The purpose of Guru – guide – teacher – knight order

The following is a reply of Marshall to my question -in what way- his Guru will help him to achieve the liberation that he describes so pleasantly:

Dear Kiran,                                                                            

 Yes, how do we surrender and commune with what is our own source and the source of all arising existence?

Isn’t it interesting that on one hand something in us resonates with these words of the Master telling us that our True Happiness is in communion with the Light in which, and on which, we appear. And yet another part of us says, “This is not possible. It doesn’t fit with reality. It isn’t realistic – It can’t be done and maybe shouldn’t be done”. Why this discrepancy in our response to these words of the Spiritual Master?

 Well, if considered from the point of view of our usual fixed sense of self, surrender to anything beyond ourselves becomes something we can’t understand and don’t want to do. After all, we are born here into a “world” that we know very little about. We didn’t have any involvement in the choice or the process of appearing here. In terms of society at large, it seems no one has a dependable operating manual for this place and if one is sensitive to one’s actual condition and base feeling in the gut, the whole thing is a puzzle, disorienting, at times a real live threat and in the end we know that one day we are simply going to just go away, be plucked out from this place entirely, in death.  Is it any wonder then that the typical life here is one of dilemma, confusion, uncertainty and fear? We are mortal and vulnerable and the terrain changes from one minute to the next. There are good times, and ordinary and even extraordinary pleasures, but even they are diminished by this gnawing even unconscious sense of limitation, constraint and not-knowing.

 Kiran : All true and there is a good reason for it – not to “surrender to everything beyond ourselves” – because most out-there is only after our money or adding to their own “sense-of-importance” in having many followers. In fact most people “surrender to most out-there” without too much hesitation – and with a great urge to do so – to the orders of the boss, the spouse, the family, the police, the culture. So that we do not “surrender to something” is a very healthy form of immunity that most people have lost. In the USA culture they have turned this natural tendency into an unhealthy extreme by the dogma “You know best what is good for you – never let ever anyone take control of you” and this way the system has been able to turn to majority in free-slaves who’s life revolves about making the next “minimum credit card payment” while believing they are the creators of their own life – and are in full control of it – by the “Law of Attraction”.

 In addition, there is the seemingly natural assumption that you are “you”.  A definite and definable “somebody”.  Each of us seems to be a definite “me” or “I” – We seem to be this particular body-mind that we appear to be exclusively attached to and to be, only and entirely. We are stuck in this seemingly irreducible reality. I am me and I am mortal and vulnerable.

 From this point of view then, one must always be on the defensive. Take care not to be damaged or snuffed out. Try to get as much love for ourselves as we can, because we definitely don’t have enough as things are. We are constantly on the prowl to find ways of preserving ourselves, and defending ourselves and getting as much pleasure for ourselves as we possibly can. Because our ordinary state is, behind all of the “social face” and pretending and wanting and craving, etc. etc., basically not happy at all. Basically dissatisfied. For this reason mankind is constantly searching, and in modern times this search has become, all over the globe, absolutely feverish.

 Is there an answer to all this craziness? Is there something to be done? This is what my Master, the Master of all Masters has taught me. (And please don’t lump Him in with “Guru-Talk”. Yes, His words and ideas may ring familiar, but if you get to know him and listen closely and study what he says, you will find that in reality no one else is saying what he is saying. For one thing, the ego does not want to hear it. The ego is too caught in its own fear and resultant defense and struggle for relief. Adi Da never had a significant audience in this world even though He spoke and speaks the truth more clearly and profoundly than any other Teacher before Him.)

In any case I will try to convey to you what He taught me:                         

If you will be quietly and deeply and abidingly sensitive to all that is appearing and how it appears and arises in each moment, it will become clear that it all arises, not from any thing or process within the appearance, but rather behind and in the midst of all of this conditional appearing, there is a non-conditional “Livingness” a non-conditional force, a radiance, from which this appearance springs and continually unfolds like an absolutely unstoppable and unfathomably immense light show.

 The apprehension of that “Livingness” is not generally available to us humans, because we are occupied so feverishly and deeply with our own complex selves. We are “stuck” with the peculiar sense of individuated self. By virtue of total self-involvement and self-concern we cannot see or feel beyond what appears to be a solid “somebody” with a driven program and plan for survival and preservation.

