Kiran initiated into the Pontiff Nobility Or “How to become a greater servant”

Certificate to bestow the title of Baron to Kiran Schmidt


Another step that might be a shock to some but a mandate for me to be more gratefulness and responsibility and to live up to the enormous confidence that was put into my role

The first question I got when telling this to a friend was “What do they expect you to do for this?” .

This and similar responses come from our contemporary fear of authority and the feeling that we are free individuals that we have to defend and that we are today so much different then the poor people hundreds of years ago that were slaves of church and King.

In fact this is part of the US american virus that make people feel to be free decision makers while in fact being total slaves to their monthly credit card payments and the tax that is levied to pay the thousands of bombs that are dropped on other countries to protect freedom.

So it is a natural consequence of this illusion of superiority and freedom compared to the people of centuries ago that any gift from the Pope would be only create the suspicion that it comes with very many requests and limitations.

To me these kind of question does not even arise and so I never was asked to make any commitment, except of course honorable conduct. I am not even catholic but to me the plain protestant churches and ritual never appealed.

I understand that they are inferior to that what had developed over centuries in the catholic church. The break of Luther and the thousands of other little “want to be prophets and innovators” was simply a reaction to some excesses in the catholic church during the 15th century.

Then as now many people expect a perfectly healthy body to be the indicator of an indwelling healthy spiritual body and discard the whole church if it shows or has sometimes shown symptoms of disease. This is the illusion of perfectionism that some Gurus today make their disciples accept to be the mark of the divine and enlightenment.

Would you dismiss your body if it or parts of it is sometimes ill – so why expect this from somebody else or an organization ? Its this naive new-age idea that there can be light without darkness.

All of these “would like to be avatars” have the same childish idea that eventually and for some already in this life will come a time that there is no interference anymore with all the more heavy, difficult, painful, dark, uncomfortable, egoistic, small limiting polarities of life. No mind chatter, no times of heavy feeling, no anger – just poor bliss and angle conduct.

The essence of CoRe philosophy is very different as follows:

“Life is interference”

and if we try to get interference out of our life we are preparing death and if we consider health of an individual, organization, church or nation meaning to be free of interference you are just following a flower-power-illusion and you don’t see the darker darkness that fakes as light – like the media today that give you the feeling of objectivity.

How can we then live a life where we are not constantly trying to get rid of the heavy, difficult, painful, dark, uncomfortable, egoistic, small limiting polarities of life? —-> By becoming more connected with the informational realm – or “become servants” as they called that in older traditions.

And exactly this is the core of the catholic church – to be “Faithful servants”. For example when we where at the vatican and met with


with Archbishop Tobin August 2010


Archbishop Tobin and learned that the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life of which he is currently the Secretary has to oversea the work and SERVICE of more then one million catholic nuns and monks besides others – we got an idea of the invisible magnitude of the catholic church.

Do you have an idea what 1 Million nameless servants of God in the catholic church are doing good every day and that for the last 2000 years ? NO certainly non of us can estimate how deep we are programmed by Christian ideas and what kind of lawless madhouse the western world would be without the spiritual organization that has en-grafted some real values on all of us.

And is it of any real significance for the status of the church as a whole if every year a few hundred of this one million servants (not counting priests) do something that reflects a form of personal sickness ?

In Brazil I have met John of God who made me a son of his house and who says that he is the mouthpiece of St. Ignatius of Loyola the founder of the Jesuits. In this way I understood why I had a life-long strong connection to the Jesuits without ever having been exposed to them – I have been here in Brazil as a Jesuit many centuries ago. I do not have to make this an important part of my faith nor have doubts about the catholic church because they do not include the idea of past lives – for me it is just another information that is not necessary to have a spiritual connection.

True servants and that is that what no US American wants to be – have a deep desire to find out what their master needs (I realize this here in Bali where most Australians and US Americans behave like elephants compared to the gentle and lovely Balinese that serve them) .

