Spiritual healing with CoRe system


Hi, everyone,

I just wish to share with you my way of thinking about doing treatments with CoRe system.

A year ago I’ve joined MedOKH. For me it was not just a formality, but a deep inner commitment to continue my path, my destiny – to become someone that could be called  “a priest healer”.

As I can see there can be symptomatic healing with CoRe, too – but it all depends on therapist (!) himself and how he understands human health, disease, all four levels of our existance, biofield structures, God … and of course there is a big role of therapists own ethics and understanding of universal laws.

CoRe therapist should be absolutely paying more attention about the health of the client’s soul then the client’s physical body.  

We are used to to devote our attention more or less to physical symptoms – but we must be aware that symptoms are only the result of difficulties at other, higher levels and that we can not be healed without making changes on spiritual /informational level.

If we try to change client’s issues on physical level or if we encourage him to remain trapped in old patterns of thinking and acting, this is simply symptomatic healing. 

To perform a real spiritual healing with CoRe, therapist should be “educated” how to help his clients and guide them in order that they change an incorrect way of thinking, a distorted value system, a squandering of love and morality… and how to understand and live that simple, but very deep sentence: Thy will be done.” 

I’m really enjoying all my learning (“remembering“) and I’m trying to take CoRe philosophy in my environment to a higher understanding and value – so the client is no more a passive person, who waits for another CoRe therapy, but someone who understands that in order to be healed he really should make many changes in his life and become a different human being, closer to himself and closer to God. This is real healing. 




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