 Kiran: Yes all very true and also said by countless teachers before Adi – but again why do we have an EGO in the first place – why not like sheep follow every shepherd that happens to be in charge and not have an EGO from the beginning?  This is the reality to of most, although nobody would admit it, follow what the others do – and not so much their own ego – they vote for one Bush and then vote for his son as if there were not millions of other good candidates out there. For two reasons “momentum” and “imitation”. Therefore a good EGO is something that one first has to have. Many people lack even this ego and need a master (possibly the Master of all Masters) to be secure and feel a sense of being protected – the same is true for most people going to the church. But what most are missing is the point that EGO can and eventually needs to be transformed into “EIGEN” something that is not just graving for self-recognition but something that is giving a Sense-of-reality independent of anything out there Money, Career, Family or even Master.

 It is, you see, each seeming individual person’s “Self-Contraction” from The Greater Reality as my Master put it, that disallows for a clear and true understanding of what is happening here.

 But when the “self-contraction” is, over time or even suddenly, released or in some way penetrated and allowed to relax then the natural sense of utter, eternal, unbreachable, Breath of God, or Spirit, if you will, becomes very naturally one’s sense of The Native Condition of all arising. And then life loses its insecurity, its difficulty. There is only That. And it is One. And there is no separation anywhere and we are not separated from It. And there is utter confidence and Trust. For one knows inherently then that one is being lived by the One that is “Always Already The Case” as my Master put it. And there is a self-evident sense that one is part and parcel of that One, prior to thought, before the motion of self.

 So, you want to know how one is to “release oneself into the Self-radiant and Un-Knowable”, and how “not to cling to the body-mind self”, and all your other quoting of, what are basically descriptions of surrender and communion with God. And they are descriptions in the English language written by one who has done all of this fully and absolutely completely. An exquisitely and fully enlightened Master. A very, very, rare being. 

Well, I can put it as best as one can, into words as He has taught me. One must find a way to see through the lie and the cage and the deluding sense of “me”. The self-contracted, self-referring, self-protecting, “somebody”. And one must find a way to release oneself into one’s own source and support and Life.

Well, there you have it. That’s how you do it. Simple. Right? O.K. Now let me tell you the truth of it. You can’t do it. It can’t be done by the assumed and self-protecting, seemingly individual “someone”. Because that someone, is built to only and exclusively preserve and defend and promote itself. It has no capacity to release itself. Whatever it does it does as itself. And it is itself that must be released and forgotten and then the being will be filled and supported and calmed, and made peaceful and truly Intelligent.

 For all practical purposes, the seeming individual ego – “me”, “I”, “you”, has no capacity to unwind itself. It may hear words like these that argue for release into the Spirit, and intellectually the ego may agree and be seemingly willing, but in fact the assumed self-identified ego, has absolutely no such capacity.

 So now here is where I tell you how its really done. For real. In the terms of the highest esoteric and ancient stream of enlightened instruction and teaching. And, at the same time, here is where we get to talk about what no one wants to hear or have anything to do with .

The process of Liberation from the binds of ordinary human life cannot be accomplished by the bound being. We need the help of one who is himself or herself already out of the cage. There is much to the Spiritual process. The being must be re-oriented, enlivened, rejuvenated and purified. One must be willing and in actuality to place oneself in a position to listen and to learn. To learn new ways and more importantly the process of one-pointedness, and Human and universal Love and compassion, personal and other. The process is prodigious.

But the unequivocal fact of the matter is that the primary key to the entire process is the Free One. The True Spiritual Master.  Gurdjieff said it. “We are all like people in jail, and the only way out is with the help of one who is already out and who has a key.”

All that I am writing you is words. And you may find them interesting, and if you do, it is  because the words are informed by the direct Teaching and Transmission of one of the greatest Spiritual Figures ever to come to this planet. But nevertheless they are only words. The actual reality of Spiritual Realization is only of value experientially. And no amount of talking can even approximate the reality of it.

But in the case of a Free One, like Adi Da Samraj, the Realization can be transmitted. And further, if one rightly orients oneself to the Master, the Master’s Realization is communicated non-verbally and time and space have nothing to do with it. The Love that is the sum and substance of all existence is non-conditional – has no conditions or conditional qualities. It is Radiance, Love-Bliss which you will ultimately one day find is your own nature and self. The essence of the relationship with the true Spiritual Master is of that nature. In the end it is Free Love-Bliss that is the transmission and the substance of the relationship with a True Spiritual Master.  

So the real answer to your question is this: You must find a true Master, and then you must give yourself to the Enlightenment/Liberation Process/Relationship with him or her. That is it. That is how it actually occurs. It occurs by means of transmission from one realized being to an aspiring being. This is understood and has always been understood in the authentic spiritual arenas since ancient and pre-ancient times.

