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Hello Ezio,
Thank you for helping my husband Roy to install V6.  He was very impressed with your efficiency and knowledge.
Just to let you know – you probably know already – the auto-communication says the improvement is 0 even after the auto communication is finished.
I don’t like the upside down and sideways pictures in the introduction – maybe you must haven’t fixed it yet?  I thought the bright and beautiful pictures on  the V5 introduction were so much more interesting and professional.
I  find the spinning triangle symbol annoying and distracting.
I don’t want the Goethe Darkness image floating across my screen – in fact I don’t want anything floating across the screen – I find it annoying and distracting.
I have a serious problem with V6 – the dark side. Is there some way I can eliminate all the dark side and pagan entries?
I don’t want “the dark side” on my computer. I don’t want pagan or negative symbols. I do like the “Light side” and the Christian saints.
All healing comes from God. God is Light and in Him there is no darkness, so I don’t want any darkness going to my clients – they have enough trouble without introducing more darkness into their already sad situations.
If it isn’t possible to eliminate the dark side from V6, then I won’t be able to keep it.  I am not going to use it until the dark side is gone.
Thanks Ezio.
May the God of Light, the Creator of the Universe, bless you and everyone at Intergetix and fill you with His light and peace!

Kiran’s reply :

I can see that with you or the work you do with your clients the “improvement shows 0 ” must be correct
and I have to give you a message inspired from my days here in Fatima
Looking at your message which is all an expression of negativity about details I can see that you carry a lot of darkness
and for that reason you want not to see any reminders of darkness in CoRe 6
Feeling to be justified in this by your NEW AGE believe that “There is only light”
Like so many people today you would want a world with glossy appearance, Plexiglas and an abundance of bleach,
thinking this is healthy, clean and godly.
By coincidence Fatima has predicted 3 days of darkness :
but I know with St Paul that predictions always are out of time and non-local — they apply to everyone at all times:

St. Paul, speaking of prophecy in 1 Corinthians 14, does not confine its meaning to predictions of future events, but includes under it Divine inspirations concerning what is secret, whether future or not.

As you can see from the picture on top from this morning I was sitting there at the place where Fatima appeared to the
3 Sheppard children at sun-rise between darkness and light – and it is this interference that is the basis of life, healing and the source of inspiration,


transformation, evolution.


(Therefore thank you Diana for giving me this amount of darkness for this day)

“America needs Fatima” because it is them who preach tolerance and plurality to a whole world that they monopolize more than any other power – always under the naive believe that they want to get the darkness and the insurgents, the terrorists out of this world and for that reason it is proper to bombard a “backward” mountain people in Afghanistan for 10 years with high tech weapons
– but consider this “Why after 10 years they have only lost thousands of their own young kids and are bankrupt” but have not achieved victory.
Simply because the USA has become a country of weaklings that grow up in an antiseptic environment – where they are protected with antibiotics and lawyers by the millions from any (darkness) hurt or damage that can happen by the fact that the coffee at McDonalds “MAY BE HOT”

These weaklings are distracted by a moving triangle (that symbolizes the holy trinity) – so much so that they cannot concentrate anymore – and they wonder that 30 % of their children have some degree of ADHD and the other 30 % have Autism – while the adults can just hide it by some dysfunctional appearance but cannot hide it from the CoRe system that tells them that all their work for improvement is ZERO

You have no idea of the christian essence – which is about taking risk – about going out into the unknown – the dark  – giving up your  little ideas about how things should be – being open to change – wondering about all the amazing differences that god has created in this world – he created Muslims, the BLACKs, just as well as pagans – and he created hysterics like you just as calm nuns like in the picture above who can pray the rosary for hours and be stuck in this practice of self-forgetting.
The Catholic church is run by forces that are as fresh and alive as at their beginning, that is why they do not need to discard darkness from the world, that is why they can take risk and that is why they can make someone like Kiran the grandmaster of an order that has gone out into the unknown and thus created the world that we have now – because they know despite the 2 sides and in fact because of them, I would never do something to corrupt your faith into God – but will do everything to nourish it – no matter how painful at times.

