Spiritism versus Science

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Thank you Lara for inviting me to your next conference in France

 and I think it would be very interesting to have a speaker about “Alan Kardec”

 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allan_Kardec as he was French and John of God considers him a good proponent of Spiritism.

 We had amazing time with John of God in the last few days as also Ekkehart the engineer from Germany (left) was with us

 much is coming – because of this connection



On Sun, Nov 27, 2011 at 6:56 AM, lara-mathilda Lellouche <laralellouche@yahoo.fr> wrote:


Dear Kiran,

 I know Alan Kardec? Nevertheless, my congress http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYXbLc-vpjQ

is Absolutely not about Spiritualism or Metaphysic.

It is about Scientific Innovation and efficiency as the CoRe.

We must be careful as we are receiving governments support and the R20. That is why Nasim’s work is interesting too. He makes all the links in a scientific way.

Nevertheless, I can learn from his experience.


 Dear Lara 

 our world today can see that our science is not giving the answers to our real questions – which are emotional and spiritual – 

 and therefor people like Nassim and Gregg Braden get such a great audience – simply because they use the concepts of contemporary physics and mix them together and make them mystical and entertaining and most of all make fun about all the old conventional scientists who “still do not get the point” who “are still caught in old interpretations of physics” then they create lectures like this one from Nassim

 YouTube Preview Image

 where he talks for ten minutes about the fact that his primary school teacher could not make sense of his early childhood esoteric experiences but that he then at age 7 during a bus ride came to the answer – “that the world is not made of non-exising points”  but of real-volume DOTs – and this explains everything. (yet another theory of all and everything)

 He tells the world in an “entertaining way” that at age 7 he already figured out what his teacher was not able to grasp – this is the vanity ego-trip of most pseudo-science presenters today – and they always have an audience that has somewhat less physics understanding then them and thus have an easy way to find admirers.

 I call pseudo-science all that is not able to produce useful results – technologies that can be used or emotional or health changes that are reproducible. This means to me not only most New-age talk is pseudo-science  but also the work of most lectures at established universities who possibly know how to write quantum equations – as they are laid out in books but are not able to derive  something useful from it. But the work of John of God is “real science” as it produces reproducible results in thousands of people. Also I consider the CoRe system that creates reproducible placebo effects in the health of people “real science”.

 The most important thing as a speaker of this kind is to observe that their audience has the total conviction that “we as a culture have made a great step from the age of “doctrine, religion, church” to our present state of “individualism, personal freedom, technology and science” and certainly that we do not need to – or should go back to – the misleading pseudo-science of  spiritism, astrology and all the other META-physics.

 All of these talkers like Nassim, Gregg  and there are countless have one thing in common – they have nothing practical to show. They try like Hartmut Mueller to convince the world, that their theories (e.g. vacuum space-wave) are a real explanation that dissolves the countless contradictions of previous theories . However mostly believing themselves the reality and greatness of their own theories and not intentionally trying to fool their audience with fake communication experiments for example.

Nassim for example as all others is building his theories on some simple assumptions that “look reasonable” but that are not tested or questioned by his audience and thus do not lead to a conflict in the minds of people.

 In this video for example he says “Of course – all that exists contains volume”.

 Another more conventional talker – will say “Of course – all that exists has frequency” .

 But then ask both of them “show me the frequency or the volume of Love, religion, sainthood, reliability, happiness, dedication, hate, poverty, good taste, leadership, conflict” a.s.o.

 They are all as far away from the experience of reality as Einstein who called time and space independent phenomena “spooky interaction at a distance”.

 And they are away from reality as they all have a pet-theory that gives them a feeling of conclusiveness that takes the contradiction out of lives experience – that finally after all philosophers before them they have found a way to “think it out” – no more need to sweat and denial, of suffering and acceptance of contradiction and uncertainty – finally they found the key the GOD-helmet that allows you to see it all – no need for spooky spiritism or the help of saints that hundreds of years did still work hard and uphold a corrupt religious hierarchy without a clue how much they were misled and abused.

Kiran offers another approach – I know that the future belongs to those who can bring spiritism, emotion, prayer, ritual, language, art, music, ……that I all consider just as forms of informational communication – together with technology and physiological techniques for a DLE experience that does not need to exclude.

 Exclusion is really a big part of New Age philosophy although they all do lip-service to their openness to all and everything. Lara you also ended with the standard New Age motto “Nevertheless, I can learn from his experience.“ – but for sure you will not invite a presenter about spiritism to your conference – that is what I call “lip-service”.

 John of God is an evolved Soul and therefore he can be truly open and resonating to all beings. We came this week to donate the Bioresoance-LaesEr to be used in his clinic. And if he were like others – he would have seen technology as a competition to spiritism – but NO – he said “It is a good device and please instruct my people how to use it”.


Dear Lara 
I used our conversation for a post

I hope you and Wallace do not go the way like all the other “Quantum” science conference organizers and you do not see the 
potential of the moment – PSEUDO-SCIENCE  ala Hassim and Gregg Braden is going out – that makes a real interaction with REAL science impossible and keeps the world divided into Pseudo-Science- Believers and Scientific-Non-Believers


Comment by Wallace Lima to Lara and myself :

In the Fair I had a pleasure to know Kiran technology and I became very impressed with the results. I said to him that he had an divine inspiration to develop so special, non invasive and advanced technology. Some days ago I did a talk in
his workshop in Curitiba in Brazil. We have many ideas in common. Kiran is a man of a good heart.

I think that his work is very important for the humanity and I’m going to help him to publicize your technology in Brazil
and in the world, but I think that my friend Kiran shouldn’t worry about Korotkov and Nassim works and others scientists and just focus in publicize the importance of his devices for the health of the world in this moment that the humanity is very sick.
I think that we should invest our energies talking about the good things that we are doing.
Everyone is responsible for its reality and will reap the fruits planted, good or bad.


Dear Wallace and Lara

I know we have the same aspiration and mission
I differ only from both of you in that I know there is a need to point out polarities – as it was part of every religious culture in the past
Light and darkness, good and evil, fraud and truth exist and need to be pointed out to create the DLE that is healthy and necessary.
(Wars are not the result of this – and cannot be avoided by “tolerance” – as you can see that the culture that has written “tolerance” on its constitution  –
the USA culture is the most aggressive )
That you say and think we “should focus only on the light” and leave the others to themselves and leave it particularly to every individual is the 
dogma of the “USA culture” which in this way has created a completely overloaded and un-discriminating informational world that makes 
guided choices impossible – creating an artificial sense of harmony that serves nobody – but the consume – industry .
Our world needs to live in the DLE between technology and spiritual methods – moment to moment and not to separate them to different parts of
their lives or sell one in the cloth of the other – they are not mutually exchangeable or replaceable – and my vision would be “quantum” congresses 
were the conflict of both is not needed to be covered up – but where it is accentuated – with the knowledge that DLE of polarities is healthy and creative
and exactly this is what I do with all of my work – and that is why new creations and understanding constantly pours from it
and that is also why it is experienced as so controversial.






















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