Better “In-body” then “Out-of-body” experience

Todd Murphy a USA “Brain researcher” is presenting a “new”  technology – the “God-Helmet” that according to him carries the potential to give you an “Out-of-body-experience” or even a “Meeting-God” experience.


Correctly he has verified that a one sided over-stimulation of one brain hemisphere creates these and other spiritist experiences – and being a good US american he does not attempt a judgement whether this is desirable, healthy  or even spiritually transforming – in good USA spirit he just provides the technology without any guidance for the better or worse – because we know the USA virus tells us “If anyone – you are the only one to know what is good for you”.

However Kiran makes you aware that one-sided stimulation of hemispheres are the reason for these apparitions – but they are not healthy nor spiritually transforming. One sided over-functioning of the brain is the reason for our contemporary problem with Autism and ADHD for example – with the inability to concentrate or the inability to associate to ones life and environment. 

With the Bio-LaesEr we successfully promote the opposite – a coordinated work of both hemispheres and as a result – not an Out-of-body-experience but a Sensing-Yourself-realization that makes the out-of-body desire appear for what it is – the creation of a sick mind.



and see the other part of this video on about the “God-Helmet”


see the whole video : God and the Brain – The Persinger ‘God Helmet’, The Brain, and visions of God at http://vimeo.com/22669312