Ego2 – Openness for Change – the essence of healing and transformation

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Change is Energy and the openness-for-change is potential energy it is the basis of happiness, health and spiritual growth. Change is the basis of any growth and for that reason it is so predominant in youth while declining with age and stopping often even  before death.

One of my spiritual teachers often said: “ Never change a winning game” and this was his blind spot that eventually broke his back. True, we have to learn consistency and to discriminate what works and what does not work for us. However over time we develop a set of likes and dislikes that we think define our individuality, serving us for some time, while eventually forming the beginning of the prison that we create for our SELF – the EGO.

The Ego is the sum total of all the things in us that have crystalized that we are unable to change. The more fixed – the more EGO. Of course there are not only negative or destructive parts in the EGO, some are very sweet. Ego is the construct of habits, thoughts, emotions that all support each other to create a structure, a sense of who you think and feel you are,  that feels inevitable and provides a sense of certainty and stability.

EGO are the dogmas of our being, the more untouchable and rigid the habits of thought, feeling and body  the more sacred they appear to us. To the degree people are insecure the more they establish things in their life that they feel to be true and unchangeable. They invent daily pattern, even diseases, that they cannot live without, they have religions that are the only way to salvation, if only for themselves or also trying to impose it on others does not matter – it’s the fixedness that makes the EGO grow, because Ego is that which is dead and unchangeable.

If you start to investigate the areas in which you are unwilling or apparently unable to change you investigate your EGO. EGO does not only exist on the level of individual people but also for nations or companies and for all of them the same applies – if the areas that become stagnant, unchangeable becomes too big, they will have to die or to be disassembled by a new owner or some catastrophe.

 “All disease is the result of stagnation & All disease can be cured by creating Openness for change in the required area”.

Nobody teaches us the essential value of Change, Change is only a last resort if things really do not work anymore while discipline, persistence, adaptation are the tendencies that are rewarded. Consequently  we starve from too little change in our lives. Imagine most people go into the same workplace, supermarket, bowling club, living room….for years.  No wonder they are hungry for always changing stories in the news or in their social media – all things that really keep them where they are and do not truly feed them. People buy new things to the degree that their credit card allows – but give them only a very temporary sense of newness and change in their  world that is becoming more and more rigid.

Reading many  books, having countless hobbies or doing extreme sports, all become part of your EGO to the degree that you cannot live without it. EGO means addiction and it is even harder to see something for what it is, when all people around us praise and value us for it, be it some talent or social work we do.

When we get seriously sick we might blame some environmental toxins, stress, bad relationship or other things we might not like and might attempt to change what we consider to be BAD. But imagine you would understand that everything that is unchanging for too long in your life can be the reason for your sickness or unhappiness, no matter how much comfortable you feel with it. Water that does not move inevitably starts to stink.

Children in a perfect environment can become sick – not because anything is wrong – but simply because it is so perfect that really nothing should or will be changed. You have the perfect job, everybody admires you, doing anything else would mean a step down in the social ladder – not considering a change might be the reason for the cancer that is coming. You live in a remote and isolated nature reserve, all your food is organic and certainly no electromagnetic pollution, your children go to Waldorf School – all is perfect and healthy – you would not want to change this for ANYTHING. And exactly this will give the problem – its not only the things that we fear or hate that make us sick but those that we love so much that we could not imagine to live without.

Growth is our innermost mission and God or if you prefer to see it as the purpose-of- life will not take anything for sacred but your spiritual evolution. God or higher law cannot put decisions into your mind, otherwise you would just become a robot but it can put obstacles in our way to make you realize  the need for change. However we are not taught  that the deeper reason for these obstacles is the plan to make able to change so we will naturally try to get the obstacles out of our way while keeping all else the way it is – especially the things or people we think we cannot live without and the pain or disease does not stop.

EGO is the totality of our attachments, and just giving up your sex or money and then becoming attached to chastity and poverty does not change much. Openness for change, a life in the Dynamic Labile Equilibrium, on the tipping point of existence has to become the goal of our lives, not security, perfection, formalism, discipline, principles, rules – if you don’t want to have pain and suffering to be frequent reminders.

2 thoughts on “Ego2 – Openness for Change – the essence of healing and transformation

  1. Thank you for this article, I very much enjoyed reading this as it is bringing up many questions for me. I am only just beginning my journey with the CoRe as a recipient of its healing impulses. I am interested in becoming a practitioner of this system but thought I would try it out on myself first through some of your listed practitioners. What I am discovering is that the series of healings I have received has been not very enjoyable. I feel physically better on some days and then horrible other days. I do not have any chronic illness other than ego limitation..haha. So, as I observed these physical and mental unfoldings over the past two months, I am thinking that maybe this happening:
    1. The ego is being irritated/pissed off by the impulses to change. The ego hates change, even if it is for the better as it cannot distinguish positive from negative, only that its hold on things is being challenged. So the subconscious belief rooted in ego is “change is bad” and as such the resistance to the healing impulses is making the healing “constipated” and difficult.

    So, to address the inherent ego “kick-back”, which I am sure other “patients” experience (?), I have made the choice to simply observe and surrender to this process, because I am curious!
    Kiran, can you share your thoughts about the ego involvement in the healing process, the informational shifting, as it happens with the Core?
    Thank you!

    • Dear Mary

      I think there is every kind of Ego some that avoid change and some that go after it for any reason –

      so lets not blame Ego for that. The first law of physics is that found by Newton also called the law of

      momentum – things stay the way they are if no force is acting. If any force enters either for healing or

      for destruction you get an effect that you know from accelerating or braking a vehicle. There will always be

      some loss of energy in form of heat for any change you are making. In homeopathy this was always know as the

      initial aggravation – and it is the stronger the more stuck you already have been – just like a car that has

      dug a whole into the ground with a spinning tire.

      But from the positive way you write I hear that you can see that all is going in the right direction and that things

      are related to the treatment you are getting with CoRe – keep us updated how things turn out eventually – usually people stop commenting or

      asking questions once things are again running smooth


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