As our US American culture that is so predominantly egoistic it is no wonder that medium-ship and generally the ability to connect with the informational matrix has become rare. “ME, ME, ME, and YOU only if in the long run I make a profit.”

So it is difficult to understand the culture of an organism like the catholic church that has been formed over many centuries for one purpose and one only to train many in becoming SERVANT of God. Even the Pope and I would say more than many “The Pope” has been guided in this position because he is more a servant then most could ever be .

And this means besides many things that he cannot just change things that the media or a public opinion that has been formed by the media want him to change. If he would do this, the catholic church would be as short lived as all the cultures that have come and gone in the last 2000 years and more importantly it would not be a servant of the eternal God but of acute and short-lived fashions of what is thought to be appropriate policy rather then the impulses that come to him from a higher source.

Rules and old forms like that of the church have an element of heavy, difficult, painful, dark, uncomfortable, egoistic, small and are experienced as limiting. But this is exactly what is their purpose and this limitation is a polarity that so many people today try day and night to escape by having hidden affairs, by not being honest, by going for wild water rafting or risking their life in speeding on the autobahn, or drugs or thousands of other addictions that are just a denial of setting limits – only to turn into the opposite and becoming even more limiting to somebodies life – because this is what he really was longing for in his heart.

We are a culture that is suffering from LIMITATION-DEPRIVATION or at least most have a very disturbed relationship to LIMITATIONS. People endure the limitations that their job imposes on them for 49 weeks of the year and try to break all limits of adventure, alcohol, nightlife for the 3 weeks of their vacation. Most are in a constant stress that they do not know how to limit and when they come to a week on the beach they just collapse and have no sense of limitations until skin cancer has to provide it to them. There is no shortage of food anymore at any time, the seasons do not limit our life, we either travel or spend the time as always in fully climatized interiors. There is not difference between day and night – we work as much at night as in daylight. Woman can and actually should do at least as much as Men and children can become the president of multinational companies or at least doctors and lawyers if they really know and live the fact THAT THERE ARE NO LIMITS

It is all within your reach – not like thousands of years of stupid HINDU, ISLAMIC, BUDDHIST or CHRISTIAN naive teachers have thought “THAT THERE IS A PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE” NO !!! the SECRET is really as we can see in the mind-boggling success that US American philosophy has proven to all of us and will continue to prove THERE ARE NO LIMITS and what you want to attract the universe will provide.

In short our thoughts about the church are just copies of the US American dream and its nightmares – and the USA will have to wake up rather sooner than later and this will be painful.

Enough for now – I guess you can see why I do not see this honor as a limitation – on the contrary –

next time more about what this honor practically means for me and what it could mean for you.

One thought on “Kiran initiated into the Pontiff Nobility Or “How to become a greater servant”

  1. Kiran:
    I agree with you opinion of the US way of thinking. It was born in Lexington and Concord. America is an exceptional country, as are its people. It is unlike the Socialistic countries of Europe, Gott sai Dank! Yes, we are individuals, and protectors of our freedoms that by and large don’t exist elsewhere. That’s why there are more people trying to get into the US than leave it.

    Oh yes, like anything else on earth it has its limitations. Yet as an English/French Canadian/American Catholic I like many others at this time year, Lent, renew myself in my Faith. I commend you for thinking that all Americans should return to whatever Faith they once had or even thought they had.

    Kiran’s comment :
    Yes we can see you have learned your lessons well – you have been freed from the the slavery that is so common in other countries – you can now determine yourself if you want to pay 5% of your overwhelming credit card dept on Thursday or wait until next payday – you can decide if you go to eat at Mac Donalds or at Burger King – you can decide if you want to serve and possibly die in Afghanistan or in Irak or want to stay home and work to finance the war with your taxes – all to protect your freedom and help other people to become as free as you to go for shopping any time of nite or day.

    Yes and you talk like the Politicians that hope that eventually ALL AMERICANS will return to traditional values – Evolution is and was always the privilege of FEW how did take the risk to swim against the current

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