But I told you above, in these modern, spiritually degraded times, this is “what no one wants to hear or have anything to do with.”  And the reasons for this lie in the same configuration of bound life described above, that keeps mankind in its suffering state. e

 Mankind “wants to do it him/herself”.  No one can tell Narcissus (One of Adi Da’s names for the ego), what to do with his/her life. There is no one greater than Narcissus in Narcissus’ eyes. But from the point of view of the Liberated ones, oh what a terrible, terrible,  heart rending crying shame. Adi Da would often lament that Narcissus, (the ego bound person), is “at war with its own help”.

Kiran: Yes this is what I call the USA virus – however always existed in different mutations. And yes everyone needs an informational channel to the matrix that can guide him/her. In many cases this has been a teacher/ guru and in many cases this has been an invisible tradition like that of the Esoteric part of the Church or the Jesuits or invisible guides as for John of God. And this is a true walk on the knifes edge DLE – on one hand you need to give up most or best all your Self-will to be able to receive and on the other hand you have to not just be sucked in by the light and superior powers of the Guru. Many are unconsciously aware of this challenge DLE and as a result will not join any Guru or spiritual tradition because they are afraid or rightly know that they would be dissolved in this process. Because this is where we all came from – being one with nature and our environment – the Indians in any place did not have an EGO and thus could feel with nature, not have other graving or depressions – and therefore some think it would be good to go back to this stage with shamanic ritual. But our future lies in creating a solid sense of EIGEN and at the same time being connected – this is the ultimate DLE. Some teachers like Gurdjieff tried to achieve this by always alternating between impressing their students and a behavior that made him very questionable – and this can work. In the Jesuit order you first had to learn total obedience but then you were send out in a faraway land that needed you to develop the strongest sense of Eigen to survive. A teacher that does not at the same time work on driving his student further and further out into independence is just like most mothers eventually a big hindrance for liberation. Therefore the church had always too levels – that of the sheep that needed a shepherd that taught them at their level of evolution and the knights and missionary orders that were left almost without any rules from the church – to develop  Eigen together with the understanding that the divine plan will not allow evolution that does not also increase unity. I feel that we have been given the LaesEr together with the possibility to connect to the oldest spiritual tradition of the west is another potent way out of this dilemma http://www.hospitaller-soulspirithealing.org/joining-the-medical-knights-hospitaller-and-applying-for-the-order-of-saint-gregory-the-great/

So that’s it, my dear brother Kiran. I’ve told you in Truth how it is. Will you do anything constructive or consequential with this truth telling? Let me know. And your questions about how this process works in my life – Is this what I do? This is my practice, and when one takes up such a practice with energy and intention, one quickly gains an appreciation for the overwhelming strength of the given pattern that is one’s ego. So this practice of surrender is my every day occupation, in meditation in the mornings and in the midst of daily activities. But it is a practice, I am not a realized being. I am a practitioner and a devotee. And there is everything to learn about oneself and the mechanism of arising in this place. So I am not free. But I am in the midst of the most absolutely amazing and mind boggling, and heart lifting and heart soaring relationship with an Adept Realizer. If it is properly taken on, it is the ultimate ride through life.  

And I can tell you that there is no activity that a human can engage in, that is as profoundly meaningful, as growthful, as intelligence making and as enlightening in the ordinary sense of allowing the curtain to be pulled back and seeing the inner workings of ones own patterns, motivations, difficulties, etc. etc. The process is of the most enlivening, awakening, compassion making and self-understanding making kind.

Am I more courageous, more creative? I tell you truly in a heartfelt and sincere way dear Kiran, that the answer is a simple and humble, but resounding Yes. But I encourage you for your own happiness and enlightenment to not take my word for it. Find out for yourself. Find a True Enlightened One and do your due diligence. I recommend Adi Da Samraj. But beware, if you choose to do such, you will find many Lions at the Gate. And you must be simple and suspend all reflexive interpretations and fears and go forward until the Truth shows itself in your heart. 

 All my love to you and Deborah. And for that matter the entire CoRe and Knights Hospitaller community. One day perhaps I will join you for the sake of my healing work which is still developing. I appreciate your work and your thinking. I have seen the CoRe System do amazing things and you are to be commended for this. But I encourage you to go forward and test your ideas in the crucible of practice and relationship with the One in whom everything from information to rocks, arises and appears and disappears.

Marshall Hornstein, MillValley, Ca.USA


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