Ekkehard Kress and Marcum Paulo initiated into the order of St Gregory

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Ekkehard Kress and Marcum Paulo have been initiated into the order of St Gregory http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_St._Gregory_the_Great

by the Grandmaster of the Medical order of the Knights Hospitaller Kiran Schmidt with the following words :

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Initiation into the Order of St Gregory

From its beginning the Church provided a form for spiritual growth to the majority that needed a “good shepherd” with strict rules as well as sanctions if these rules were not followed. Thus the church had a great cultural effect on western history and transformed it from a time in which slavery and gladiator games were an accepted part to one in which the majority considers cruelty as inhuman and care for others as a desirable goal – while most however do not realize that this is the legacy of religion.

Apart from this more obvious impact and function the church was also designed to promote the spiritual growth of those individuals that had a particular potential for change. This minority knew and accepts that it is the nature of evolution that obstacles and difficulties are not an arbitrary and useless part of our existence but that they are the “corner stones of the spiritual building” while by nature we tend to avoid difficulty.

For this courageous minority the church provided the form of hermits, wondering monks, missionaries and knights. Countless congregations have thus been united by the church that always had the freedom to define the way they consider serving God best within the context of the Catholic faith. The overarching principle that connects them more than any rule or dogma is the understanding that growth and change does not happen despite of obstacles but because of them.

If the heart trembles and the eyes shed tears in the face of an onslaught of difficulties while at the same time the mind is occupied with a moment to moment re-calling of an ultimately positive plan and the love of the creator – then misery and difficulty can serve its ultimate purpose to facilitate spiritual growth. Those who can see this common theme – which is the primary reason for existence – have given up the childish dream that change is possible without the willingness of effort and the courage. They feel more strongly that the desire for comfort and security is the deepest obstacle that serves as a counterweight to our higher aspirations which either will drag us down or eventually provide the momentum to catapult us into a new orbit of existence.

It were the monks one thousand years ago that first called themselves Hospitaller caring for the sick in Jerusalem that gave the meaning to what we call hospital. This pure and humble beginning was yet another way to combine the spiritual goal with a physical form that would allow to turn effort, which is energy, into a spiritual reality. For those early knights it was clear that the ultimate purpose of tending the sick and converting the pagans is not the healing or conversion of another fellow but of the one’s own SELF in this process.

For the spiritual knight the aim is neither to conquer nor to win but to bless and transform any struggle that come his way through the remembrance of the divine purpose of this life as a transformative stage so well symbolized in Jesus. With this understanding the knight will give an example to his environment that trials are not to be degraded or feared but to be lived with courage and the understanding that this attitude will make the difference to give it meaning and direction. In this way we can understand the words of Cardinal Angelo Sodano when he writes : “Therefore it is our intent to make it known to the world that we consider the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller a seed and a nurturing organization for the re-establishment of a medicine that understands the above principles and that works to re-create a medicine that is intended to foster the understanding of sickness as the prime moment in a person’s life to return to his sole mission – to become sons of God.” http://www.hospitaller-soulspirithealing.org/hospitaller-order-cardinal-angelo-sodano/

The ability and to live this principle will always remain un-equal and it is has been part of the universal plan that this difference allows yet another DLE  for another possibility of transformation. Differences and limitations are an annoyance to some, an illusion to others but a constant close companion to those who know their divine purpose and reality of creation. For him “acceptance” is an active act of feeling and thought to assign direction and purpose to that which nature wants to reject at all cost, thus losing its transformative power and often not reducing its painful nature.

Herewith I initiate Ekkehard Kress and Marcum Paulo  into the order of knights of St Gregory so that you may become yet another light in the succession of those who are given the ability to bring his light into this world and to serve the great plan of our creator. So God may fill your heart with the courage that it takes – from moment to moment – to embrace difficulty and adversary as a token of his Love that carries the potential to make you feel its presence in every moment for all eternity.

 Here are the documents signed by Cardinal Angelo Sodano :

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if you want to see some of Ekkehard Kress’s work http://energetic-medicine.com/meet-the-chief-scientist-and-the-core-system-manufacturer/

and an interview with Marcum Paulo : http://www.informationenergymedicine-association.com/marco-paulos-core-clinic-concept/

 Here again the historical document that is the basis and purpose of these honors :

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