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  1. Hi Kiran

    i have just read your post re the Knights Hospitaler Order of St Gregory.

    It is in my personality to recognise patterns and ultimately the “big picture” and I know that
    there is a divine plan that will be played out with or without our co operation and acceptance. 
    I also know that there are no random experiences and the fact that your post coincides with
    where I am in terms of my current questioning and seeking I must take this action and see where it leads.

    it is interesting timing as I have been meditating and seeking answers on my next phase of self-healing
    and life path. The goals that I choose for myself seem to be blocked in one way or another most
    times and the message I hear is that “we have other plans for you”…

    I have been using the CoRe since Oct ’11 both personally and on others (people and pets)
    and have witnessed some of the most profound transformations. For myself, along side
    many physical improvements, I recognise how much I have grown emotionally, mentally
    and spiritually. It is very hard to pinpoint exactly except to say that I feel so much more like

    I have been driven to self discovery and to find solutions for health issues and the way to ease
    the suffering of others for more than 20 years and I have studied all sorts of modalities and methods
    but find that whilst one path takes me to another and another, then “all paths lead to Rome”.
    (Amusing expression considering the topic of this email) The further from the divine
    we are the more dis-eased we become.

    I joined the Knights Order when you were in Melbourne recently and I would like to take part in the
    Order of St Gregory and do aim to have a BioLaesar when the resources
    become available to me. I understand the BioLaeser acts to bring us into alignment and so it
    feels the exact appropriate next step for me to take to bring my “healing” work to a higher level. 
    If it is meant to be then it will be – I have no expectations.

    Kiran’s comment:

    thank you Lisa,
    its like in the Fairy-tale – once you are offered to formulate your wish
    it takes courage and determination to proceed

    because something in us knows that it also needs the willingness to change

    I will send you details in the next days

  2. Hello, Kiran,
    I just read your article about the possibiltiy to join the “Order of Gregory the Great«.

    I’m working with CIS CoRe, but  I want to learn more about other Inergetix CoRe hardware.

    My wish
    to be able to dedicate my life only to work with CoRe and to show people and teach them, how to live the DLE  (this wish comes from inside me, from who I really am and it is becoming stronger and stronger)

    Why I want it?

    Because for many years I knew I want to help other in order to teach them how to help themselves. I feel it as my life mission.  I began with astrology many years ago, then I discovered (or better say: re-learned) many things from alternative medicine. For the last five years I’ve been working with Bach Flower essences, also with Homeopathy, Schuessler tissue salts, The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching … But there was something missing and now I feel I’m re-discovering it.
    I think that the CoRe philosophy is something that is very familiar to me – because I understood how CoRe works before I received my CIS CoRe and I didn’t need special training for using it.  I understand the concept of this kind of healing and I want to dedicate more of my time exploring more possibilities of CoRe system.

    How I want to use it to help others? 

    As I feel and see it, working with CoRe will benefit myself and others in order to be able to recognize where did they disconnect from God and how to make again this connection in order to live fully, to accept and live both polarities in life (I alwaly felt God as both polarities). Since the CoRe is the way to connect with God, I feel I want only be someone the God is working through, so I can let the CoRe (God) do the real healing.


    Kiran, thank you very much for everything! Since January (when I discovered CoRe) my life and my understanding of healing changed a lot and I’m really very grateful for these new insights.

    Best regards,

    • Dear Mojca
      thank you for being so courageous to post this

      it shows you have a good Sense-of-Eigen and then
      as you see the next step is to hand over the reigns to God

      as John of God is repeating over and over –

      “I am not the one that heals- I am the tool of God”

      in a time where so many are so insecure that they all want to pretend
      to be God themselves this is not popular

      but with the Knights Hospitaller’s we are given a new way
      to combine a good Sense-of-Eigen with that of being a Servant

