One thought on “How to make room for Miracles

  1. Hello everybody.
    I’d like to make a short entry and acknowledge the possibility of “non linear” miracles in life, coincidences and the sort.

    Most of all, I’d like to warmly thank Kiran for his generosity and compassionate act of kindness…

    Let me explain.

    A week and so ago, I was in the middle of these turmoils one can find in life from time to time. The problem could be labelled “money”, our old friend. It’s probably much deeper in what concerns my case…. but my point here is not to talk about myself, but truly to thank Kiran, because in the middle of that turmoil, out of the blue, or -if one prefers-, by a truly series of coincidences, he just helped me to keep my head out of the water. Just like that, and I haven’t asked him to do that, he just gave me quite a sum of money. Sure, my intention is to give it back to him, but it doesn’t lessen the greatness of his act. And I wanted to publicly acknowledge that.

    What were these coincidences? Just for the fun, here what’s happened, in a short week:

    Sunday :my love is informed by her daughter that her -future ex husband- is leaving from town and moving 800+ km away. Problem is: as he is a diplomat, he thinks he can just take his daughters and leave, without any other concern… and that is somehow correct, one couldn’t imagine the (apparent) powers some have on this earth.
    So now what happens is that my brazilian, very emotional love, is now feeling obliged to move there too, otherwise she thinks she’s going to loose her girls (it happened once to her in her life!).
    So me, myself, is feeling sad, very sad, and for 5 days we cry and cry.

    Friday is the miracle day. I’m seating at the dentist’s and my partner suddenly rushes into the office: “I don’t have to leave anymore!”. So we cry again, this time with joy.
    One hour later someone contacts me asking for a core consultation. I never advertised that service, and, as I’m really really short in money, it’s a blessing!
    2 hours later I receive a sign that I a demand I made is accepted for a place for me and my family to stay (I’m not explaining).
    A few hours later, I have the inspiration to write a short mail to Kiran, just to say hi. He replyes to me: coincidence again, I’m flying to France (this is where I live) today, can we meet?
    A week later, the man (K!) flyes away to Portugal. But he left me with his present.

    Blessings to you! Emmanuel (meaning “God is with us”).

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