John of God – Pregnancy – A beautiful story

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Dear Kiran
After you took my photo to John of God, during the following 2 weeks, I have felt a sense of being “lifted”; words cannot describe it. and Coincidentally, around the end of that 2 weeks, I conceived. (PS: not immaculate conception or whatever they call it ) I found out about the news when I was 5 weeks (based on medical 40wk gestational period) but 3weeks based on conception day. What a joyful surprise in many ways even though I almost fainted when the pregnancy test kit shows positive. Maybe memories of those early day/weeks/months of screaming baby and sleepless nights hit me first before the joy did! I thought we just managed to begin to get our lives back now that beautiful Amber is already 21 months old. I guess..even though I prayed for calmness after your last email, yet the universe has already delivered it via the ether way before then.

Thank you for your last email of sharing your deep connection with the profound sacred words of Hafiz. I’m look forward to receiving the book in the mail anytime now. The Rubaiyats of these great Beings are like the sublime nectar that sustains my life; truly they are not simply poetic new-age stuff that some may think they are, I guess only those who are destined to deeply connect with the sacredness of these
words will truly “know” the unknowable TRUTH with their hearts not their minds.

The CoRe is up and running now since we received it a month ago. I have watched many of the online training and demos, forums, articles etc and they were very helpful in getting me started the moment CoRe arrived. Katherine has been very helpful & we had a session with her via skype over a week ago & now my husband is able to run the frequency treatments for his current prostate problems. So very happy that he is so enthusiatic in learning the CoRe and opening his mind to the new concepts of healing. We will be sending some money to Katherine in appreciation for her kind timely help as there has been some levels of stress and anxiety back and forth with appointments with the specialist and blood tests etc.
Kahlil Gibran wrote’ “ your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for ITSELF.” How profound these words are that pierces deep into my heart. And guess what? I’m now 8 weeks pregnant!  To me it is “The Gift”. In your last email you said, unlike most others, I need calmness in my life. I guess this is the calmness that has come my way and I have learnt that what i pray for will come but it never always come in the way my mind perceived as what constitute calmness.

One of the clarifications I emailed Katherine last week was in regards to pregnancy and the CoRe system; I know I’m not supposed to have electric, light and sound treatments because of the detoxification of my body that may reach the system of the foetus. So I will have informational healing only but was wondering if there are specific organ balancing or any other informational categories that may not be suitable for pregnant women? I’m still waiting for her reply.

When I practised my first evaluation on myself as the guinea pig, I was overwhelmed by the various evaluations results. I had to walk away and sit in quiet. I contemplate on what you said  somewhere in the forum that “ the best state for the practitioner and the client to be is the DLE state, where in this state of openness, connections are seen that may not be seen if everything is unchanging and unstable”.
I reflected on how this relate to my own experiences in the past of how when I naturally, spontaneously without efforting, I go into the state of DLE, fully PRESENT with the other person, and there was no-mind just pure beingness and the first thing I picked up when just holding her hands during a Bowen therapy workshop was the pain in my liver. 2 weeks later I found out that she had missed the classes because she had liver problems and was very sick.
There were many other such incidents where I “picked up” on specific symptoms without actually deliberately consciously went “looking” for it. I had been told a few times this is a gift I have but I guess, with the various blockages I have, I have never explore this gift or rather ALLOW this gift within to flow as it is meant to be. It is intriguing how the universe has destined for me to connect with the Core now, and especially now with this soul choosing to come into Being through me.

Amber is forever teaching us to look through the eyes of the child, to live life in childlike wonderment, such openness and uninhibited way of being…..we all forgot how it was like when we as spirit began this great journey into form. We are learning to loose our layers of conditioning….
Love to you and Debora


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