5th Communication

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Spiritual communism versus Spiritual Communion 

“We are all One” – it would do good to live this idea. We share with each other so much, same DNA, same cultural history, education, we see most of the same movies and news. Finally we have gone beyond centuries ruled by aristocracy and church hierarchies, were titles and birth determined who you  were and who you could become.

The USA has brought us this liberation, “You are absolutely free and nothing and nobody can stop you if you  do not allow it”. Everything is in your reach, any form of happiness that you want to invite into your life only waits to be called by you, when you have given up the old prison of limiting believes.

And it is so natural now to understand that we are all one, not name of title that divides us anymore, nobody can tell you “I am more than you”.  Also God is part of us, we don’t need the “God on a Throne” idea anymore that frightened us for centuries. All of us are the same when it comes to matters of the spirit, nobody is higher or lower, nobody has to be asked or adored, not even God, because he does not exist apart from us and certainly he is not on a higher throne.

What a liberation, from centuries of simplistic ideas, we do not need to fear or pray anymore to a God above, finally we can see him wherever we look, we can see him in the eyes of a child and the beauty of a rose, and we know that he is only the good things we see in our world.

God is only love and light, nothing to pray to, nothing to fear, and he is accessible for each one without an intermediate. “We are all one” – if understood – this will make wars impossible – we will not allow spiritual hierarchies  – as we are one with each other and God – in fact God is us – we are God.

Stop with me here for a moment – listen and listen again, listen to this sound that comes from afar – the constant beat of the tambour, the waves of infinite oceans making landfall in all the shores of all planets, for all times and in all times to come.

Now look up and penetrate the cloudy sky and take a beam reflected and follow it back into the darkness from whence it came – passing our solar system and galaxy into the ocean of galaxies.

Now speak after me : “this is all me, myself” – I am the observer that crystallizes all of it from pure potential, I am the creator.

Are you lonely my friend ? Do you have to drink a little more each day to forget your loneliness, this infinite responsibility that is given into your hands by the gift, the concept, the haunting spirit of your Godhood – do you want this, do you really think there is much but to all of this ?

Take another and deeper breath with me, and follow me through the narrow gate, can you see it ? Over there at the edge of the dessert – the sun is just blinking through the gap. Yes make a decided step in this direction, knowing you will need much luck and grace to make it all the way.

Again the waves, again the sparkling of stars above – but listen – something has changed – you are not alone anymore – your heart is racing while calmness penetrates every cell of your body and there is only one word in your mind “ my father – let me praise you in a million songs”. How was it possible I had taken myself so highly, how could I take myself so serious where all this world wants to teach me humility – the distances that cannot counted the amplitude of time which has no measure.

How good to be on my knees –  that little I can choose – how good to ponder the eternities and how much more to melt in your infinite light. To come closer, if only for a moment – to throw all of my knowing and being on the dung heap of creation – the mud from whence I came.

See I am disappearing, just the hum of your voice, the waves of your breath, the end of words and scientific vanities. Again the sun is setting in the gate, the gate that can passed by those who have shrunk and become nothing. Behind the veil – the same trees, the same sun, the same loveliness of animals – but all drunken with the spirit of adoration, of wonder and gratefulness.

If my heart still beats – it is because of you, if delight in every breath I take, it is because of you. If the sun sets and I am not given a minute of sleep – I thank thee. If this life ends in another day – I know I will be there to look-up. You are no longer the creation of my good wishes and desires you are no longer a paper God – you have appeared.

Teach me what I can say when I have gone back through the gate – when I do not take myself and others so lightly anymore – when I adore myself – when I fall back on blaming events and others.

You see you are already back – you are too sober again – but wait “who said this” – did I make a mistake – forgive me- forgive yourself not one time but 77 times 7 – are you listening ? – please do the math – its not meant to be easy – and there are no breaks allowed, once you have become a full-time employee in my universe – can you follow me now ?

Please do not go – don’t let me fall back in all this reasonable talk – let me continue a bit of this drunkenness – so full of respect and single-mindedness. Not a word that I can fully claim to be my own – better not talk at all.

Don’t take me wrong I don’t want to steel your time – I know this nonsense talk will cut you free, don’t try to put it in your words right now – wait, give it time, let it sink deep.

Are you listening – are you still with me ?  If you want to go – just take one last advice – OK I guess you got it.