Rebirth – Inspiration –Grace – Coincidence – Wonder – Miracle – the 5th Dimension

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Have you sometimes felt like “In a cage” – “No way out”. Times when it feels that future is set, at least all the things that really count are on the dark or gray side – you never wake up and see a bright future with the same certainty as you sometime imagine the worst.

As I child you are full of wonder and curiosity, even touching a hot stove plate is a curious thing to test, or you might feel how delightful it is to run out of the house naked and have the wind and sun touch your whole body. You imagine how good it will be when you finally we be a doctor or train driver or a fashion model.

And then things turn out so different, you don’t have the grades to become a doctor or you see that being a doctor is so much different than what you imagined, you buy your dream house and find yourself working like a slave to come up with the monthly mortgage payments or your relationship has turned into daily routine.

You think that if “only this would be different” or if “I could have not done that” my life would be happy. Sometimes you manage to change something, maybe even something major like your spouse or work or degree of wealth but then surely soon after the same boring routine takes over.

Usually life is not long enough to discover that it is not circumstances that determine your degree of happiness in the long term.

Growing up means to know what is more secure and what is more likely to get you into trouble, it teaches you what will get you the approval of people around you and what not, you learn what will give you more money more easily and what is likely to give you hard work. You know more and more what is possible for you and what is impossible or at least very unlikely.

Some tell you don’t believe in any of this, just believe, just know that all what you want can be given to you; you only have to know that the only one who can stand in your way is yourself.

AND THEN some few, some very few really become the director of the company in which they only were cleaning the toilets before or win a million in the lottery – something that could not be predicted from your past and condition.

Some say “Dreams are necessary” some say “Its all Maya” or others tell you “Once you can see that there is only Oneness, that there is no good or bad” then your sufferings stops.

When you will be “Just present”, just see and feel what is in front of you, don’t have any fears or hopes about the future or regrets and positive memories about the past – does this make the betrayal you just experienced or the disease or the loss of money any lighter or more trans-formative ?

No past and future are just as important and real as the present, the present by itself is the product of the past and even the changes you can possibly make are the result of your past.

EXCEPT for one thing – nothing in the past will make you forever GRATEFUL , giving thanks to what is in the past or present or future is never happening for long on its own but it’s the source and destination of all spiritual work.

Some need to believe that there are spirits or Gods to be gratified with offerings or begged with prayer for protection. This all just is meant to ignite your gratitude to give you a reason to be thankful when things work out in the end.

But have you ever tried to be thank full for things that you did not pray for, for things that are just every day normal things, not once a day but a thousand times – can you see and feel that the feeling of BEING thankful is an experience that is a reward in itself ?

And when you have done this often enough – when you have felt the grace and miracles all around you, the coincidences that just waited to be seen by a grateful heart, you can feel that this is the source of inspiration, of creativity, it’s the 5th dimension.

The 4 dimensions of time and space are just the framework to describe cause and effect, things have to be connected in time and in space to causes for each other, it’s a clockwork and for the beginner it is base camp learning to become grateful for all these justified results of good work – many times and not take things for granted.

And for those who have saturated their heart and life with gratefulness for that which was to be expected, for that which is normal and insignificant they have opened the door to the 5th dimension and then moments of Grace will hit them like lightning more often and they do not need to convince themselves anymore that there is no duality, no darkness, no suffering, no evil but all will be just another reason to give thanks – not necessarily to anybody or anything – just the feeling of THANK YOU.


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