so much for now – you can go to File/options/communication screen and un-select all that you do not want to see on the screen – all the sides that are expressions of darkness or pagan believe that have nothing to do with your little and limited idea of the NEW AGE GOD

with blessings and some holy cold water for your wake-up


HERE IS A VIDEO THAT I WAS INSPIRED TO MAKE BECAUSE OF YOU (thanks Diane and thank you for making use of my critic) this morning in the streets of Lisboa :

YouTube Preview Image


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  1. Light is not all that exists, darkness exists, too. However, there are clear differences:

    Light is eternal, unlimited in time and space, it exists without shadow, too, it has no connection with the matter. Light is one of the expressions of God.
    Darkness is limited in time and space, it exists only if there is light, it is bound to matter. It is allowed by God to exist because of the free will He gave His creatures.

    So, both exist on different levels and meet within our four dimensions where this discussion takes place.

    Dear Manfred

    Where do you get this insight from – which master or religion do you take as a reference ?

    What I wanted to point out here is that the New Age movement has done all to put the dark side in the shadow
    of our culture – some by simply saying it does not exist – some other with some more subtle cosmetics like that
    “it exists but it is limited by time and space”

    you see its not my lifetime anymore to argue by Bible quotes – but lets make an exception :

    King James Bible Isaiah 5:20
    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

    and exactly this I wanted to express that those who cannot take this bitter pill – will go nowhere – no matter how subtle their explanations

    For someone fighting in Afghanistan since 10 years against the USA – he would rather have the problem to see if there is still LIGHT – but for someone like you and most people in the WEST its not so hard to make a theory that denies the darkness but for this reason very dark times are coming.

    But correct if something exists or not is a matter on which level you discuss it – as you say – on the informational, energetic and physical level the negative exists – but you are right on the SOUL level it does not exist – as all discussion is pointless there – but this will not come sometime in the future – this is here now – but dont think you are there most of the time


  2. May it be possible that you fight windmill arrows:   “some more subtle cosmetics like that
    “it exists but it is limited by time and space”. This is by no means cosmetics, it is truth. Or would you say that the darkness is unlimited and thus equivalent to the light??? 

    By the way: in questions of belief nobody needs a reference. That is his heart!!!

    Kiran’s comment

    Hi Hi —- that is NEW AGE RELIGION pure

    “Nobody needs a reference – that is the Heart”

    So most people know that they have to learn – about everything – but with respect to the deepest
    secrets of life – the USA virus wipers to them “Nobody should tell you anything – you know all already – you might not know how to lead a good relationship – and you have possibly half a dozen broken – relationships behind you – but for the really important things – you can trust your HEARTH”

    Because of this religion particularly young people get desperate as they can feel with their HEARTH that their parents just follow the american virus – nothing more – and have no clue about the objective laws.

    Goethe was a bit wiser – he understood that any physical manifestation is a product of both Light and Darkness and that is why he had such an issue with NEWTON who gave you the idea that all – even colors – is contained in LIGHT alone

    “For the one who knows – no words are necessary – for the one who does not – no words are possible”

  3. Would like to share this …

    I have heard, “in order to have Up, Down must exits.
    The Opposite of Black is White.
    If You experience Yes, No is alive.
    Many and Few also are real.
    Good / Bad  And so on. ”

    Real is as Real as Not Real.

    Anything I resist persists.

