2 thoughts on “Stress1 – How to use duality – how to less waste suffering – how to become more energy efficient

  1. Thank you Kiran for this wonderful discussion. Realizing duality is matter of acceptance, as you have noted, and for me also a matter of realizing and seeing that each moment is a combination of three forces: active, passive, and neutralizing. Discovering neutralizing forces regularly enlivens existence.

    Have a wonderful and energy filled Easter.

    • Dear Daniel

      yes every stress will either turn into heat that goes nowhere or channel/ transform it into the purpose/ meaning/ foundation that you give it.

      For example a stress in a relationship can deepen the relationship if the foundation is uncondional love but will eventually destroy it if
      one of the partners deep down wants to get out or uses stress to try to resolve any of his or her own problems.

      This is what you call third force – yes we have to find out not so much how to solve a problem but for what prupose we have or choose to give the
      problem in the first place because this will determine where the energy of the battle goes no matter if we get a solution we like or not

      Please make a post under the STRESS heading about what you call third force – with your own experience


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