2 thoughts on “Ego2 – Openness for Change – the essence of healing and transformation

  1. Thank you for this article, I very much enjoyed reading this as it is bringing up many questions for me. I am only just beginning my journey with the CoRe as a recipient of its healing impulses. I am interested in becoming a practitioner of this system but thought I would try it out on myself first through some of your listed practitioners. What I am discovering is that the series of healings I have received has been not very enjoyable. I feel physically better on some days and then horrible other days. I do not have any chronic illness other than ego limitation..haha. So, as I observed these physical and mental unfoldings over the past two months, I am thinking that maybe this happening:
    1. The ego is being irritated/pissed off by the impulses to change. The ego hates change, even if it is for the better as it cannot distinguish positive from negative, only that its hold on things is being challenged. So the subconscious belief rooted in ego is “change is bad” and as such the resistance to the healing impulses is making the healing “constipated” and difficult.

    So, to address the inherent ego “kick-back”, which I am sure other “patients” experience (?), I have made the choice to simply observe and surrender to this process, because I am curious!
    Kiran, can you share your thoughts about the ego involvement in the healing process, the informational shifting, as it happens with the Core?
    Thank you!

    • Dear Mary

      I think there is every kind of Ego some that avoid change and some that go after it for any reason –

      so lets not blame Ego for that. The first law of physics is that found by Newton also called the law of

      momentum – things stay the way they are if no force is acting. If any force enters either for healing or

      for destruction you get an effect that you know from accelerating or braking a vehicle. There will always be

      some loss of energy in form of heat for any change you are making. In homeopathy this was always know as the

      initial aggravation – and it is the stronger the more stuck you already have been – just like a car that has

      dug a whole into the ground with a spinning tire.

      But from the positive way you write I hear that you can see that all is going in the right direction and that things

      are related to the treatment you are getting with CoRe – keep us updated how things turn out eventually – usually people stop commenting or

      asking questions once things are again running smooth


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