      for the greater Glory of God
      and ones own happiness


  3. Kiran,

    Yes, I am very committed to this purpose. I have walked away from everything in my life to commit myself to Energy medicine and Healing.
    I have journaled every day for 3 years of my miracles and path and have made several attempts to create a business plan for a Healing center in Irvine Calif.
    I currently work out of my home full time, as well as a Healing center that has been established for over 10 years from a beautiful dedicated healer (Storm Cole) in Los Alamitos.
    I have received 4 confirmations since I opened up finding your website information on “Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller.” I wanted to get back to you as soon as I could
    and I will read the information and look more deeply into all your requests.
    I had a dream of confirmation the same morning I read your e-mail you sent me, 7 hours later. I woke out of my sleep after I had a dream about going to Church.  A woman that has been in several of my special messages of dreams “guidance” or my Angel was walking along with me.  I told her I was going to see Archangel Michael. I was showing her a photo that I have in real life of Archangel Michael (See attachments), she said no need for that. I pushed open a secret black door in the church and saw a beautiful celtic cross and I woke up! Later on that afternoon you sent me this e-mail. The photos I attached were confirmations for me, March 4 (the date of St. Gregory on your website) and August 4. These are dates of a client who passed away of cancer telling me God was going to gift me something and the other date is the date of my mother’s passing from breast cancer.  It matches the date of the celtic cross on the wall. 
    When I replied to you on March 30th and sent my request it showed up on your e-mail delivery, March 31, 2012, this is the date in 2006 when I lost everything of structure in my life and guided me towards Healing. I have been trained by a Chinese teacher, Kuang Ju Wu, (http://www.moderntao.com) and went on my own for 2 years being guided to learn, following my Guides directions. I have done at least 4000 sessions over a 3 year period and I receive most of my powerful messages in my sleep which I track in my journals as well as my daily events. You can look at my website or You tube channel to get more of a general idea of what my energy is.
    I feel your talents and gifts from spirit will guide your decision on my truth or ability to be of service. I have taken an oath to be a Universal divine servant Kiran, and I love your passion and fight to make this happen. I believe your warrior spirit is all from the Heart and I am blessed to have this gift arrive if I qualify. I am not abundant financially at this time and I have not travelled much at all, but I know God will provide whatever is needed to make this happen.  My business has been flourishing since April, miracles after miracles, including the offer you have sent me.  I am sending all the photos to your e mail. 
    Blessings Russ Anderson aka Grasshopper
    http://www.whitegatehealing.com   You tube: startingfromcenter.tv ”
    Kiran’s reply :

    Dear Russ
    you are very welcome – I see that this offer attracts people with substance, that have tried a lot of things
    and that have an idea what is missing in their lives and that like you and me have lost everything at some point in their live and thus know that everything is very fleeting and only given to us to grow beyond, in the time that is been given.
    And unlike, many you and I know that we need help from the matrix, the realm of the intermediate forces and much eagerness, humbleness and the ability to bring in dedication that does not change at the slightest obstacle.

    I will send you the details in a few days


  4. Hello Kiran
    Thank you for all your posts and work. I appreciate and admire that life of
    yours, in total dedication to your mission.

    I’m answering to your proposal for Joining the Medical Knights Hospitaller
    and applying for the Order of Saint Gregory the Great. I will first try to
    go to the point and answer your requests, and then explain a little bit.

    1) Ok, if the magical sign appears, and my wish is granted, I will be more
    than happy to buy a Bio-LaesEr, to use it and to help develop it by making
    reports about results. I might end up buying it anyways, when money will be

    2) My wish : to develop an application with the Core that would really help
    people find their/a purpose in life, and to connect with God. I imagine that
    as being part of a program that I’ve been thinking and designing now for
    years, a sort of personal development workshop.

    a) I want it because I think it could be an interesting part in the
    self-discovery path.
    b) I think it will catalyse awareness/DLE, and help going beyond normal
    c) Ultimately my wish is to create “Noos-centers”, kind of Asclaepios
    centers, where people could find different techniques, atmospheres,
    encounters and have plenty of DLEs. The Bio-LaesEr corner would be the new
    Delphes oracle.

    Emmanuel CUNY – born on september 27th 1963 at  Saint Avold (France)

    We met in the Netherlands a few years ago, for a training (Daniela from
    Roumania who consequently won the prize about the DLE explanation was there
    at that time). We had a beer together in a bar. You told me I would meet
    Joao de Deus. I talked about Gurdjieff and the 4th path, and spirits working
    with the Core.

    I’m aplying to your offer also because I like the “magical trick” imbeded,
    ie the wish is granted or not. Why? Because I like the game part, and also
    because despite having numerous questions and doubts concerning the Core,
    well.. I’m still discovering the tool and reading you online.

