Kiran Schmidt honored by the Catholic Church as Marquis and Knight of the Pian order

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Knight Pian order : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_Pius_IX

1. The purpose of Dogma 

2. Why is the lack of a unified cultural value system the cause for many addictions

3. Why can some new churches deliver what the “Law of Attraction” only promisses

Comments in the media associated with the voluntary resignation of Pope Benedict XVI  in conjunction with the above renewed support by the Catholic Church prompted me to make this post about our cultural ignorance of basic requirements for spiritual growth.

Generally you are told that Pope Benedict’s was a “backward defender of dogma” . Nobody gives credit to the courage of a man that voluntarily renounces  a post that before him none had the guts to do in 800 years although many had been completely incapacitated by age incapable to live up to the requirements of this  office nor even considers the possibility that upholding dogma could have any value but exploitation.

Religious dogma is a set of rules and practices that is established to create the form for a Re-Ligio a way to RE-Connect with the source. I want to show here about the purpose of “religious dogma” for spiritual growth.

The US American Chip that is  implanted in the mind of most US influenced people will tell that any “dogma” has to be avoided as it limits your personal choice and this freedom of choice is the hallmark of your individuality, that makes you a reliable shopper, and is your advancement from centuries of religious indoctrination.

YES, any set of rules  or ideas, if just believed, is just another form of stagnation and leads nowhere. However any set of rules and practices that one connects with energy and will have results and results will be proportional to the amount of energy and the focus one gives to them.  Energy can be added to religious ideas by prayer,  fasting, pilgrimage, getting up early for church and by donating money, work and most of all by dedicating the suffering and pain that naturally comes with every life towards this purpose.

Pope Benedict said that the main obstacle today is the over-emphasis that is given to relativism, that is for everyone it is not only acceptable but essential to define his own truth.

But few people are capable to define and practice their “own truth”  but instead just copy one or another “ISM” and make it their God  – like  vegetarianism, competitivism, stock-marketism, collecting coupons http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LovHPosPJTY, sex-appeal, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ieBj9EYjwg, sex ,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1pQfGD_MQ,  rescuing someone, mothering, co-dependence http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIBxmBAKCvE, or another of the over 1000 addictions selectable for therapy from  our Michael Lincoln module.

The list of addictions is so long because our society has no uniform value system any-more as was the case in history.  As a result people have too many choices which confuse them, drain their energy and make them incapable to focus.

The inner circle of the church knows that the set of Christian dogmas is not the only one possible.  To demonstrate this to those who have eyes to see, the church  always has honoured people through the various orders of papal nobility and knighthood that were not catholic or not even Christian. They have honoured Rabbis  although they  teach  the religion that delivered  Jesus to the cross, they knighted Buddhist although Buddhists do not believe in the existence of God, they have honoured various people that did not follow any confession, like Kiran.

They know that the majority of people need  firm guidelines to be “forced”  to focus sufficient energy into a spiritual path,  just  like at school the majority need tests to have a reason to learn. Therefore the  Pope  has the duty to uphold the dogmas with unwavering trust, recognizing that he cannot  overthrow what centuries have built before.

If you think your life is a mess, you cannot focus  or you over-focus on things that are not beneficial consider the possibility that this is the result of a believe in the US virus that tells you “you  have your own truth and don’t follow anyone who tells you otherwise”.

There are many churches that have sprung up that have a very simplistic believe system and they preach and pursue it with extreme intensity. For example the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Church_of_the_Kingdom_of_God that was founded in 1977 in Brazil and has 5000 churches and 12 million members.

The basic idea, of most of these new churches,  is that if you follow the rules, and pay a lot of money to the church all your wishes will come true. And having talked to many true followers who go to this church several times a week and give all that they can – in fact health, relationships, jobs, income are upgraded  and often miracles happen.

This is the simple and common sense result of the informational  fact that all is possible if you dedicate enough energy into a given set of ideas. That those people have to pay a lot of money is also a necessary part of this process, money is the energy that you invested to make it.

These churches are so successful because they provide the vehicle to get what the “Law of Attraction” only promises. The Law of Attraction does not work because it does not provide the framework for people to invest energy into the ideas/ information of what they want and just wishing or believing is not enough.

For thought/ information to become transformative it needs just as in any Power-transforming physical process 2 requirements

First : there has to be the ability and willingness to invest energy 

Second : there needs to be a potential established. This has been done for all times by visualizing that you are very small in comparison to the other pole in this transformative process which you may call God, OM, Source or whatever. Key is that you feel this vast difference, you can call it humility. An attitude that makes any such transformation impossible is the idea that “You are the creator, that you are God” 


Then, just as in any power station the energy that you put in, enters the Field that is created by the potential difference (for example hight difference in a water power station) and is thus transformed to another form of energy.

The CoRe system is re-creating this process, it connects energy with the healing intent/ information and this way “miracles” are possible. This is comparable to the practice of paying people to pray for many days for the benefit of someone. Results appear as miracles because we have been taught  that in order to make any changes, you have to invest energy in the places where you want the change to occur. And Einstein called them “Spooky action at a distance”. However  as already Shakespeare wrote “For nimble thought can jump both sea and land. As soon as think the place where he would be.” Prayer or CoRe if fed with sufficient energy can make this energy available in distant places without the energy needed to be transmitted. People fantasize about “beaming” matter without first considering to “beam” energy, which we already do, to the degree that we know how to do it.


3 thoughts on “Kiran Schmidt honored by the Catholic Church as Marquis and Knight of the Pian order

  1.  To be right in everything, we ought always to hold that the white which I see, is black, if the Hierarchical Church so decides it, believing that between Christ our Lord, the Bridegroom, and the Church, His Bride, there is the same Spirit which governs and directs us for the salvation of our souls.

    (Ignatius Loyola, Libro de Exercicios Espirituales, in the section entitled For the real sense of what in the militant church we must have, the following rules are kept.) 
    But few people are capable to define and practice their “own truth”  but instead just copy one or another “ISM” and make it their God  – like  vegetarianism, competitivism, stock-marketism, collecting coupons…

    (Kiran Schmidt, Kiran Schmidt honored by the Catholic Church as Marquis and Knight of the Pian Order)


    In reading this recent post, I was struck by the glaring omission of Papism from your list of ISMs and was left wondering in light of your profession of no confession how you are much different than those you believe might be infected with the US virus that tells them they have their own truth and are not to follow anyone who tells them differently?

    • Hello Mark

      yes in the church there is just as much stagnation as anywhere, Papism included.

      Some very few can see that all this holding on to some believes is just a way to feel secure
      including the believe that you should not believe in anything.

      To come to a place of “collapse of Ego” you either have to go through very dramatic events in your life as myself
      http://mindconscioushypnosis-psychologicalhealth.com/bi-polar-schizophrenia-labile-manic-dissociative-identity-disorder-split-personality-mood-swings/ or you join a spiritual tradition which totally upset your believe system so you are confused if black is really black

      Our whole existence is set-up to eventually bring us to a point where as Hafiz says “One thing is certain and all the rest is lies” and in order to come to this point our EGO that is the combination of all kind of believes has to collapse http://www.informationenergymedicine-association.com/reason-for-bi-polar-schizophrenia-manic-depression-mood-swings-and-their-cure/. Religious traditions were originally made for this purpose to “to pull the carpet out under your feet” but as with everything else much turns into the opposite to give you more “artificial certainty” about your believes. But having said this, I do not advocate to abandon all traditions – because all still contain the golden treats towards this purpose, you just have to search more.

      As long as you do not realize what a slave you are to your “believe system” even if it is a NEW AGE one
      you will turn in circles


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