Joining the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaler


Dear friends 


I was touched to see the great response in Iceland, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Italy to become a knight or a lady in this ancient tradition.

Holland:   http://www.flickr.com/photos/inergetix/sets/72157627559821413/
Iceland, Germany, Portugal, Romania: http://www.flickr.com/photos/inergetix/sets/72157627214109959/

Hungary and Servia : http://www.flickr.com/photos/inergetix/sets/72157627573145549/
Italy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/inergetix/sets/72157627783015753/


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Here is what Megan wrote :

Dear Kiran,

As you know I recently chose to join MedOKH and it is a great honour to have the opportunity to be connected to this ancient tradition and all it represents. 

For me being a part of MedOKH is not only an opportunity to develop my own connection, to receive greater guidance but also symbolises commitment to spiritual healing & acts as a guiding symbol in my work. I see MedOKH is an opportunity to unite together people of a common purpose, in which together we can grow and increase our understanding and capacity to help bring change to the face of medicine and healing in the world today and I welcome the chance to share the journey with all the unknowns and possibilities.

With much gratitude ….


and Caroline wrote :

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Dear Deborah and Kiran,

When you were in Holland, I signed the document to become a member of the MedOKH.

I am very much honored to be allowed to become a member of such an ancient, loving, and sacred order. Thank you for making this possible!

When I was at the seminar and most of us became a member, I could feel a wave of…, I can’t really describe it, but it felt as if a portal was opened. It gave me a very warm and grateful feeling. I am not a catholic, nor do I belong to any other religion, but I deeply believe (which is not the right word because I KNOW) in God or Divine Light or Divine Essence…

I believe I can contribute to the MedOKH as a therapist who leads patients to a better understanding of themselves, others, LOVE and acceptance. I help people who can pay me, but I also help people who cannot pay me.


With all my love,


Caroline Buwalda


Klassiek homeopaat en Energetic coach

2517 TD The Hague

The Netherlands


We look for security in our profession by being part of associations, sticking to protocols, making insurances, getting certified a.s.o. because we know all this will give us a certain degree of guidance and back-up.

However with respect to spiritual guidance and support most are brainwashed by the USA virus that says “Doit yourself – you know best what is good for you” and the media  are not short of examples of dogmatic religions and cults that just feast on the desire for “security” of their followers – in this video I will talk about why the ancient dilemma between freedom and security – will not be solved by the the believe “All are right – and you should not follow anyone”


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