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Dear Friends here is an inspiring story – that shows the power and meaning of Coincidence again that

I want to share with you –

A few days ago I got an e-mail from Mayting to whom I never had talked before – and she was telling me that she just had a dream with John of God – and I offered her that I would bring her picture to him if she had a wish – which she did – and you see me there with her picture – and here is what followed in the last week :

Dear Kiran

thank you with all my heart for your inspiring words & photo which I can feel the powerful energies. Such blessings indeed.

In the bliss of gratitude last night, I stood outside & gazed at the bright full moon. My soul pulsated through every cell of my body as I closed my eyes & “asked”, what can I do in gratitude & to honor this sacred connection with John of God & Kiran? The answer I “received” instantly, “sponsor a child”. My heart overflowed with immense Love that only “words” from Silence can evoke.

This morning, I “know” I have to search the internet for the child with birth date 8 March, same as birth & death of St John of God (the saint of same name). I looked through 200 beautiful souls in such sad circumstances, my heartaches as I felt their sufferings. Thousands of children in so many charity sites, where do I find her? I closed my eyes, with a deep breath I cried “Oh Saint John, PLEASE show me the way!” I opened my eyes, goggled “sponsor a child”, selected world vision, thousand kids listed, I clicked a tiny arrow “search for child”, then it showed an unusual option to search via day & month of child’s birth!!! (Who would have thought of that?!) I entered 8 March & 3 kids showed up! Divine confirmation always comes in 3s! I would love to sponsor all 3 but I have to choose one.

Her name is Sudarshani, 6 yrs old, from Sri Lanka. I found out later that Su – means auspicious, Darshan – means vision. Such perfection and sacredness in coincidence recognition. So, in yours & John of God’s honour, she is already in my heart like my own child 🙂 I look forward to receiving infor about Sudarshani in the mail next week.


I’m always in awe that confirmation comes in 3s. Like the confirmation of 8 March being birth, death of St John & 8March your time-zone at that moment. Its almost like a normal frequent occurrence for me. Even prophetic dreams too. The night before Japan’s earthquake, I dreamt of explosions from the ground and buildings in the street with Asian people. It pains my heart to receive prophetic dreams yet not knowing how to serve for the highest good of all. I have been thinking how normalcy, frequency & prophecy fit into the realms of coincidence.

A healer friend once said “if you go round telling people about how your dreams become your reality sometimes the next day, people will laugh & think you mad!” Maybe the fact that the career I recently ended as a certified practicing accountant, specialising as an auditor would add a bit of credibility to my perceived “sanity” 🙂 then again, which is the sane/insane world? Two worlds’ touching.

Such brilliance to birth the CoRe into form, and being welcomed into Sons of the House at John of God & to be knighted….what an amazing journey & courage, and a noble spirit you are 🙂

The vision I had at 5yrs old was to work alongside Mother Teresa in Calcutta, clear imprint from lifetimes before. I may have a noble wish but I don’t know if I have the courage to walk the noble path.


Om Shanti,




Dear Kiran

Spirit moves in mysterious ways doesn’t IT? so ordinary yet also extraordinarily inspiring.

I went to network chiropractic this evening, met a friend who told me she just had her birthday. I asked when was it? She said “Oh..8th of March”. I said “what?! no way!” I asked her “do you know who is St John of God?” She said, “no not personally”. I asked “what about John of God Brazil?” “no” she said. I just laughed and laughed..then she said “by the way, 8 of march is also International women’s day!” I thought I better get out of here fast!!

“Who Speaks” is my personal tribute to the great impulses/inspiration from Spirit, God, Consciousness, Love, Silence, Buddha-nature or whatever word that points to the SOURCE; IT calls out from the deepest core of our Being to drink the nectar of TRUTH, irregardless of race, religion or no-religion. And In Truth, there really isn’t someone “asking” and another “answering”, there is just the ONE.



PS: Louis the chiropractor says Hi, he said he is the laughing man at the melbourne seminar. Beautiful soul he is.






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