Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

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I was communicating with a dear friend and she was writing “…. the light of God….” and I corrected her “God is Light” and in her wisdom she did not start a discussion with Kiran, knowing that when the time was right he would understand.

And this happened the next day, today, on my morning walk. I understood that the idea of the Trinity is not a Reality in an ultimate sense but that it is the best approximation of the divine as we can understand and relate to it with our limited possibilities.

The Holy Spirit is another name for Energy, all what we can perceive with our senses and foremost of course light.

The Son, Jesus, the Prophet, the Buddha is the symbol, the channel, the manifestation of God, the informational field, the matrix, the Akashic record, the word of God, the teaching, the Dharma.

The Father (or mother) aspect of GOD are the source, the soul, the essence, the directing and driving force – the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of GOD.

So why we have these 3 divisions ? —– because as humans we posses 3 channels to experience and mold our world The body with its senses, the mind and the emotions. All 3 only give an aspect of the divine and make us connect to it partially, while at best we make use of all three equally to get a 3D experience of the divine.

Our sense experiences, including and most intensely of course, SEX is the way to experience God, experiencing light, hearing music, seeing colors, touching textures and shapes are ways to experience the divine. All those who want to atrophy the senses and SEX just want to get the divine out of their lives.

Theory, laws, scriptures, religious teaching, the Dharma is the manifestation of the Divine on the informational field. Jesus, the Buddha, the Prophet, is the representation of the informational field that we can talk to, that we can pray to, that we can share our thoughts with. You cannot talk to God, that is why Jesus said “I am the Truth (information), the way (the communication link) and nobody comes to the father (God) but through me”. We connect to Jesus through our mind.

We connect to the father (and mother) aspect of God through our ability for emotions. Emotions like happiness, humility, respect, constructive fear…. can be the 3rd gateway to experience the divine. It is the LOVE aspect of the Trinity and our experience of GOD.

So yes my dearest friend – you are right – Light is not GOD, Light is an aspect of GOD – and you are my messenger – “The son of God” – send to my life by GOD – although in the form of a beautiful woman.


Gracas a Deus



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