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  1. Dear Kiran Thank you for introducing us to Waldo Vieira and explaining the relationship with both Chico Xabier and Joao de Deus. We are always bound to others with ties that sometimes are easy to spot and others remains hidden.
    Waldo was born in Monte Carmelo, Brazil. There is another Monte Carmelo near JeruSalem and there pilgrims and Templars/Hospitalars found an order, the Carmelites, that later on was reformed, so as to go back to its origins, by Saint Teresa of Jesus and Saint John of the Cross in Spain. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carmelites
    Saint John of the Cross, who was one of the first to study in the new institutions founded by San Ignacio de Loyola, and who later became the author of some of the greatest mystical literature, that had to be written in codes and poetry as to not further piss off the Roman Church and the inquisition, see The dark night of the Soul, Spiritual Canticle, and The Ascent of Mount Carmel, where hidden explanations within the poems show how to go to higher levels of conscience. I am very lucky to had an experience with a  Chi kungTaoist Master during a retreat in Segovia (both Saint Teresa and Saint John choose it for placing thier tombs there) where are the rests of their undecayed body.    He recite those poems and decode them to help us see the references to the kundalini rising within the spine during meditation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_of_the_Cross
    Also the pilgrims from all over Europe were now coming to the north of Spain, to the tomb of Santiago,  in Compostela  (which means field of stars, pointing that the pilgrimage to Compostela is a reflection of the Milky way in the stars and makes the pilgrimage a  method to feel their influence in life )
    After more than a 1000 years of pilgrims being helped by that experience, that was prepared and protect/care by other Templars, as now there is a new pilgrimage way that is opening on South America where the spiritual lighthouse for the planet has been moved. Will the 144000 gather in Mount Carmel ?  Is  it a number/vibration/frequency that we had to reach in order to hear the Voice and become immortal?

     Here are pictures of the maps, the  double pilgrimage path, one is the representation of the flower of life, and the other is a representation of the constellation of the Virgin, both overlap over the map of south america matching in different cities where there are interactions as how to proceed during the sunday mass and directions on how to enter the temple /cathedral, holding a rose near the heart, walking  in specific directions and standing in a place for some time ,etc
    May the pilgrims be bless and reach their destination, both physical and spiritual, and praises to the protectors  guides/luminaries  that open new paths

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