Reasons to join the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller

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Reasons to join the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller

It is clear that our cycle of culture is nearing its end – a cycle that has started with the giant change of focus from subjective experience to the study of the external and the search for the unchanging laws that are free of the individual idiosyncrasies and available to all for all to verify independent of talents and emotions.

In this process we have lost the awareness and knowledge of our own connection and its importance for providing meaning and direction to our existence.

When today new ways of medicine are persecuted and unhealthy ways of living are continued to be promoted it is not because of some conspiracy of a secret power – but it is an expression of a way of life that has become the rule, that we all share in and that we all find so many reasons to continue.

Like any other time of change, it gives exceptional opportunities to some who are open to make use of it and it gives ample reason for others to be more dogmatic to protect and continue what has been valuable for so long.

The reasons that make us satisfied and healthy are still the same as in all times – what will change and has to change is their external expression.

For the last cycle the principle of “Non-attachment” was the leading principle of all spiritual traditions that had lead to its outward expression in the “freedom of the individual” most pronounced in USA tradition. Both were driven to the extremes of total renunciation on one hand and excessive individualism on the other who believed that freedom would come that way.

What I am offering you for your consideration and what will be the central principle for those who want to join the MedOKH is that : We will pursue a life that is open to change (DLE) – and we will research and practice methods that bring us closer to our SELF (Eigen-Resonance) – with the understanding that there are forces that we can increasingly become able to communicate with.

All 3 are integrally connected and one becomes impossible or perverted without the others.

This is a living experience for me and I know these are the sources to the stream of inspiration and confidence that run my life from hour to hour – without fail and interruption.

Imagine a life in which you can operate as the daily needs require and where you do not know how long a project will take, you are not concerned with the effort it will take, you do not have to make yourself sit and sweat it through because you have given a task to yourself, you try to live through the eyes of your parents or of your culture, of your boss or your spouse.

Imagine you can endure the openness and in-definiteness of your way, you can live and cherish the improbable, that which does not stand in any cook-book, any law-book, that which is not an established tradition in any culture and you don’t do it to prove your individuality but because you have no other choice and nobody is as surprised as yourself about all the unpredictable turns your actions are taking – always save and secure about the good hands  and intention that guide it.

There is not the specific aim of the specific project that is leading and inspiring you any longer but there is an eternal flame that guides and fuels all your work, it’s the vision and experience of the whole – the unchanging, the ever-and-always-same, the unlimited, the non-local, the infinite and eternal that you start to breath with every breath and beat of your heart.

It is not the state of bliss of the children books and fake guides – it is real and massive life that only advanced souls can live in – only they can make sense of the countless contradictions,  the humiliations, the absurdities, the insecurities that this way involves and that form its experience.

You will not be happy all the time but all the times of desperation will carry the flame of that bliss that is never to be put in words because it preceded words and will be there when all language has ceased to exist. That state transcends description but not because it is so much more happy then any happiness you ever have experienced but because it is the impossible combination of it and its opposite. It is the exaltation of polarity and it is the end of all polarity, it is the beginning of the end and you will learn that all ending is an illusion – all ideas of finishing of reaching of closing of separation is only the view of the one who does not want to feel it closer – the one who wants to close one chapter and move on, who wants to be an achiever, who wants to present all the collected trophies to his friends, who needs a “TASK ACCOMPLISED” for a sense of security and a stepping stone to make them look taller then all the rest.

Different then in the last cycle, MedOKH will not have forms, rules, pattern, protocols and outward signs of dependence as its foundation to synchronize all with a leader as in the preceding age.

The age of Aquarius the individual will know that he has his own bucket to draw from the infinite well whatever he needs and he will understand increasingly deeply that this source, this nourishment is only real and accessible to him and to those who can merge in it without loosing their sense of SELF.

Those who can master increasingly another marriage of impossible contradictions to “loose their sense of separation while being true to their SELF”. And you will find that all and every pair of polarities never will merge no matter how hard you try or want to make others believe. They will always alternate and evolution implies  that this alternation is possible with ever greater frequency.

This is the only transformation possible – the polarities will alternate – there is no way to avoid it – no matter how much you resist – but through your understanding of this principle of existence you can make use of it, invite it in every aspect of your life – the limits become blurred and frontiers difficult to discriminate – not because they do not exist – but because you have learned to change sides ever so often.

Day and night, times of sleeping and waking, friend and enemy, someone you like to spend time with and those you avoid, home and not-home, familiar and un-familiar, rest and work, superior and inferior will become alternating ever so quickly that you will loose your certainties, that you start to dislike the comfort of the familiar, that you can smell the smell of stagnation long before something starts to rot.

In the MedOKH we will not need sterilizers and deep-freezing anymore to keep alive and healthy – we will open ourselves up to the waves of the matrix that make nature always renewing and so enjoyable fresh – we will learn and be guided to make this connection that will relief us for the need of media and cell-phones to break the boredom of our days.

We will become able to write long messages and make long walks because at every moment it is the breath of the infinite that moves through our lives – only appearances change and when nothing happens at all – which will be ever so rarely – then as always we can finally enjoy our SELF – the SELF that is always with us that – IS US – and here we will be able to drink this SELF in following our simple breath and heart beat, by floating in the warmth of our own fat and by knowing no sweeter voice then our own.

Lets start this journey – all signs are indicating that a new way has been made available to the inspired soul to help himself by helping to make use of suffering and increasingly merge both in an abundance of life.


Kiran Schmidt

Grandmaster MedOKH

Lisboa August 4th 2011




One thought on “Reasons to join the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller

  1. Grand Master Kiran,
    I asked to join the Knights Hospitaller.  I know with amazing confirmation I am guided to you. I have been told my Healing path is related to 1000 years ago related to essenes with Jesus and Knights of templar.  I have had a Chinese Master come into my life & teach me, telling me I was a master Healer in several lives plus ArchAngel Michael sits above me.
    I was raised Catholic but no longer attend full time.  I have had an amazing client guided to me, Betty Fort who passed away from cancer on Aug 4, 2011.  She told me after one of my sessions, God told her to gift me something.  The first message I sent you on your other page was because I saw the March 4 date of St. Gregory on your page,This date is when my mother passed… so I sent you a message.  Then I went to your next page and I see this one that has August 4 above me, which is a date again when Betty Fort passed. Again this has sent me on several paths for the last three years.  Something significant always happens, so I am following my guidance and strong feelings were connected.  And to top  this, tomorrow, which is already, here for you.. March 31, 2012,  that same date in 2006,This date, is tattooed on my back that brought me this direction for healing. I had said several prayers about being a Divine universal servant” I was guided to reading Master Zing gang Sha .  I have multiple confirmation of joy coming to me along with answers I have been seeking for confirmation. Once again you have brought me more gifts. Hope to hear from you soon.  I want to gift you a photo of ArcAngel Michael who showed up on Jan 4th 2010 he was a man I was instructed and guided to work on for 12 days.. I will send it to your e-mail ..Sorry for the crazy emtion but this is a very powerful day full of blessings    Blessings Russ Anderson

    Kiran’s reply:

    Things are moving on a large scale – and some like you sense it and want to be part of it. I will make a very big new development public next month here at the conference in Gramado / Brazil – this will open the way for your and others that feel the change coming to join in.

    thank you for being one of the first

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