How to make room for Miracles

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To be unconditional is an ideal, it is unlikely we ever reach this ideal consistently but once we start to understand it and to promote it in our lives one’s world experience changes.

Our cultural program discourages to act without having both a clear plan and a definite reason.  Consequently  most of our life  unfolds according to accepted plans that are based on time-tested experience. At least we need to justify an action that it was based on inspiration, intuition, belly feeling or a hunch because doing something without any reason would be considered madness.

Everything that happens according to a cause-and-effect mode can be understood with rules that are found by science, everything that happens without an apparent reason is either considered A) a random event, B) an event where we still have not found the reason or C) a miracle.

Those ones that are called random events, that means events that have no cause in our world of matter, energy and information are what has always been discarded as meaningless and avoidable, both in science and practical life.

On the other pole of philosophy divination systems like oracles, tarot, pendulum are made, to access what is not based on cause-and-effect, are based on random effects and at best exclude causal interference. For example there is simply no reason (for science) that one card would come-up more likely rather than another or that a pendulum moves to one side rather than another, it is considered a randome effect. 

From years of experience with the CoRe system, a healing system that is based on such an apparently random process, we know that the results are more often meaningful and life-changing than not. I understand all those random processes as an antenna for something that is outside the realm of cause-and-effect, something that cannot be understood with the mechanistic clockwork idea of science.

If we accept the analogy of oracle systems as antennas we can see that just as with an antenna it is important to tune into the right station, otherwise we might just hear noise or be tuned to a station that we do not want to listen. Psychics and oracle readers have been developed many methods how to tune to the right station before consulting the oracle.

Consulting  the oracle can become a way of life, to the degree that one is acting less from pattern, plan, practical reason, habit, necessity, convention, tradition, expectations of others or personal likes and dislikes. This becomes a way of life to the degree that one is more and more surprised about one`s actions or words. One then becomes what is called a medium or psychic and one does not need to be in trance to do that, it needs just a growing interest in the unpredictable, in the apparently random and a lifestyle that makes room for it.

However at the same time we need to spend more and more focus on tuning our antenna to the station that we feel valuable enough that it increasingly begins to guide our life. Without that, living a life without a plan can easily turn into carelessness and chaos, which simply means the antenna is not tuned to any station. Or worse our antenna we might be tuned, without knowing, to a station that feeds our live with low quality or even destructive information.

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This will be the topics for the rest of my life A) how to develop the sensibility and constant availability of this antenna and B) how to keep it tuned to the channel that feeds my life with the most valuable information.

The challenge of life and evolution,  is to be able to have a sensible antenna, which needs a life not primarily based on pattern and security  but at the same time not to allow all the low quality forces  rule one`s life. An almost impossible contradiction, consequently there are those that are good in “tuning” who then often cannot be spontaneous, creative, intuitive  and those more right brain characters that are easily associative and unpredictable, artistic but also easily chaotic. One way to facilitate this unlikely combination was to live in a shielded environment where there is only one station and at the same time a de-programming  of ones learned ways of behavior. At best this is not only a reprograming but a way to become open to the cloud, the informational field, the matrix, the mind of God.  

A successful example were the missionaries that went to unknown lands with no money and security. For them everything was open, who would give them food and shelter, where they went and with whom they stayed… The poverty was a way to guarantee this openness, so the divine had to manifest, as they did not have the money to make their future predictable. For them poverty was not a value in itself but a way to keep simple Cause-and-effect survival out of their lives.

However for many -mistakenly-  poverty was considered a spiritual value in itself and not a means to a spiritual experience and thus monks started to live in monasteries where every day had total routine and predictability while poverty was increased to a maximum. This life would leave less room for the divine to manifest than an ordinary life with all its unpredictabilities and effectively.

I will discuss other methods to open up ones life to the un-predictable  and at the same time to tune it to the desired informational channel or in other words to make miracles more common while at the same time not to open the door to accidents.


One thought on “How to make room for Miracles

  1. Hello everybody.
    I’d like to make a short entry and acknowledge the possibility of “non linear” miracles in life, coincidences and the sort.

    Most of all, I’d like to warmly thank Kiran for his generosity and compassionate act of kindness…

    Let me explain.

    A week and so ago, I was in the middle of these turmoils one can find in life from time to time. The problem could be labelled “money”, our old friend. It’s probably much deeper in what concerns my case…. but my point here is not to talk about myself, but truly to thank Kiran, because in the middle of that turmoil, out of the blue, or -if one prefers-, by a truly series of coincidences, he just helped me to keep my head out of the water. Just like that, and I haven’t asked him to do that, he just gave me quite a sum of money. Sure, my intention is to give it back to him, but it doesn’t lessen the greatness of his act. And I wanted to publicly acknowledge that.

    What were these coincidences? Just for the fun, here what’s happened, in a short week:

    Sunday :my love is informed by her daughter that her -future ex husband- is leaving from town and moving 800+ km away. Problem is: as he is a diplomat, he thinks he can just take his daughters and leave, without any other concern… and that is somehow correct, one couldn’t imagine the (apparent) powers some have on this earth.
    So now what happens is that my brazilian, very emotional love, is now feeling obliged to move there too, otherwise she thinks she’s going to loose her girls (it happened once to her in her life!).
    So me, myself, is feeling sad, very sad, and for 5 days we cry and cry.

    Friday is the miracle day. I’m seating at the dentist’s and my partner suddenly rushes into the office: “I don’t have to leave anymore!”. So we cry again, this time with joy.
    One hour later someone contacts me asking for a core consultation. I never advertised that service, and, as I’m really really short in money, it’s a blessing!
    2 hours later I receive a sign that I a demand I made is accepted for a place for me and my family to stay (I’m not explaining).
    A few hours later, I have the inspiration to write a short mail to Kiran, just to say hi. He replyes to me: coincidence again, I’m flying to France (this is where I live) today, can we meet?
    A week later, the man (K!) flyes away to Portugal. But he left me with his present.

    Blessings to you! Emmanuel (meaning “God is with us”).

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