THE SECRET – Confession of our NEW AGE religion

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Summary : Allergies, Addiction, Autism, AIDS  (see below) are all expressions of our sense of missing a sober cultural believes that would provide a sense of identity in a culture that is flooding us with information while holding at the same time that there are no absolute standards to know what is Good or Bad – as we are all such unique individuals

Most people today would imagine that they are free to believe what they want and that our western culture has made a very fortunate step to free us from the dogmatism of religion.

We can see daily the news on our western media that demonstrate how people in other cultures are repressed by old-style religion.

We imagine that we have come a long way – not to fall for the lies of religious authority anymore – that was only established to suppress the people.

However our culture like all others has a collective believe that is enforced and anchored in a multitude of subtle ways and the fact that we do not see it and the power it has over our lives turns our lives into prisons, that we continue to enforce by our unawareness of this cultural believes. Also much sickness that we blame on other causes as we do not understand this deeper connection, are in fact routed in this lack of seeing the believes that guide us for what they are.

The following is of course more applicable to more US Americanized cultures and is not uniformly strong in all people but if you are open to see that how much of your believe and action is more or less influenced and guided by this credo you will see the common denominator. Also please do not see this as a general dismissal or criticism but as a reminder that we  also today have a very strong believe-system in place that is perpetuated by imitation and social pressure – and not only the issues that we DO NOT like – but more importantly the ones which we value as an advantage and achievement of our culture .


In this post I will list some of the creeds of our collective religion and its implications :

A)   We can get what we want – nothing stands in our way only possibly our own believes – if we order it correctly from the universe there is nothing that will stop the delivery

…. which leads to :

  1. Inability to see and admit failure in ones own life – as it can only be caused by one’s inability to apply the “Law of attraction” (The main promoter of “Orders with the Universe” in Germany died last year very young)
  2. Inability to see and admit failure in other peoples lifes – as one believes if they really wanted they could change their lives the way they wanted and deserve.
  3. We have to protect our individual freedom from religious fanatics that still live in the dark ages – and if they do it not voluntarily we bomb their countries and this way protect ourselves and free their country.
  4. If the “Law of Attraction” is not working as we expected – because we still have to attend some workshops in this field – it is OK to take a loan to have the car and the house that we really deserve and the “Law of attraction” will certainly take care of paying the mortgage and the monthly credit card bills.
  5. Self contempt and self-pity if things do not come the way one wishes as one believes it is only oneself who is to blame


B)    You can “Do it yourself” ( and don’t expect God to wipe your ass) – the US American credo

  1. Make an insurance to cover your property, possible mal-practice law-suits, that somebody slips in your house, get all possible health insurances, get a life insurance – because really for these things you do not need to hope god to protect you – you can pray for this in addition but without INSURANCES  you do not follow the deeper truth “YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF”
  2. Basically we do not need to help somebody else as he – as  myself- can “Do it himself” – we need others only to make our cell-phones ring and give us some ideas “what to do” – then of course I can and will “Do it myself”
  3. Pray to god only to cover the last 5 % that you can not do yourself and that your insurance does not cover
  4. Cultures that still have great family bonds that put great limitations and responsibilities on each clan member are still very backward and repressive as they still have to discover that each one can “DO HIMSELF”
  5. Competitiveness and performance boosters are OK as this helps us all to reach our highest potential in “Doing it ourselves”
  6. We have to be very concerned for our health and take any possible supplement available because in the end it is not Nature that takes care of it but “YOU have to do it YOURself”


C)    Everyone is knowing alone best what is good for him or “Everything is relative” (because we all unique individuals)