    Kiran’s comment:

    We can live in 4 different states – physical, energetic, informational, and soul

    and we do not move from one level to the next – all are present in the same moment

    for the first 3 – duality exists and can be discussed and studied and fraught

    some have a clearer experience of the SOUL level and here “duality” does not apply

  4. Dear Kiran,

    “You can do it alone”…. You think I want it? No, I am pushed to it. You can be so scientific on one side but you can be so social on the other….what is your own “mystery” behind it? You are the only person I am saying this – I can speak to facts and science (thank you for saying – nice words, to my reply) but I cannot speak to hearts. I am socially bastard? and I screw up most social interactions I make. This is my quest. Why I am so arrogant and so defensive many times? I tell no to people even before they say no to me. I feel you can somehow understand me…. I don’t know why I bother you with all of this…. But now I decided to start anyway,doing the real fight for my better self, real healing, better world and just kill my “US virus”:). Thank you, I wish you all the best Joe

    Dear Joe

    I love this message – it is so authentic and true – and I would like to use this for a longer reply

    because it is really to the point – that is the main issue of almost everyone

    they are either Scientific left brain or social right brain – but how to get this together

    this is the quest


  5. Dear all,

    I’m a bit surprised that this discussion is taking on such a big form. If you have read the book by Vadim Zeland “Reality Transurfing”, then you should know that this discussion is creating a huge negative wave and getting bigger!
    We should not give this wave any more energy.
    I was going to join the discussion, but for this reason decided not to. Please let go!
    Just be thankful to help people with CoRe!


    Kiran’s reply :

    Hello Caroline

    I hope you do not discuss the daily (negative) news or worse watch and read it every day passively – if yes your comment just is another example of someone who does not know herself and just wants to pretend to be different – which is usually the case – so forgive me if you are the exception.

    To hold that we should not discuss something that is dark or negative or makes us angry or afraid is just another dimension of the USA virus. You plan for the unknown with insurances – all the time – simply because you and most people are afraid – and not talking about it makes things not better – on the contrary. Most people on this planet particularly in the USA are like people who’s house is on fire but they tell you not to disturb them with negative news.

    Today while driving from Lisboa south to the Algarve I had a strange though that was new – I was thinking if the guy who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima had afterwards in any way a changed life knowing that he had killed personally over 200 thousand people. And then guess what – I walk in the hotel and the papers headline said – Anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing – which was yesterday – this is my life Coincidence after Coincidence.

    Now your comment and I knew the message that I have to give you and others who care to learn is that : forget this New Age idea that “thinking and talking about negative things will attract them”. It is the teaching of the new-age-virus that is afraid and uncertain to its bones and wants you to be a consumer rather than a philosopher.

    Well I checked the web – and yes Hiroshima was yesterday 57 years ago the airplane that dropped the bomb was named after the mother of the commander Colonel Paul Tibbets who did not apparently knew what special bomb he was dropping – but never the less in 1976 he re-enacted the bombing – even with mushroom cloud at an Texan air-show without any remorse to a pleased audience.

    The next bomb will be dropped and there will be many who find it necessary and many who will be ready to do it – my friends – realize the most important lesson from that : “We cannot avoid what is going to come – by whatever activism”.
    DLE is the basis of evolution and to deny the evil and negative side of existence is so far the most destructive idea towards this end that was ever invented.

    Imagine you go to the bed-side of someone with cancer or some other possible fatal disease and you tell him “don’t worry” – what an offence – but he will have to smile because he can feel everything in this state – he knows that you want the best – but you are naïve and raised in a culture that made you deny the dark.

    The real damage you do to yourself and the real chance to meet reality you loose yourself if you do not feel to be squashed against the wall when you see the terrible suffering in so many hospital, it’s the DLE, the voltage, the polarity that has the power to change and exists for that reason only.

    This is the place that all existence has prepared you for – it’s the place where no pre-cut consolation will fit, where all your daily worries that took so much of your life suddenly have become pointless and empty. Imagine a place that all philosophies were intended to describe, imagine you were given the grace to be there, facing the unthinkable the unspeakable that which makes you shrink and disappear.

    Imagine finally you meet the experience that makes you more silent then any meditation could hope for, that turns you in the fool that does not know what day it is and what word would fit – only the simple things remain- the sense of your breath and your hearth and these simple things never tasted as sweet as then when you are confronted with the inevitable that seemed so avoidable, so pointless and out of place.

