Gina with John of God

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Gina is our representative in Romania  http://www.energy-medicine.info/distributor-gina.html and she has this story of her being in Abadiania with John of God

Dear Kiran and Debora
I have a great time in Abadiania.
I was there with some romanian friends for 2 weeks, I decide quick and I have’t enough time for announcing you my intention.
I like very much that everything was green – here in Romania we are in the second month of winter, but yesturday was the first snow, so was a lot of grey when I had leave- and so much life, so much hils and open space. I love the taste of the fresh fruits; I love sound and color of the birds, and air I felt is different that in Europe. What do you think? I like that there was speack a lot of language: german, english, portugase, italian, romanian. And I love the cristals, the stones… are so powerfull. I meet very nice and interesting people. It was raining 4 days I think but was nice…whether in general.
In curent room I felt a very intense spiritual uplift; is a place for prayers, for datachement of material world… I was in crystal bed… I think in that place the Entities are in all town and are happend a lot of good things. 
I saw your sign – MEDOK- all over in the garden, you are there always… and I send some pic for remembering Brazil.
 I was a woanderful spiritual jurney. 
‘Here is paradis’ – this was my though when I landed in Brasilia.
Warm regards to you,
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