  1. We need 24 hour media coverage to be well enough informed that we can make our personal choices
  2. We need our own car as public transport is restricting our personal choices – that I am stuck in a traffic jam is really my choice – I love to have some time for myself and hear some audio-books
  3. It is great that we have all the social networks were everyone can show how individual he is and get 100 comments – (even if it is negative mostly by jealous people) – 100 TV channels and 10 Million personal blogs – this is the expression of a  truly liberating individualism
  4. It is so good that particularly in the USA everybody can open his own church within minutes, make himself and anyone he chooses a bishop and a cardinal, open his own university and distribute his own titles – how repressed were all these people in the past that had to follow a life-time of sub-ordination in order to rise in some religious hierarchy
  5. Imagine in past centuries different casts or professions had to wear cloth that was pre-defined for their status – how much more liberated we are – we can run around with holes in our jeans. I can choose to were a T-Shirt with the print “I am a dummy – Today I feel like shit” and go to a 5 star restaurant.
  6. AND the more things I can buy I know more certainly that my individual selection from bestbuy and amazon is truly unique and nobody has a personal storage stuffed with such a great collection like I do
  7. Everyone is OK and correct in his way – people like Kiran do not want to see this and even put down competitors – do not understand that “everyone is correct” and if he does not feel to agree he should just keep his mouth shut


D)   “Take it easy” in USA terms and “No worries” in Australian terms

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  1. What a strange idea to follow a religion that has suffering and a crucified leader at its center – if you operate with these symbols in the background of your mind no wonder if you attract all the cancer, accident and other tragedy
  2. Of course sometimes these worries – stupid as they are – creep in – then its OK to take a drink or a sleeping pill ( nowhere else is the consume of alcohol, anti-depressants, sleeping pills and pain-killers are as high as in the lands of “Take it easy” and “No worries”)
  3. You don’t have to make your lives to difficult – sometimes a garbage bin is just not close – so just dump it – we pay taxes to have people do the clean up
  4. Really you do not have to worry – we have the best border control, the tightest surveillance and the strongest military in the world – so truly we are much more secure then people in other countries who still have to involve God for protection.
  5. Why use cups and plates that you have to wash or food that you have to make yourself if there are paper-cups and ready-made meals that you just put in the microwave – life does not have to be such a burden
  6. Why do a fast or change your diet – its such a strain – just make the stomach smaller or do some lipo-suction


– truly we have come a long way and all this is not based on a believe it is the most natural human instinct for a free and happy life that finally has given us this advanced human philosophy and life-style. It is a result of the awakening of our human collective consciousness that has liberated the west to this new level of existence, which will achieve perfection and global acceptance on the 21.12.2012 as already the Maya predicted, as they were as liberated and advanced  as we are today.


…… but now more seriously :


The rise of addictions and allergies – are both an expression of our decreasing feeling of security as it all depends on ONESELF and help cannot and should not be expected from others. Its so easy to get some apparent stability in likes and habits that become a truly dependable and consistent part of one’s life – even if others call it an addiction. Alternatively  I can declare something a threat to my life – maybe milk, bread or flower pollen – then I finally know what to focus on and what to fight for ?

And of course all immune-deficiencies not only against biochemicals but also all the other one million environmental causes that are being blamed for everything today are all affecting some of us more as  many are loosing a sense of identity in a world that is flooded with information but at the same time promotes the crazy idea that there is no absolute standard to judge what is good or what is bad – simply because all is relative to the individual. Autism is another way that some children choose to protect themselves from this flood – by being less associative – less communicative – less playful – less open to change and experiment as this would all challenge their fragile sense of identity. And if you see who are mostly affected by AIDS are gays and black – both groups are refused by our contemporary society a sense of self-worth.

Likewise highly genetically modified plants or animals (also through selective breeding) are more fragile – simply because their sense of identity has been challenged by all the modifications that have been made to them – without giving the time to adjust.


4 thoughts on “THE SECRET – Confession of our NEW AGE religion

  1. the Universe is not a computer or a machine. It contains Divine consciousness. So, it knows exactly what is good for us and what is bad. However, the items our ego prefers to have and to get are usually not identical with those items the Universe knows to be good for us. As good for us means good for our soul and for higher self and not for our ego.