    There’s maybe also another reason, and that has to do with synchronicities.
    Since ever attracted by esoteric groups (and having been part of some,
    mainly theosophical) but since ever fiercely defending my “freedom” of
    thought. And since ever, like Herman Hesse, dle-ing between belonging and
    being free.

    Last year I was invited by a group of Knight Templars to one of their
    ceremonies. An intense moment for sure, lovely people, lots of heart, a
    strong Divine Mother energy. Tempted to join, still free.

    So, all in all, a desire to serve, and to find “my” place. Is it by your
    side? Don’t know, but then, that’s why I like the “magical trick”. I’m not
    even sure I’m in complete peace with the Catholic church. Memories of abuse
    of power.

    Now, to finish, there’s something I would like to know about, even in the
    broad lines.
    –> What is “device that I do not want to make public”? I explain !

    About 1-2 years ago, out of the blue, a man contacted me by mail/phone, and
    requested a special core session. He specifically wanted to work with the
    Divine names of the Surahs, so  I’ve created a data base and did a online
    session with him. He seemed to be happy with the results. Anyways, what was
    more interesting was that we literally spent hours on the phone, because he
    explained to me that basically, your machines are the beginning of some new
    spiritual devices.
    And he explained to me that the Ark of the Covenant was such a device.And,
    to finish my story, I had a very special, vivid, and intense dream/vision
    years ago, in the middle of a week’s long worshop building “zomes”, and
    after watching an hour’s long Crop circles slideshow.
    The vision was this one : I was being initiated in The Great Pyramid. A man
    came, with an Anubis mask. We went through narrow and dark corridors and
    finally arrived to a much bigger room. In there, there was a kind of big
    priest. He had a kind of case by his feet. I approached, he oppened it, and
    boom! zazzzz! off came a hugely powerful ray going right to the zenith…
    and I felt that immense Love, it was so powerful.

    Would you be kind enough to illuminate my experiences with your experience?

    All the best

    Dear Emanuel

    your post touches me in many ways and I feel we are very in sync

    After my 3 month Europe Tour I will focus on opening the first
    CoRe-treatment rooms

    a place I guess that is similar to what you describe with “Noos-centers”

    however I do not know to what this name relates

    I am so happy that with the Bio-LaesEr we have something that can be
    operated by anyone

    and that has already shown such great results

    basically a place where people can go instead of (or in addition to)
    Starbucks and get really refreshed

    and dont need their Red-Bull (which is now the biggest company of
    Austria) because people are so today

    drained and disconnected from themselves and thus need this stuff

    And I want to make this so easy to reproduce that it can be franchised
    all over the world

    and this will maybe the way of the new century to connect to yourself and

    And yes the Templers were a copy of the Hospitallers and turned sour
    even earlier then they

    but certainly someone who wants to imitate the Templers today without
    being guided can only fail.

    … and about the device I did not want to talk – lets wait for a time
    when we have a deeper connection

    so much is for me also so new – and I do not know what ways the gods
    want this to move

    I will send a general message to all those who showed interest with
    the details on the next steps
    in a few days

    But tell me your idea of the noos-center and maybe we can realize this
    together and this would also fulfill your wish.

    and please post your message on medokh.org or as a comment – I need your



    Dear Kiran

    Noos is the greek name for Spirit. Teilhard de Chardin was a jesuit, and he talked about a new renaissance that would occur for humanity, and he said that men and women would then enter in the Noosphere.
    “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”

    So that’s the origin of the “Nooscentres”. Years ago I had that vision of centers in which people would be healed. They would go there as a pilmgrage.
    I imagined it to offer multiple modalities, differernt healing techniques and spaces.

    Then, years later, I found what I had in my head reading Jean Houston. In that book she described the Asclaepios temples!

    Same idea, older times. In these temples, you would see an Aristophanes drama in the theater, you could visit a dream therapist in a special room, and have an initiation into another…

    That’s an idea that is very alive in me. Today, I would replace the marble columns by earth and straw. i would make an environmentally friendly center.
    I would have rooms with walls 1 meter thick, in earth, with a tiny hole. Darkness and the remembering of light. Rooms with water, binaural beats for relaxation response, and a Bio-LaesEr…

    As the american say the whole enchilada!

    All the best

    …… that is the way I know things will unfold – and I know we have great forces behind us that help this renaissance – just as the Jesuit already once started a new renaissance of connecting to far away cultures and learning – now the next step will be about reconnecting with the Eigen Kiran

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