On being certain “Believing you are right when you are not”

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2000 years of attempting to create certainty – in a world that is unpredictable – first with religious rules and dogma and then in the last 500 years with scientific calculus and theories.

This was the expression of  the age of peaces, its highest ideal were order, conformity and predictability. To  follow as a fish a leading fish or as sheep the shepherd were its symbols. New Age still considers the movement of animals in unison as a sign of consciousness. Mass emotions in a football stadium would be just as good a example but here rosy new-age-emotion would see its confused concept  of consciousness. Often this phenomenon is also described and admired with the physical term “Coherence”. The company  Heartmath holds that by the training of stress reduction techniques  in the rhythms of the Hearth – Randomness will eventually replaced by coherence which they see as the aim of health http://www.heartrelease.com/coherence-1.html . In the same mistaken way the New Age philosopher Gregg Braden says “finally science agrees that our whole universe works like a computer – it is all connected and in sync” – and he does not realize that this is the old Newtonian idea of the clockwork – just with a new name. A Clock is the perfect example of Coherence.

Hearth rate Variability HRV study however indicates exactly the opposite  –  it is “Variability” and unpredictable beat pattern that are a positive indicator of health.

This search for THE RIGHT way of being, of behaving, of dressing, of feeling has prompted people always and everywhere to imitate and limit each other. For that reason dialects and customs are formed – which express this drive towards coherence. Pseudo-spiritual-teachers use this drive for “coherence” to generate confidence and alignment with their followers by requiring particular ways of dressing, eating, sex-life, relations-ship or even hair-cut.

The realm of mass or group religious emotions however is the realm of the exotheric that which can be crystallized in a codex of religious practice, of rules, that can be covered by insurance companies, be described by closed formula for a flock that can be lead by the “Good shepherd”. Just one moment of thought would be enough to understand that there is and never has been a “good shepherd” for the sheep as every shepherd leads his flock to be slaughtered in the end – “Those how have ears to hear let them hear”.

Every organization, religious or otherwise will have an external (exotheric) aspect of forms, ritual and appearance – true teachings and spiritual organizations will however also contain an esotheric core that is indifferent to these material aspects but that understands its need and function. Just to abolish all external forms as in the case of most “reformed churches” is an expression of not understanding this principle.

In the Age of Aquarius the focus will shift from coherence and dogma to the unpredictable and singular. Imagine how your life would change if you do not need to appear consistent anymore, if not pattern of waking up and going to sleep, of eating and watching TV would contain you.

If the unknown and unfamiliar will become your acquaintance and you can make a stranger your most intimate friend. Imagine when the custom of limitation, of too much and too little, of beginning and achievement and of the end – looses its meaning – when you are somewhere on the open road with neither land mark nor distance sign and you are most content.

Imagine when it is not only the Now that counts but when eternity, past and future are equally revealing and full of meaning and wonder. Imagine when the new and the old become indiscriminate – when the latest discoveries and fashions loose their grip in becoming the coherence generators for you.

Imagine when orchestras start to play better without the conductor – not because they are more in tune but because they start to incorporate the jazz of existence. Imagine when schools no longer teach how to become a part of the collective or an unique individual but when they teach how to listen to the unknown, to that which has never been recorded, to coincidence and where there is neither rhyme nor reason to give its cause and destiny.

It is on the  horizon – it will be a new and necessary trait for survival to give up – all and every hope for predictables – for evidence that can be agreed upon and that can be written down in books and conserved for the ages.

A new breed is going to appear that is not only the result of the moment – of its apparent present needs and greeds and fears and conventions, and fashions and that is not the result of tradition and convention either. A new breed that knows that there is a source – so unspeakable, neither good and loving nor evil – that goes beyond what words can indicated – which leaves the moment it manifests.

Chaos will be the daily bread and few will be there who have been prepared.



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