A better marketing concept for God

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The message of  a Brazilian Friend – who is a great promoter of Quantum-ideas and who believes my style does not help much to promote my ideas 

and sales (I guess Jesus and Socrates should also have had better public relations strategies) :

 I was in São Paulo, organizing the III Symposium for the next year. It will be on September 14, 15 and
16. May be we have another day.
Together with the scientists that took part in the II Symposium in Recife, we are coordenating the project of the
University of Quantum Health Alliance.
I’m very very busy, because I’m going to take part in 13 seminaries during this year and two Pos graduation in São paulo
and Curitiba. Maybe we will have a Pos Graduation on Quantum Health here in Recife.

I’ d talked to you that you had an divine inspiration to develop your technology. And I talked to you that I think that you
have a wrong strategy to publicize your work.
I don’t use to judge the persons if they believe in God or not. Hitler believed in God and George Bush too. I think that
everybody want to be happy and believed that them way is better than the others. I believe that we should have our way
and respect the others.
I think that we could talk about another interesting things, because I think that the most important is to have a good heart
and I am sure that you and me have one. We shoul talk now how to have a best world for us and for everybody with our

Quantum Hugs!

One thought on “A better marketing concept for God

  1. In part it’s part of our own “programing fear reaction” provided by our brain… I usually say our mind is responsible for the “But” in every sentence… “I agree but…” “I understand but…”
    It really has become part of me because I get really angry with it… sometimes I even have to get out for 2 min to relax…
    People don’t want to make choices … BUT… they do it all the time… closing so many doors in their lives giving no possible chance to see a coincidence magic change…
    Now I understand that if you want to create friction You have to be almost inflexible… harsh… unpleasant… not friendly… to create that need for a change…
    Creating friction you are creating change … you are creating an oppurtunity for God to become part of your day to day life…
    speaking with no barriers no but no other intention than to create friction … that is only possible if you trust your hearth your intention and in God…  
    Kiran’s comment : Dear Marco

    you speak my mind – it is really an illusion of most that they “want to be free in the first place” actually we are all so little aware that there is either a mechanism built in that makes us create so many facts for a “lack of choices”.

    Does anyone compute how much getting a child will limit his choices for the rest of his life – but even if he is an “egoist” and chooses not to have children – does he calculate how much “getting yet another vacation-home” will limit his freedom of choice where he will spend his next vacation ?

    Really deep down we imagine that — less choices = more security —- and that is why we limit ourselves all the time – we agree “but with all reservations” – we plan – in order to make the unpredictable less likely – not seeing how many limitations this gets into our lives

    really in the end only when you have an “experience” a SENSE of SELF you have more and more the security in your heart that makes you live with less and less “BUT”

    (The experience of SELF has to come before anything else – if you do not sense yourself – how could you imagine being able to sense someone else, to have compassion, to sense the world around you or even to get a sense of God)

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