One thought on “Reasons to join the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller

  1. Grand Master Kiran,
    I asked to join the Knights Hospitaller.  I know with amazing confirmation I am guided to you. I have been told my Healing path is related to 1000 years ago related to essenes with Jesus and Knights of templar.  I have had a Chinese Master come into my life & teach me, telling me I was a master Healer in several lives plus ArchAngel Michael sits above me.
    I was raised Catholic but no longer attend full time.  I have had an amazing client guided to me, Betty Fort who passed away from cancer on Aug 4, 2011.  She told me after one of my sessions, God told her to gift me something.  The first message I sent you on your other page was because I saw the March 4 date of St. Gregory on your page,This date is when my mother passed… so I sent you a message.  Then I went to your next page and I see this one that has August 4 above me, which is a date again when Betty Fort passed. Again this has sent me on several paths for the last three years.  Something significant always happens, so I am following my guidance and strong feelings were connected.  And to top  this, tomorrow, which is already, here for you.. March 31, 2012,  that same date in 2006,This date, is tattooed on my back that brought me this direction for healing. I had said several prayers about being a Divine universal servant” I was guided to reading Master Zing gang Sha .  I have multiple confirmation of joy coming to me along with answers I have been seeking for confirmation. Once again you have brought me more gifts. Hope to hear from you soon.  I want to gift you a photo of ArcAngel Michael who showed up on Jan 4th 2010 he was a man I was instructed and guided to work on for 12 days.. I will send it to your e-mail ..Sorry for the crazy emtion but this is a very powerful day full of blessings    Blessings Russ Anderson

    Kiran’s reply:

    Things are moving on a large scale – and some like you sense it and want to be part of it. I will make a very big new development public next month here at the conference in Gramado / Brazil – this will open the way for your and others that feel the change coming to join in.

    thank you for being one of the first

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