Why New Age is off track – just as modern science

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Dear Kiran,

I understood that this scientist , Gregg Bradden – is not a reliable source of information http://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/doomsday-predictions-their-source-and-their-effect/ . You often colide with nonsense of „new age religion“ in your posts, but could you make clear in what exactly. Are they right in anything at all, (I don’t mean that everything will be good forever and we will not experience nothing bad in our lives), do you share any ideas with them, for example how can our conscious mind (thinking) improve our lives ?

What is your understanding of the role of conscious mind in our lives ?

What about visions, realisations or ideas in our lives, do they have strength at all ?

I’m asking this because I didn’t understand what did you mean when you wrote me that belief is form of stagnation in one of previous emails ? What kind of belief did you mean ?

(I hope you didn’t mean that it is non-sense to believe in anything at all, because what we believe in has no effect in our lives except making us stagnating and therefore sick).


Dear Josef

 New Age believe is founded on the following premises :

  1. You are a unique individual and you know best yourself what is good for you
  2. You can „Do it yourself“ by the Law of Attraction or your believe – you are GOD
  3. We are all one – and everything you do and think affects all others
  4. Humanity is going is going through a global change of consciousness for the better
  5. Consciousness mind = thinking (as you write) and you are already conscious
  6. There is a global conspiracy that wants to enslave us

As a result we have a culture in which most are completely in vanity when things go well and go into a state of anxiety and depression (the number 1 psychological illnesses today) when things don’t go the way they want them to go.

Next if things get even worse with death of friends, loss of money, relationship, job….. more and more people experience a collapse of their EGO and as a result, as described in the other posts are confronted with an overwhelming amount of energy that drives them into insanity. http://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/possible-consequences-of-the-new-age-interpretation-of-quantum-physics/, and http://mindconscioushypnosis-psychologicalhealth.com/bi-polar-schizophrenia-labile-manic-dissociative-identity-disorder-split-personality-mood-swings/ and http://www.informationenergymedicine-association.com/reason-for-bi-polar-schizophrenia-manic-depression-mood-swings-and-their-cure/

All the 6 points built up a imaginary Sense-of-Self that is soothing and sweet for ones EGO but they do not hold up in reality  For example most of the people who believe in „We are all one“ fight for jobs, reputation, money and even a parking space under all conditions. In order traditions it was clearly understood that this ONENESS is not something that comes for free, it is the result of great sacrifice under a conscious guidance.

Yes I know all believes are one or another form of stagnation, and it does not matter if you believe in the „Virgin birth“ or in „Crop-circles“. „THERE is one GOD, and I can be his tool“ – and all other believes are lies that form your EGO. EGO is necessary to the degree that you have not created a SENSE-of-SELF that is independent of all other possible ideas.

Consciousness is not thought, it is a state of contentment that is independent of how things go. http://www.hospitaller-soulspirithealing.org/what-is-consciousness/

All the New Age ideas are more or less a representation of the US American dream in the arena of spiritual ideas, they were necessary to form a RESET but they are built on „sand“.

The more you prop-up your EGO with „positive“ affirmations, success with the Law of Attraction a.s.o. the more you will eventually have to dis-assemble and to discard when you really want to grow spiritually or the deeper you will fall when your EGO collapses (I speak from personal experience)

The solution I found in this dilemma was that the safest and most effective way to make a transition possible and decrees our dependence on informational confirmation like LIKES on social networks, SMS messages, more money, more appearance …..to create a SENSUAL (not mind-based) increase of SENSE-of-SELF for example if you are on a budget by walking bare-foot, hot and cold showers, lots of interaction with nature, and and and …. or if you have the money through electrical feedback of your Eigen-frequencies with the www.bioresoance-laesEr.com and for me this is not theory but I know that the contentment of my life and the speed with which I can operate is the result of the RESET I went through and the sensual feedback that I now getting daily with the Bio-LaesEr.








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