    Now is the time you can prepare for these times that will come your way – I promise – you will find a close one die in your hands – you will find all your properties dispersed to the winds – you will face your own soon destruction and departure.
    Wake up to the countless suffering that surrounds you and see in it the magic of being, the infinite and wordless that which gives depth and meaning to our very existence – feel how it takes any possibility to move – see how it makes your eyes pointed and sensitive to the only reality that always existed – feel how this suffering is a grace in disguise to turn you into more then you could ever imagine to be.

    Kiran with his thinking is revolutionary. Like most enlightened people Kiran is continuously misunderstood, also by me, but mostly by small minded people with prejudice and then the violence of man goes straight on him. He is been attacked from all sides. Well, like Jesus or even Socrates. His truth is sometimes so direct, so confronting, that it hurts, even me, where I think I am open minded. For that reason I understand that things he says can be very hard for people living in darkness all their lives. Truth hurts. And I believe there are also other ways to transform. Like katharsis, like some kind of meditation, like Deep Feeling Therapy for example.

    CoRe and Kiran are like mirrors to us, to reflect our follies, our prejudices, and our superstitions, that what holds us as prisoner all our lives. Like the new age people: All is Love ! All is good ! Even the Bad is Good !And they smile all the time, because they have to smile as a new age trooper. They fight the bad for good. And they decide what is good and what is bad. And how will they know what is good and what is bad ? How ????  They think to know and they know nothing ! I will give you a very hard example: could it be good to hurt a child ? Could it be good when parents slap their child, hurting it ?  Well, for the people with the american virus their is only one answer. And this is wrong !  –  Wow, this was a slap from me. Sorry for that. – But we were too fixed in our opinions to look. And the most people who looked, looked briefly, were terrified of their reflection and fighted against the mirror. They hate the mirror. Like someone who is spending all his money in Las Vegas casino and someone tells him: you are a fool waisting all your money. How would you react ?

    It is easier to break the mirror and not have to see what he shows us. If you want to look, think, and then mayby accept and start a journey transforming oneself is difficult, sometimes impossible. There has been another mirror, Jesus, who reflected us what did we do ? We crucified him. When another mirror that was Socrates reflected us, we poisoned him. Something similar was reserved for Osho. We human beings certainly have a strange way of saying ‘thank you’ to some enlightened beings that make their effulgence available to us.

    What did for example Osho for us ? He told us to give up our adherence to an old past that haunted us, and to live in the moment, use the alchemy of meditaion to transform ourselves—to become Christs, not Christians; Krishnas, not Hindus; Buddhas, not Buddhist. His crime like Kirans crime and a lot others was that they spoke the truth. Transformation, that is the key. And CoRe is the tool.  THANK YOU FOR THAT KIRAN !

  7. Dear Kiran,

    My reply was certainly NOT a comment on your reflections, but a comment to those who do not understand what you are saying (not that I understand everything you say). I think they are creating a negative wave for themselves, and I agree absolutely with you that a person should embrace the darkness in themselves and outside.

    I’m not a religious person and don’t know the bible or other holy books, but I think every holy book talks about light and dark. Does it not say as above, so below? Does this not refer to heaven and hell, which is in ourselves and also outside ourselves?

    Our souls have experienced light and darkness in past lives. All souls have probably been murderers, toturers, rapists. etc. in past lives, and this is part of us. Past lives are imprinted in our soul. All things, good and bad, we see and experience in our lives are our mirrors, and we should embrace that.

    Thank you, Kiran, for making us look in the mirror.


    Dear Caroline

    thank you for clarifying – however I welcome any critical or opposite comment – its part of my DLE and
    I know it is the material for transformation into new insight

    The number of reads shows me that this is a topic of great interest – the idea that there is
    “only light” and you should never do anything that would express the other side – is the central idea of the NEW AGE religion that should not be questioned and for that reason people can do all the throwing of bombs – and dont even see it


  8. Dear All,

    I would like to share my story about my experience with the darkside:

