2 thoughts on “Everything has a frequency

  1. Estoy de acuerdo en que una sola frecuencia es insuficiente para sanar.
    Hay que tomar en cuenta que no podemos percibir una sola frecuencia
    nuestra percepción capta la frecuencia y sus armónicos simultáneamente
    esto provoca conjuntos de frecuencias que son resonantes, o sea fractalicas.
    que pueden crear un retorno del sistema en tratamiento hacia su rango vibratorio saludable.

    Comentario do Kiran:

    No Sistema CoRe nao precisamos esperar que uma frequencia criara outras frequencias beneficas, mas CoRe encontra essas frequencias especificas para cada cliente e para cada situacao.
    Aqueles que utilizam as frequencias tradicionais de RIFE estao apenas desatualizados.


  2. I whole heartily agree with Kiran we are a multi-facet being of frequencies and every little thing in our lives we do, say and think we create thousands if not hundred of thousands resonating frequencies which can be fueled by a number of incidences such as emotions I would think would top the list you get someone emotionally charged you can imagine only what the brain is firing off in multiple frequencies and especially angered emotions.

    From what I read about Kiran that he believes or knows by experience that we are changing moment to moment to fast to even clock if one were able to. Just what Core has done for my wife and I it really is not hard to believe this theorectical model. Weather men use theorectical models to predict the weather and many alike, Kiran has used his model of his understanding of physics applied it as well. Congradulations Kiran for a job well done can’t wait to get your program.

    Kiran’s comment :

    Thank you Dennis for your appreciation.
    Different then weather prediction which uses past pattern data to make forecasts – CoRe like no other device – uses statistical evaluation of a Random process to recognize Coincidences (CoRe = COincidence REcognition). Coincidences are a way that the informational realm is guiding us – if we recognize them – so CoRe does not use a model it uses guidance from the next level – the matrix – as all psychics have done – more or less successfully – at all times.

    I would wish people would change as much and as quickly as you say – however stagnation, habit, pattern is the rule that eventually leads to the need for sickness to loosen the fixation

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