Purpose – creator – liberation – reincarnation

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OR How to get out of your Bubble

Here are a few questions – which I think everyone would want to ask himself – so I publish my answers for everyone :

Dear Kiran

I have got some questions to be answered.
1. the purpose of human life.
2. the cause of human life.
3. do you believe that, is their a creator? or it was just a natural cause of “cause and effect”
4. do human`s get salvation or only liberation?  and liberation or salvation from what?
5. do you believe in re-incarnation? If so re-incarnation of what part of human existence?
I got plenty more to be answered. But if you can answer any of the 5 questions will be great. Or all 5 answered will be blissful.
Thanks in advance.
Divrin            E-mail : divrin@hotmail.com


Kiran’s reply :

1. the purpose of human life.

The purpose of human existence is to develop. The first step is to find in which way one can develop what is not annihilated by death – Second to develop enough importance for this purpose that one will be able to give it enough time and energy to grow.

2. the cause of human life.

This is to me a theoretical question that has no interest for me.

3. do you believe that, is there a creator? or it was just a natural cause of “cause and effect”

If you believe in one or the other does not matter, just as no believe in -whatever- matters if your  believe causes no action – of turning energy into infomation and eventually in the soul-substance. In fact for most people “believe” is not only a waste of time but provides a sleeping pillow to feel save and comfortable and as a result do -nothing- or even worse look down on those -who do not have the same believe-.

For those who are actually using believe as a motivator for action –  the first believe in a “creator” has power  . 

4. do human`s get salvation or only liberation?  and liberation or salvation from what?

I think the  concept of a final complete liberation, ultimate bliss, paradise, total awakening, God realization ….. is a mistake of those who want to get out of the DLE that is created by the realization: “I can still develop, I have not yet fully arrived, I still need to make efforts, I am not yet completely safe…” and like with any DLE there are 2 political fractions one holds that “evolution is not possible, or happens by itself” the other fractions holds “I have already arrived I have awakened” – All saints that I consider noteworthy show humbleness and doubt until the end – because this is what motivates to make more efforts.

Liberation is gradual and you are more and more liberated from the suffering of LIKES and DISLIKES

5. do you believe in re-incarnation? If so re-incarnation of what part of human existence?

On the physical and energetic level bodies are endlessly re-born and at birth programmed with the informational tape that has been used for many bodies and lives before – just like a play is re-enacted many times by different actors. However the soul that experiences the play, does not die and is not born because it exists out of time.

Most people identify their Sense-of-SELF in what they know, what they believe, what they have learned, their opinion a.s.o, all this is only software that is endlessly re-used just as the molecules of the planet to re-built new bodies. If you are only that – you are nothing.

However by not getting stuck to one polarity, by being in a DLE between the poles, and by taking on this challenge willingly with the understanding that this suspense, stress, struggle is for the purpose of becoming more of that which holds everything together, because it is beyond duality -The Soul-substance- we evolve. Just playing the observer will not help one step, it just increases the illusion of change, emotional involvement in this work is as essential as the right understanding



One thought on “Purpose – creator – liberation – reincarnation

  1. Dear kiran 
    Has you know i agree And try to live my life knowing how to develop And grow in a way that allows me to experience a reality that i usually consider a dream… This is Only possible by letting go most of the information that surrounds our lifes nowadays… 
    For me pain is one of the most honest feelings you may feel… Because pain cannot be lived outside of you… This allows a connection along time And space because If you are honest with yourself you understand the pain the other person is passing Has part of your own… This allows to conect with the humbleness of inocence of being a Child again… With a smile on your face because This creates An out of time experience… 
    Like you say… Stay reading the same information over And over again or go living And enjoy life creating a path that is not a shortcut but a path of struggle … 

    Kiran’s Comment :

    as usual you speak my heart – you have to let go the information that surrounds you, because it fills you with tapes that are not YOU – it just gives you an illusion as if you experience your life – but in fact it is a second hand existence – and this is so common today – and yes humbleness makes you receptive and sensitive whereas the horrible idea -YOU ARE GOD – makes you insensitive for any learning or for re-evaluating your actions as you are filled with boundless vanity – the result of the american virus

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