The Key to the Pontifical Connection

I am still processing the unexpected and exceptional honors given from high places,
which I see as a confirmation of the mission and vision that is developing for several years
particularly since the trans-formative accident in Egypt 4 years ago in which I lost my wife and
was given only a 20% survival chance myself, being several weeks in coma.

At my hospital bed I was given works by Ignatius de Loyola that made a strong impression..
The CoRe system is only the
first step in realizing my mission that, I know, was already developed before the accident.

The next and more important step is to bring healing and science back into the service of the spirit and a connection with god, for those ready and hungry for it.

Receiving the title of “Baron” in the tradition of the Holy Roman Empire was very unexpected for my little SELF but was apparently part of the plan for a long time as I made this movie before I got any knowledge of this honor (just posted it now on YOUTUBE) :

More strikingly – this mission and the help I would get from the Catholic church was apparently built into my fate as I personally designed and created our company logo of AIM and in it used the picture of the Key from the papal regalia – years ago


One pontifical key in the AIM symbol

When I created this logo I had not even received my first honors as a Knight of the order of Saint Sylvester – nor did I have any idea of the existence of these institutions.

At that time the key stood for me for the necessary requirement of healing and just like a key it had to fit the particular patient perfectly. This is the function and ability of the CoRe system that it can find what a client is connected to (which call it resonance).
Today the use of this symbol – is a shocking reminder for the high responsibility that is laid on my shoulders. In the 4 years since my accident there was a succession of intimations that made it clear to me that all healing – in fact all change – is only possible when we have this key to the spiritual source that we call God.

AND different then most new-age believe I know that we cannot make a connection directly – but that an intermediate instance that I call the -informational level- is necessary. This level or matrix is what the CoRe system accesses to find patient specific issues like needs, aversions, missing factors, toxic influences.

This connection can be made through prayer or with the help of the saints, a liturgy and ritual developed in the church by evolved servants of God over centuries.
To me the attempt to make a personal and lonely attempt for a god-connection is more futile then trying to reach the Mount Everest alone or the moon. The reason why so many today think this would be possible or even be the result of excessive individualism is again another effect the US American virus that is put into the slogan “Do it yourself” – which is practiced by countless and that has so many pitiful expressions in todays culture.

Isn’t it a pittiful situation that so many lack the basic knowledge today how a cellphone works or a TV, or how to take a carborator apart (most are concerned only how it is spelled) or how to re-install their programs once they bought a new computer – & they do not know a thousand other simple things but they know :

– what life is for

– that they are doing the best they can do to get there

– that they know all themselves because they do not need any spiritual teachers

– that they know all about abusive organizations like the church

– and so much more – all without having it ever learned it from someone – it comes form their deepest most personal unique understanding

You cannot imagine how many e-mail I already got regarding my connection to the catholic church – aggressive negative or with at least with good minding fatherly advice – here just a few examples

– you do not know what you are getting into with the bloody church

– they were behind your accident in Egypt to get you ready to be their servant

– you have such a good understanding in so many respects but your wish for getting acknowledgement from authority has completely taken over your common sense

– do you really want to cooperate with an institution that has killed thousands in the inquisition and is run now by a bunch or phaedophils

the pope will soon be removed by our government as he is not necessary anymore, so better watch out

– I want to tell you that I have clear knowledge that the pope is part of the Bavarian Illuminati http://www.benbest.com/history/bavarian.html and he wants to make Bavarian culture the rule for the new world order and as he knows you are also from Munich – you will be good material to help this process

most of you certainly will not have succumbed to the US american virus to the degree that the writers of the above have completely lost their senses – but honestly all you know about the church is from the media and they do paint a devastating picture in cultures like USA and Germany

Not because they want to bring down the church or because they have bad intention – simply because they are moved by the number of viewers their messages get and for most people out there, who have an empty and boring life, it is just worth at least another few seconds of attention to listen to the latest church phaedophil news – what else can give a little kick to a life that is running on so low.

These people are simply not ready for making a new step just as 500 years ago people like Gallileo where put under house-arrest – by the establishment that is always about keeping the status-quo going (Matter-information 100% momentum)

But in our time it is not the church that is the establishment – it is the majority that are programed to believe that they are free individuals and that their country is only there to provide and protect their freedom and the power of all the technology that has given them the freedom not having to work so hard anymore.

Look how strangely things have turned into its opposite, even an institution like the ISSSEEM that considers itself to be at the forefront of human knowledge, medicine and subtle energy are so locked into the contemporary way of thinking and feeling that they do not even answer Kiran’s offer to give them a 30 000 $ dollar donation because he as taken the freedom to point out some of their week spots.

On the other side – the vatican – that they certainly believe to be the most backward, authoritarian and conservative institution on the planet honors Kiran with the title of a Baron although Kiran does not mind to be seen with all kind of animals on YOUTUBE or to talk in front of budha-status with a very free spirit.

I have not even talked about what the connection with the Church means for me and what it could mean very practically for you

About this next time with an even greater surprise – keep tuned.

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