    I attended a ten days vipassana meditation course, and on the first day I was sitting on the ground in total panic, that I won’t survive this ten days as my knee was in pain.
    So I went to the teacher and told him: I have terrible pain, what shall I do?
    He looked at me with a smile (wise Asian smile as he is Nepalese) and told me: This is very good for you.
    I thought he misunderstood me and I asked again………..no he didn’t misunderstand anything, he told me in his wise manner that I cannot eliminate pain and suffering from my life.
    Oh – I thought – that is a totally new concept. As I was trying to avoid pain in all my life, and it is true that it wasn’t successfull……so maybe this method is working better.
    So the task was to sit for ten days 12 hours a day and observe: first my breath, than my body sensations. So I had plenty of time to observe the pain in my knee…
    And well on the 8th day I did experienced that I didn’t feel the pain for one hour, because I was able to stay neutral: I just observed the pain and didn’t label it: didn’t refuse it, didn’t like it either.
    I think this is what we have to learn more in the western civilization (the Asians are quite good at it already): observation.
    This is the method Buddha became enlightened….

    Kiran’s comment :

    Thank you Agnes for your comment –
    However I think – you can get used to anything – even as you do a lot of hiking in the rain and cold and carrying your 20 kg pack for days and then sleeping in a tent – I would say that you have a completely wrong idea about yourself – that “you were trying to avoid pain all my life” – I guess this would fit for many Brazilians but not for Hungarians – they follow more the slogan “What does not kill me makes me only stronger”

    I don’t know if anyone knows how Buddha became enlightened – there is a temple in Bangkok with 100 Buddha status from a very old time – and there he is in about 100 different states – all possible human states and meditation is only one of them – and I believe this is the way to enlightenment – for sure in this time – not anymore weeks on end motionless and then back into the airplane – its too rigid and does not have DLE

    But you are right that these experiences teach you how pain-avoiding western civilization has become – and consequently many people go into extreme-sports and or even creating pain for themselves by self-mutilation


    PS : Debora just told me that in Brazil the proverb goes “What does not kill you makes you only fat” – so you can see the different value systems – and if you look at many Buddha figures you will see that Buddha had a big belly – and you do not get this from weeks of vipassana and fasting – he had it and he needed it as it is an expression (within measure) of the enjoyment of life and it is the center of power as I show in my last video on the biofield http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8pReHVMBEA I guess he would have liked http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3mYDwRTALo more then Vipassana in Nepal

  9. When you are angry, be angry. Don’t think of the consequences; let the consequences be there, suffer
    them, but don’t deceive yourself. When entering hell, enter totally. Don’t leave half your mind outside; go into it, pass through it, suffer it. Pain is going to be there but pain gives maturity; suffering is going to be there but you can transcend it if you understand. Only a total mind can understand. And when anger disappears, you will become so silent, so meditative. If you love, love totally; if you hate, hate totally. Don’t be fragmentary; suffer the consequences. Because of consequences you try to deceive — you are a peddler and you say you are a prostitute — because of consequences, you are never angry, never hateful. Then you will miss heaven also. One who is incapable of opening the door of hell completely, will be incapable of opening, completely, the door of heaven. Go through hell. The path passes through there; heaven is achieved through hell.
    This is the meaning: first hell was created  for the warrior; hell must be created first.Hell is easy to create — you are always ready, always knocking at the door. You are afraid but always ready; you are not courageous but always ready; you are not daring, but always ready. There is continuous turmoil inside. Heaven could not have been  created first; that is impossible, no one is ready. Heaven is very far away; hell is nearby, just around the corner. You move and you are in it.
    NO ONE can create heaven for you ! For that there are techniques designed to createhell first. People come and say, “Make us silent. Why do you insist on us going mad?” No one can open the doors of heaven first and you cannot become silent. Be totally mad first. The teachers create hell for you and you will have to pass through it. It is the nearest thing you can easily do. Heaven is very far away, and one who
    has not traveled through hell cannot reach heaven.
    “You think you are a healer ? You seem like a charlatan !”, “You think you are god ? You seem like a villain”, “You, think you are a samurai? Your face looks like a beggar’s.”
    The samurai could not tolerate this, it was too much. A beggar? He would never beg, not even for his life.
    Immediately he was touched to his very core. A beggar? Impossible! The sword came out.
    He has been touched, hitten, hammered just to bring his hell out. But you are such cowards that even if you bring your hell out it will not be total. You play with it, you are not involved in it; you are fragmentary, you only become lukewarm. Lukewarm won’t do. You have to be boiling, only then can you evaporate. The ego evaporates only at the boiling point, not before. You just become lukewarm. It is of no use, it is an unnecessary waste of heat; again, you will become cold. After some meditation techniques you will become cold, cold to the extreme. In your catharsis open the door of hell. I promise you, if you can open it I will open the other door immediately. It is always open; once you open the door of hell, it is near.
    To say this much is enough: “Look, this is the gate of hell.” Then the gate closes. And the other gate

