3 thoughts on “Mind-fullness or Mind-distance – that is the question

  1. Kirin, this is good stuff. There is another set of options you can try for yourself. It’s called applying the emotion to itself. Say your angry at someone or some situation. Try being angry about being angry…perforce your emotion changes to something else. Another option is to be curious about your disappointment. How about being adventurous about your suffering. If one option doesn’t get you the results you want, try a different one. There are endless possibilities. David

    • Dear David

      yes this is the problem of our times “There are endless possibilities” and so Mind-distance is very hard – because if one mind-approach does not
      work or is not even tried sufficiently there are countless other Self-help ideas in so many places. Being “adventurous about suffering” wants to change the attitude about suffering – but why – what is the ultimate goal – usually it is the illusion that something will make it go away – and this is my message IT WILL NOT because polarity is life-essential Mind-distance will never be a constant state – it will always oscillate with Mind-fullness – depending on your level of consciousness just with higher and higer frequency and intensity

      thank you for your comment


      • No the object of adventurous suffering is to change our perspective of suffering and to make it more useful and supportive of who we are.

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