual concept but an emotional reality. And this is the hallmark of Jesus, it is emotionality and love that he brings as his message saying “Nobody comes to the Father but through me”, which means nobody come to God without love or emotionality for the reality that I am. The symbol of the female or emotional principle is water, always balancing, which is the symbol of Christianity – the Fish.  “Love for God and Love for thy neighbor will save you” – that is what Jesus brought to the world and which distinguishes him from the Old Testament. Love and emotionality cannot be learned in books, it has to be learned by experiencing joy and suffering in oneself and others. Therefor in teaching, missionizing, healing and nursing have taken such a large part of its form of those who wanted to turn the Christian teaching into a reality for them.

Less known the third type of people is more connected, interested, aware, enjoying their senses – more than thought or emotions. Their life built around activities that stimulate their senses, be it nature, sports, beauty, health, crafts…. Sense experiences get used for spiritual growth either by limiting rules or educated and expanded in techniques like mindfulness, fire-walking, color-therapy, divided-attention or in general in all forms of healing where the mind takes second place. This is what the bible describes as the work of the Holy Spirit and has come somewhat short in contemporary tradition but Jesus was pointing at its importance for one way of God-experience.

These 3 forms of God experience are in themselves all incomplete – the mind person experiences God through concepts, the emotional person through feeling and the sensual person through the sense experience. They all describe GOD through the language of their channels, they do not understand each other and more than that they themselves do not realize GOD to the fullness that would be possible if they understood that they have to be open and educate all three means of perception to an equal degree.



One thought on “The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – 3 dimensions of healing and God experience

  1. The GOD-is-Love is his side as the SON who brought the message of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE into the world trough his sacrifice

    GOD’s aspect as the father is the side described more in the Old Testament – caring as a father but also as hard

    – destruction an separation are manifestations of God-as-the-father just as creation and unification

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