Realizing your potential through opposition – tragedy – sickness

I am posting this seemingly technical issue here on MedOKH because it is in fact a spiritual issue of the deepest significance – it also explains why a Medium is un-predictable (non-linear) :
Subject: problem with LaesEr?
Hi Ezio,

I am attaching pictures of the setup for Homeopathic and Allopathic. The Homeopathic seems to work fine — set amplification and adjust knob to fine tune. You can see from the picture that amplification is between 3 and 4

However when I set everything to “0” and amplifacation to 1 and then switch to Allopathic I seem to get full output between 0 and 1. At zero nothing is felt — as slowing rotate dial it suddenly jumps to full output giving a strong shock at about half way between 0 and 1.

I cannot use Allopathic treatment at all because it always shocks the client.

Robert Shane

Hello Shane – your question about the Bio-LaesEr Allopathic mode

 your observation is a good insight how living organism energetically and informationally react –


 this is not different than most phenomena of nature – it is not even specific to life. Also when you look into your own life and that of everyone around you – you can see exactly the effect you describe.

 When you confront something or someone with its opposite – you will get up to a certain point a neutralization – and that  is what you see in the Allopathic Mode of the Bio-LaesEr – apparently nothing happens, you do not see any LED come on and the client feels nothing. Simply because his or her energetic system is blocking the current just by rising the electrical resistance in this point. Nature can compensate allopathic medicine to a large degree and it gets even accustomed and doctors have to increase doses all the time because the walls of immunity  get higher and higher in the organism.

 The Allopathic principle is not limited to doctors or medicine, look into your life and see where you do things and actually the opposite is evoked. You want to help someone but you do it in a way that the person actually become becomes less cooperating but otherwise nothing apparently changes. Consequently, with allopathic logic, you think you have to do even more, especially if it is your child and as a result it turns more  non-cooperative. 

Many parents do exactly this – they think they are educating – while actually presenting Allopathic remedies to the child – to stop it from doing what they think is not good for him or her.

Equally agriculture is doing the same to rid  plants from all the bad things that are considered harmful – and for a long time all remains quiet and non-reacting and apparently neutral – but then out of a sudden  –  apparently without any reason an eco-system breaks down or a child runs away, gets aggressive or even gets very sick – this is what you see in the Allopathic mode in the Bio-LaesEr the signal abruptly jumps to a higher value in the returned current and the client feels a shock.

 Please understand not only that this is a natural process as described above – but also that it shows that the Bio-LaesEr is a totally different device than anything under the name of Rife or Bioresonance until now on the market. The Bio-LaesEr interacts with the client not like most other sources of energy where the effects are proportional to the intensity and relatively similar between different people.

For example you have someone go into the sun- the skin will get darker in proportion to the time of the sun exposure – some get a little quicker dark than others but the principle is the same.

With the Bio-LaesEr you have highly non-linear effects that are also very different for each individual. I have seen it in about one out of 20 cases that a voltage of 1 Volt creates burns in the skin, that never are felt painful but sometime do not disappear after many month or possibly ever (therefore never apply the mats in very visible areas).

 Such an effect has never been seen with TENS, Zapper or other Rife technologies because the frequency pattern that are used are neither Allopathic nor Homeopathic which means they have nothing in common with the organism nor are do their opposite.  They simply react in an physical way, which means at a certain point you will feel them, your nerves reach their sensitivity threshold or even burns occur, but both are highly linear processes.

 As I describe in my post about the possibly dangerous effects of EMF. http://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/electromagnetic-radiation-emf-and-epilepsy-adhd-anxiety-parkinson/ USA national regulatory “safety” commissions come to the absurd idea that Electromagnetic radiation can be considered save as long as it does not raise your body temperature more than ONE degree. These NON-UP-TO-Date (or paid) scientists believe (or want to make you believe) that all parts of living organisms are affected in the same linear way that tissues react to radiation.

However there are many other more complex processes in an organism than muscle and fat tissues. Brain neuron networks for example can raise resistance to EMF just like you see with the Bio-LaesEr to a certain degree that is very different for different individuals – but then suddenly – again apparently without any reason people that have lived in the same place for ever suddenly become manic depressive, fatigued, hyper-active/ nervous, addictive or breaks down in its ability to communicate and to be happy.