    It is a great misunderstanding that our ego may be able to force the Divine consciousness to fulfil its wishes.The way people in the ‘old age’ used was praying and asking for and hoping. There was no pressure inside those procedures. Supersticious ego’s will have to suffer, earlier or later.


    Kiran’s comment :
    The Divine – the all and everything – is non-dual – so it does not even know good or bad – we have to be on this level to integrate and experience and learn to deal with angelic and evil forces – this is why we left paradise – the realm of NON-duality.

    We have to leave the idea that there is a good shepherd/ father/ mother that knows what is good or bad for us and that we just have to follow- this was working – but this was the theme of the age of peaces.

    But to think – as is promoted in THE SECRET that we can just “order with the universe” and if we do it correctly like with Amazon.com – it will deliver properly and has no other choice but to do so – is part of the US American dream – that is now turning into a nightmare. Yes Manfred as you say “Their Ego will have to suffer”

  2. o.k., instead of ‘good’ read ‘necessary and being an aid for our evolution’ and instead of ‘bad’ read ‘contraproductive for our evolution’. And nobody mentioned a ‘father’, but a highest consciousness which is based on 12 dimensions and not on our dual 3D life where no one of us knows about her/his best evolutionary path and fate.

    The pursuit of happiness written in the American constitution may not be a short way, indeed. So, I prefer the Dao with its ‘Wu wei’ being open for and accepting everything.

    Kiran’s comment :

    We just have to learn that any approach to existence is a way of our mind – and therefore is limited. The 4 approaches that I am developing on http://WWW.MedOKH.org are 4 ways that I believe as giving a structure that is both simple and complete. The moment where you only focus on one – lets say Advaita Philosophy with the total focus on NON-Duality you will always run into problems to describe phenomena where it just does not fit anymore. New Age philosophy that is based on “Think positive only” is a very incomplete and infertile – simply because it misses duality. The Duality principle is the basis of our physical existence and is just as valuable and interesting – however sometimes more difficult then NON-DUALITY thinking or not-thinking, non-doing.

    If you do not define “Higher Consciousness realm” you can define any number of dimensions on it – but once you define that what you understand as “Higher Consciousness realm” the realm of Non-duality – it makes no sense to define any number of dimensions there – there simply is no devision. I tend now to define Consciousness realm = Informational realm, just for the reason that we usually connect consciousness with the processing of information not with GOD/ SELF/ ONE.

    YES BEING OPEN is the a good way to be in DLE and thus connect to new dimensions

  3. …o.k., the non-dual way of thinking is not connected to numbers or letters, but recognizes the sense or meaning in it. And if there may be 12 dimensions or more, is not important. Out of our 3D thinking it is not possible to define the Higher Consciousness Realm, and any definition is nothing but a repetition and a vortex. Only in high-vibrating states of awareness we can watch it, and not define it by words.

  4. Last but not least an interesting sentence out of the works of Charles Darwin.  He said:
    “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.
    It is the one that is the most adaptive to change.”
    So, he already knew about the importance of the DLE for human life and survival. And for the future just in front of us it will be most important to be able to react on all exterior changes and to change oneself.
     Kiran’s comment :

    Very well said Manfred. And this fits so well with the history of “Where the theories of Darwin actually were triggered” and this was on the Galapagos islands – one of the most remote islands on this planet. It was here that Nature was experiencing the least possible “Impulses for change” because of its isolation. And what Darwin saw there motivated him mistakenly to generalize into evolutionary principles for the whole planet. When he arrived he was a NOBODY and “A rather unmotivated and failing medicine scholar, Charles Darwin was the second choice of Captain Robert Fitzroy as a travel companion and naturalist on the HMS Beagle” http://www.galapagosislands.com/html/darwin_s_visit.html

    Polarity/ Opposition/ Challenge/ Duality is the basis of change – if you try to escape it by making insurances, killing your enemies or going to a remote island you will stop evolving.

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