4th Communication


My will be done –  Thy will be done  ?

Quantum philosophies propagate that “science has proven the existence of  a universal field” called quantum, morphological, psi, zero energy, vacuum ,  subspace, astral, intrinsic data field …. In which we all share and which we can access in some states of consciousness. This field is non-local, it is everywhere and it contains all possibilities that can manifest in the material and energy world.

This scientific explanation makes the definition of an external creator God unnecessary, as everyone of us is considered the creator. The moment we think or are aware, we  materializing the potential of that field. Animals and plants that move in sync and the EEG readings that show synchronous actions at a distance as well as the light diffraction experiment are recited  as prove.

As generations before, some scientists imagine, they have finally found a way that makes it unnecessary to adore a creator being – that they have grown up and unlocked centuries of slavery by religious authorities. Their own consciousness is the creator, they believe to be free and the creators of their own lives – the mind has found yet another way to justify the adoration of itself.

They do not need to say anymore with Jesus “Thy will be done” they proudly can announce “My will be done” – we have scientific proof.

However this does not even come close to  make God job-less – the great unspeakable and unthinkable that was and will always remain the tower which height  can never be taken, the miracle that remains when all darkness is lifted, the axis of knowledge that always points to the unknown, the authority that needs no admirers to exist.

Stop with me for a moment and listen to the hum of your heart, and listen to it saying “Don’t believe that little watery labyrinth up there” – I cannot tell you anymore than it, but only make you remember those moment in your life that transcend all the argument of the world. Do you remember the timeless infinite nature of these moments, when every word and explanation felt like an intruder?

Uncertainty I invite you again to my life – relieve me from the desire to know and to be comforted by certainty – let me hand over the rains that I hold so tight to make me feel safe  – let me get down from my high position to see the world from below – not to humiliate myself – not to torture, but to give back this sense of “not knowing” that was so common as a child. Let me be overwhelmed  with the sense of wonder so indescribable that my mind refuses in disgust.

Dear Lord, you have given us the ways of prayer, sacrifice and adoration not for you but for us, to feed us with the inner light and certainty that it evokes, the means that make us untie the eternal bonds  of time and doubt but for a moment – to rejoice in our infinite good luck to be your sons.

These moments when we get elevated in simple adoration.  When we start absorbing your heat because we are cold to the bones, when we can finally hear your sweet voice because our mind has exhausted itself in chatter.

Listen as the poetry gets deeper and more abstract, as the talker forgets his explanations and concerns – another world arises that sits erect and looks out, that talk and announcements get louder and less discernible – Why, How, Where -loose their fearful necessity.

Let’s stay here for a while, the fire is lit, the breath deepens. Was there anyone to convince me – was I the one who wanted to convince anyone ?  I will give anything for this sweet music to stay around longer – I’ll even dump  my most favorite pet theories into the fire – if this gives me one more minute close to you.

Concentration is not required to be there, focus is its essence, one that cannot be asked for, one that cannot be forced by any exercise or ritual. Certainly I would not be here alone by my own efforts and talent but more it is the sweet song of infinite gratefulness – of grace that announces you ever so clearly.

This moment all lifes have been waiting for – it’s the Amrita that religion talks about – it’s the stuff immortality is made of – not the immortality of endless generations of trees and birds – but their essence and sweet surrender .

Can you follow me ? – No?  just let it go – take my hand – and follow me in this unknown land – the open road that has no lanes or borders – take a few steps – a few sips of this new coffee that tastes like unfinished poetry – read it again and again until you are so tired that you can turn your head and it does not stop the melody.

Until next time – be certain we have found the way that will get  us out of the most boring philosophical dead-end talk. You got it? – NO ? – Did I ask you this already ? – don’t mind just start again from the beginning. Good luck.

Wait – before you go – just lift your head – look around – feel – if something has changed – I throw this golden blanket over your head that will create the  glow around all you see and bring back the one sense you always need first of all – YOUR SELF