Dr Wayne Dyer talks about his healing at John of God


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Dr Wayne Dyer talks about his great healing experience with a distance treatment for Leukemia
Wayne still has to review the USA virus – that tells him and what he expresses in this video
“Don’t look at the suffering – you are already well”
He is still thinking he is GOD and that therefore he should (can) never say that he is bad – Wayne is still part of this old ideas
I guess it will need a few more treatments by John of God
as John of God says over and over “I am not God I am only his tool”
and NOT as Wayne says that “GOD and YOU are all ONE”
actually he even says
and he has not taken out much of his EGO – but he is on the way of recovery
he said he realized “THAT I AM GOD – I HAVE BECOME GOD”
and his more subtle EGO is now inviting God and Francis of Assisi and they answer him and other
EGO illusions like that
Even the idea that we are “CO-Creators” is still a subtle expression of the USA VIRUS
that tells us “DO IT YOURSELF”
and by making yourself a Co-creator with God you put yourself on the same level
what a clever way to boost your EGO
Wayne starts his talk with the NEW AGE idea “YOU are not your BODY”
sounds good and has its source certainly with some Indian Guru
but this is exactly the problem of most people today – particularly woman today
or Wayne at age 71
that they are not too comfortable with their own body – its something external
and this leads to self-destructive diseases like Leukemia, Lupus, Cancer
Wayne is still TOO much in need to show everyone how much he has changed and how much he wants to live the transformation he went through
and he tells several times he has written 36 books – the the lesson from that
to be a successful writer you have to promote the USA virus
Having said this – take the time to view this 40 min video (at least to not follow your ADHD tendency that wants to change channel every 5 min)
because there is some good information for example that his
17 000 $ watch that was garanteed to not go 1 sec wrong or could be returned
was 80 min behind after the spiritual intervention of John of God
as John’s work connects you with the informational Matrix
a world outside of time
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“THE  I AM THAT I AM (and what I AM needs no explanation)”
Moses with Tina Turner addition
is what you have to understand and to make your own more and more deeply
you should not go into another illusion of I AM GOD
– the Bio-LaesEr is the John of God inspired
technology to make this possible for many many people


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At the end of all diviations we will understand with John of God and all the saints

not that “we are god” — far from that but

that we are and can be even better “TOOLS (Servants) OF GOD”


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5 thoughts on “Dr Wayne Dyer talks about his healing at John of God

  1. dear kiran, i am very drawn to what is happening at john of god and i would like to volunteer my time there…. i’m not sure how to go about this but i’m hoping i can get in touch with you to discuss this.
    hoping this is possible. with love and light, nin (melbourne, australia)

    please contact :

    Diego’s contact in Abadiania (John of God):
    His name is “Diego Coppola”
    He speaks very good English.


    The Casa: casadedominacio@hotmail.com. Telephone: 55(62) 3343.1254

  2. The Guru Wayne Dyer thinks and acts as he is God as if he could not see that he is not God. If he would be God he would have healed himself, wouldn´t he ? Even John of God says he is not God, just a tool of God. But mayby Wayne has to act like he acts, because the people reading his 36 books want him to be as God and he plays his part. The show must go on ?!? What would be, if he would say “well, hm, I am not so cool as I thought and I do not know what to do to heal from my disease, arrr, errrr, but I mayby I will have to read my 36 books myself to see what I mayby forgot?” – This is America, this is Europe, this is mayby everywhere…. the show must go on. Mayby. – Mayby. – I am not God and I do not know it. This are just my thoughts. And mayby someone could be interested in some European thoughts. – I would have been interested in the thoughts of the other 1923 readers of this very interesting spiritual medicine blog website with social network commenting tool incorporated. – Well, I never comment, but just this time I wanted to, because no one did. Mayby. Who knows. I don´t know, that I don´t know.  –

  3. I am god
    U r god
    We all god

    Its a metaphor for our peaceful n loving coexistence.

    Now say it out loud: i am god 

    Kiran#s Comment:

    Yes your e-mail address says it all “fake-it-best” – our time like all times before were about faking something that you are not

    but certainly no time before went as far as faking “I am God” – maybe some Roman emperors said it – but now thanks to New Age we

    can all say it and believe it – and write successful books about it

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