Gratitude – the master-key

Being present, meditation, art, charity, religious practice, non-attachment, energy therapy, informational healing, traveling, creativity, friends are all keys that unlock some potential of human life.

Practicing all of them I am deeply grateful for all that they have added to my life and that they have taught me.

Initially 15 years ago it was the discovery that energy of light electricity, magnetism has a profound effect on health which lead to the understanding that they are all controlled by information. On this basis I developed the CoRe system that determines the information most resonant with a person and a hardware that allows to modulate energy with that information. Information could take the form of specific healing frequencies, colours, affirmations, words, symbols, music – all of them found in the CoRe database via Coincidence Recognition.

Thousands of testimonials on our site speak of the healing power that this has brought  to the lives of many people.

However I always was looking for the panacea, that energy or information that could do it all – the master-key so to speak that would unlock all the doors.

Comparing the various systems of classification and applying then to real situations and people I understood that the most simple and practical approach is to view all challenges in life as the tension between two opposite polarities or as the Chinese called it between  YIN and YANG. However it is not the imbalance between the 2 that leads to disease and unhappiness but rather a stagnation in the movement from one to the other.

Life is a constant attempt to establish balance, but once achieved – balance easily turns into stability, which eventually becomes inactivity and stagnation. The most healthy and alive state is one of fluidity between the polarities which I called DYNAMIC LABILE EQUILIBRIUM.

Teaching and living DLE one quickly realises how many forces in our lives go against it and rather prefer habitual pattern of living that give a greater sense of comfort and security. Even the attempt of Non-attachment in monks eventually turns again into stagnation to attachment to chastity and poverty. You can even get fixed on change to a degree that focus become impossible with all its manifold forms of manifestation.

Only recently in my experiments to transfer and fix healing information through EMDR synchronised with heartbeat and breath I found that it is the concept of GRATITUDE that has an outstanding effect compared to all others. I believe it is the master-key that I was looking for.

Religion is all about creating a sense of gratitude, and going to the temple or church is not about asking for things but about giving thanks for things received for one reason – it is the panacea for more health and more happiness.

Gratitude is heavily loaded with cultural demands, starting from the time when your parents told you “say thank you” !

We have to relearn gratitude as something that is deepest human emotion that needs to be free flowing and independent of external triggers. Gratitude is not a duty or the reaction of good things given to you it needs to become a state of being.

The idea of “Being Present” has rightly found many followers but I would say a state of “Being present” is only a mid-point in the spiritual journey, eventually it will turn into a state of “Being grateful”. Presence is possible without gratefulness but Gratefulness has always a strong element of Presence.

Gratefulness is a combination of several emotions – valuation, positiveness, humility, surprise, receptiveness. Try to remember a moment of pure gratefulness, for example when something unexpected was given or something bad not happened, try to re-create this emotion and feel it more and more separate from the events that triggered it.

As you can see from many articles on the internet – the value of gratitude is been discovered by many as a key element of healing and health. However suggestions how to get more Gratitude in ones life are usually limited to keeping a journal in which one would write down everything one was grateful in a day.

Although this simple practice will have verifiable positive results it has 2 major limitations. First it is a gratitude that is directed towards someone or something, which means it is not “unconditional”.  Secondly it is often limited to the short time one sits down to record it in the journal, which in fact is missing  a method to give it more weight than the many “thank you” we express so much without feeling.

This method I discovered in a software-BEaMEr combination that connects the thought-emotion of gratitude with a sensible stimulus like EMDR eye-movement to root it so deeply in senses that it has a life changing impact.

For the same reason we do shake hands or embrace not so much for expressing gratitude but for rooting this sense of gratitude deeper in our self. Comparing cases I could see that the same therapy  for 2 people was more likely to be successful for the one who experienced gratitude at the time of the therapy than for the one who did not.

Much more, if you can bring this emotion to more and more moments of your life then you have established the master-key for an amazing life.

Gratitude can expand from being only the result of positive events into something that permeates every moment and thus becomes a source of more good things.

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