Religious freedom

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The concept of religious freedom is another New Age idea that is considered valuable and an achievement of human emancipation.

Religion, spirituality and all connected issues are key to the source of all disease. Informational, energetic, biochemical and tissue changes are in the end all traceable to spiritual issues.

For most people practically “Religious freedom” means that A) they do not need to conform to  a particular religious tradition B) they  do not have to go to religious services but can spend time on what they like to do  C) they can read whatever new age magazine, religious text, go to any workshop  and do that whenever, as often or as little as they choose to.

Mainly it means that everyone can believe or not believe what he wants. We learn to consider “believe” to be on the same level as opinions, mental activity or concepts.

Consider the possibility that a committed connection to a religious tradition, is like tuning into a  ray of transmission that provides a channel where information can flow from a source – if this committed connection is not allowed or provided sickness will eventually attempt to provoke a change.

The reason why most people justify their “non-commitment” to any established religion usually goes something like this “God does not have any religion”, “Religions only have been turned into ways to have authority over you”, “I know best what is best for me” a.s.o.

Any human institution is eventually used to promote individuals interest in security. The security of having support, of being accepted, of being useful, superior, more open, more wise, covered for old age, having divine favors, being more scientific, more objective a.s.o.

Only in their beginnings, as long as they are developed by humans that are inspired by the divine who do not need any other ego-security they develop their divine essence and connection that will make them useful channels for centuries. After that initial phase they always accumulate more and more aspects that are anexpression for that  strive for security. However they retrain that gold essence that was developed by a few dedicated individuals and that makes them a channel for spirit and soul influences – some of them are considered saints – many always stayed anonymous.


Religious wars are just as natural disasters and diseases built into human existence to create DLE, the polarity that allows for the shake-up that gets people out of their natural tendency for stagnation. Without these DLE creating factors there would not be any evolution, no art, no colonizing of unknown lands, no leaving the house of your parents, nothing beyond eating and sleeping – possibly not even this.

Most leaders, be it religious, scientific or political leaders are marionettes that unknowingly make these shake-up events possible – which all create a lot of tears and suffering but eventually make change possible.

Some thought the way out of this dilemma would be provided by science, as was hopped, was no longer a product of  individual likes and dislikes, that were the driving factor but objective reality. That this has never been the case should be obvious from the development of scientific theories like “Darwinism”, “super-string theory”, “Big bang-theory”, “Scalar-wave theory”, “Biofield theory”, and about every medical theory – you name it.

Objectivity is just not part of our possibility, being the separate observer, is not, and being the Observer-creator, even less – no matter how our vanity would like this to be the case. We are actors in a play that was not written by use and that we never completely can step out-off. Shakespeare put this in the words “Everyone is an actor in a play”.

Our possibility is to increasingly give up the illusion/ hope/ desperate drive for a world that has only the qualities that one would like. This process will not “set you free”/”make you immune to suffering”/”have permanent bliss”. However it will establish an increasing practical experience that “states of bliss and desperation are not permanent”. In fact ups and downs, light and darkness, happiness and sadness will  alternate with ever greater frequency. To a degree that you will get a glimpse of “The divine comedy” that Dante and Lewis Caroll described.

Some spiritual traditions have come to be more one-sidedly focused on the bliss-part of reality like for example Buddhism and others like Christianity on the suffering part. Originally they never were so one-sided. The concept of DLE as their common aim dissolves many apparent differences and allows to see that polarities are necessary and need to be cherished for transformation and growth to occur.

We are happy if things go the way we want and unhappy if they don’t. All true RE-ligio, which means Re-connection with the source has the aim to create a growing ability to be in the DLE between “doing and following”, to have the courage and the initiative to change (Energy) what can be changed (do it your-self) and to be receptive with that which cannot be changed in the moment and which is pure potential (Information) for transformation – is a truly freeing religion.







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