Only because maybe yet one other antenna or an additional Smart Meter was installed in the neighborhood.  And just as you think that there is something wrong with the Bio-LaesEr, as our understanding of nature is not trained to recognize non-linear effects as actually the NORM of life – so also the scientists that may be presented with such cases will reason that there is something wrong with the patient.

So why do we have then the Allopathic mode in the Bio-LaesEr at all. First because all other traditional Bioresonance system have the inversion mode that I call Allopathic. They even sell it as an advantage that frequencies are inverted and then returned to the patient, explaining to their naïve audience that this would neutralize non-harmonic vibrations, always with the same picture of two waves with a 180 degree phase difference.



http://medokh.org/wp-content/uploads/Bioresonance-Allopathic-Therapy-small-300x225.png 300w, http://medokh.org/wp-content/uploads/Bioresonance-Allopathic-Therapy-small-400x300.png 400w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" />

 However this is the Allopathic approach – neutralize what you do not think is good and you are healthy – Bioresonance was invented in the 50ties – the time when Anti-biotics had great initial results. But nobody ever has felt such a shock that you describe with a BICOM or any other of the traditional Bioresonance systems, either no  energy comes out at all and it is a purely radionics process or in all others it is of such a minute amount that it does not have energetic effects.

 But Life are not just tissues and chemicals and are not just sensors and amplifiers but much more complex. I think a very good analogy is Lock-In amplifiers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lock-in_amplifier, these are devices that are super-highly selective and are highly non-linear machines as a whole. Change the filter only a tiny bit and you get totally different output.

 And most of us through education, culture and environment get set to a certain Filter-setting and then LOCK-IN (which I call stagnation) for the rest of our lives. Until some tragic events knock our filter into a new position and then suddenly everything changes and often our organism is no longer able to deal with the new output. Then you have heart-attack, stroke, cancers. That is why I put so much emphasis on creating DLE in your life.

 And to get into a DLE state you have to allow forces in your life that you do not always like, that are felt like an opposition, that are felt insecure, threatening aso. Natural therapy methods like hot and cold showers, fasting, blood-letting, bitter or other revolting remedies are just examples of this allopathic principle. But most conventional drugs and therapies are based on the “opposition” principle.

 And certainly often they help, but also mostly you have this effect that the body, mind, emotions create walls that make the remedy less effective. It is just Newtons law of “Action equals Reaction” and all our education emphasizes this principle. New Age with their idea about “harmony” and a future paradise of “love all” unknowingly increases this wall building mechanism to everything that does not fit in this picture and that makes us uncomfortable. These internal walls are increasingly necessary because we cannot accept that Life = Stress => Flexibility,  there is the back and force of opposing forces (I am writing this with a lot of compassion because one of my cats was killed by a dog yesterday).

 Our idea of (anti-insurgent) would now either make the walls of my property higher, or go out and kill all the dogs. Then there are those who give up all attachments, and stress causing factors like woman/ man, children and have no spouses, children or even pets  and as a result mostly have also no love for anything anymore so they are protected from the pain of loosing or opposition.

 But really coming to a deeper and deeper understanding and acceptance that life is stress, and the idea that you “should not have the least discomfort” will possibly lead all your life towards  getting more comfort and security, but  will  end in the need for your reset which ultimately is death.

 So yes sometimes and for some people the allopathic is a very healthy and healing mode. With the Bio-LaesEr they may get a SHOCK of up to 14 Volt and an associated current of up to 20 millivolt. This will certainly not harm them – but if they shout and scream at you and you take them serious it is because again the Bio-LaesEr has hit the Achilles Heel  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Achilles%27_heel that can either lead to their downfall or can be turned into a magic strength. Because the true heroes do not become heroes despite their weaknesses but because of them – they knew how to turn them to their advantage. Eigen-Resonance is exactly that which can turn you into a egoistic dead thing or it can make you a resonator with the whole universe – the Bio-LaesEr is the tool towards this goal of existence. Pain will always be part of this process but also it explains why the Homeopathic mode in so many cases the mode of choice – not only can achieve the same but also do it in a less painful way.

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