Knighthood of the Hospitaller Order



Reset is not only necessary on an individual basis but for organizations and cultures as well – understand the need for it and you will make better use for the next one is coming

Juli 2010



A very good friend wrote to me yesterday :

“We are definitely not “some” who miss the “magic moment”. This is not a fear from authorities, only taking into consideration some hard limits, which you can’t see or understand due to your very different state: an american citizen living in Brazil with a diplomatic passport, enjoying the protection of the Pope, John of God, etc.”

I did not start with all these benefits and honors – the first thing that anyone needs is to trust your vision and mission and know that this is the best protection you can have –

worldly authorities have no power in the end

this needs trust and not wanting/needing/requesting security first

I did not have it when I started either

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