    Kiran’s comment :

    Dear Knight – please tell us if this is from you – to me it sounds like Osho/ Baghwan

    Anyway I like it and I know Osho was so successful because he showed people how to live the dark-side without too much violence – if you dont -eventually it will come out in sickness or at times where the individual thinks he can act it out without too much risk – as now in London and Manchester – where surprisingly to many – ordinary people became destructive – wars are necessary because culture hardly ever has understood the need for RESET mechanisms like carnival in Brazil.

    And Jesus said : “The lukewarm I will spit out”

  10. Dear Kiran,
    well, it´s from me inspired from osho.
    If you miss adventure, you miss all. If your life is not that of an adventure, of a search into the unknown,. then you are living in vain. ~ Osho       

  11. My heaven and hell:

    I was deeply in love, my whole soul loved him, we belonged together, I was in heaven. Then something happened and we had to go our separate ways. The pain was so great, I could hardly breathe, it physically hurt so much, and I went through hell.
    Then I read something by Mansukh Patel who said if you can be extremely happy at some time, you must also be extremely unhappy another time. Only that can keep your world in balance.
    When I read that, I could accept everything that had happened. It was a wise lesson.
    Soon after, my loved one came back to me!


  12. Carnival in Brasil
    Dear Kiran, what is the RESET factor at the carnival in Brazil ? Is it the same like mayby in Germany, Cologne, where everything is possible for some days in every year ? Where everything goes ? Fancy dressing to feel different from everyday life (with alcohol), laughing, joking, shouting, beeing nice with everyone (with alcohol), one night stand with everyone (with alcohol), dancing (with alcohol), , headache the morning after (without alcohol). – Well, yes, it is all with alcohol.
    There is a great film from Gerhard Polt about the German carnival named “Kehraus”  or here a small video from him, where he has been vomiting on his self before he has to go on the stage and he is been asked if he would be ready and he answers: “Leave me in peace!”:
    Or here one example on Germans doing carnival:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzFKXUU_8_g
    Well and someone thinks the Brazilian carnival is only the front for international rings of prostitution, drug dealing and even pedophilia:  http://www.henrymakow.com/brazileveryone_is_on.html

    Dear Knight (maybe you can tell us your name – we dont have Carnival right now)

    I would say German carneval is the an expression of the German inability to be -out of the box- without being drunk and accordingly carnival in Germany was always what I avoided like hell

    Carnival in Brazil is being prepared for the whole year – and it is for me the expression of greatest beauty, creativity and joy of life http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3mYDwRTALo and if you want to stay in a small life somewhere in a USA or German suburb you believe in drug/ prostitution story because that is what you resonate most

  13. Dear All,
    I followed your conversation here on this site and you all seem have taken the adventure of the way for self betterment and possible enlightenments. I liked your entries, very much.  I decided, couple of years ago, to try out this way ,too. And for me it seems like, sorry – a very long and exhausting shot. Bur after those years of intensive search I figured out that may be there was already everything  written out in books or said  even thousands of years ago.So why then so little has been accomplished of it on this Earth after so many generations? Do you feel like to give it a little try? Is it ……..ok just feel free.  Thank you  Joe

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