Dr Buzynski honored by the Catholic Church

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It is my great honor to have Dr Burzynski http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanislaw_Burzynski, the world renowned Cancer therapist of Houston/ Texas http://www.burzynskiclinic.com/ , join the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller http://www.hospitaller-soulspirithealing.org/knights-hospitaller-grandmaster/ and his work honored by the Catholic Church by being initiated as :

“Commander of the Knight-order of St.Gregory the Great” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_St._Gregory_the_Great

It is my vision to promote with the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller, those who help to develop a medicine that focus on one or all of the following :

  1. Understands the physiological and psychological individuality of patients and furthers an approach that develops methods to tailor treatment to these differences
  2. Perceives disease not only as a mal-functioning but as a purposeful event in life that has the potential to allow great personal development. This medicine will not only aim to remove the illness but also offer guidance to the patient in how to make this time meaningful and transformative.
  3. Finds ways to turn simple things and life-style practices, like foods, natural energies, exercises and information into healing tools that further our joy of living and inspire our gratefulness for the creator.
Studying the work of Dr Burzyinski I know his works manifests these qualities to an outstanding degree. His therapy is so successful as he tailors his protocol very carefully to the individuals needs. He was one of the first to realize that a patient specific combination of peptides has the power to reverse even late stage cancers. And from the point of view of Informational Medicine he is doing exactly this – he is influencing the control-process of the body at a very high point in the hierarchy, at the point of genomic switches.
Just like with any other modality of Informational Medicine it has to be highly client specific but once found even minute amounts (in this case peptides) will do almost instant healing without the inertia and actio-reactio side-effects of massive dose or energy intervention which both  have to follow Newton’s law.
Also and possibly even more important in my personal communication I became aware that Dr Buzynski is a deeply spiritual person and takes an active role in the Catholic Church – I will copy here only his explanations about the scientific side of his work :
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Dear Grand Master,

I am greatly honored by receiving the email from you. For the last 45 years I was fighting cancer and other incurable diseases and most of the time the only reward was seeing the patient completely recovering. I do not have regrets because I selected this route expecting what could happen. In 1964 when I was still a medical student, my father gave me the book of Thomas Kuhn, “The structure of scientific revolutions”. I realized that in every major discovery there is a short period of enthusiasm followed by years of attacks by the establishment and ultimately the victory when the previous attackers will admit that “the discovery was obvious”. Shortly after I made my main discovery of 

antineoplastons, I decided to proceed with this route and began to identify the first two periods similar to the periods of unpleasant chronic disease.

 I am still in the second period, but I am beginning to see already the final third stage of the scientific revolution. I am “converting” oncologists and basic scientists all over the world to my ideas and now I am working on entire countries that have shown interest in introducing my approach of cancer treatment and prevention. In this respect, your email came at the right time when I can see the approaching paradigm shift. Prominent oncologists in various countries who follow my guidance are still afraid to openly admit this because they worry about the retaliation from their colleagues. Only a small group of the bravest doctors have decided to give me overwhelming support.

 As you probably know, I discovered a system of biochemical switches (antineoplastons), which, in our body, turn on the activity of the genes that fight disease and turn off the activity of the genes that cause disease. I believe and have the evidence that our body produces endogenous “medications” which can fight many currently incurable diseases.

By using genomic switches, we can activate the defense of our body against cancer, microbial infections, neurological diseases, and slow down the aging processes.

Cancer typically begins with switching off (silencing) the tumor suppressor genes. Such event gives the chance for survival and multiplication of the cells which contain mutated oncogenes. The disease can be eliminated by applying molecular switches that activate tumor suppressors and that silence oncogenes.

 Microbial infections that cause epidemics can kill millions of people. Since antibiotics are becoming less and less effective, humanity will soon face tremendous problems. On the other hand, when microorganisms invade our body, they silence the genes that are responsible for biosynthesis of powerful endogenous antibiotics. By using proper molecular switches, the genes responsible for making these antibiotics can be activated and the infection can be controlled within a few days.

 I just gave you two examples, but this principle can be applied to many different diseases. I thoroughly agree with you that when a patient undergoes successful treatment for a deadly disease such as a brain tumor, he admits that suffering from cancer and winning over the disease was a turning point in his life. Numerous patients are alive because of our treatment and these people form “a task force” which would like to change the world for the better.

I am greatly honored by your invitation to become a member of the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller and your promotion to be honored as a Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the Great.


With great respect and best wishes,

 S. R. Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D. 

I could not have wished for a more deserving first recipient for this honor and am grateful for the  impact that his membership in the Medical Order of the knights Hospitaller has for giving it even more significance and meaning.

His initiation has particular meaning for him as Cardinal Angelo Sodano has made such a wholehearted commitment to the support of new and effective forms of medicine that is lead by Knights of the Order of St Gregory and has extended his blessing and protection to such work :

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Here is a very touching movie about Dr Burzynski’s work

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2 thoughts on “Dr Buzynski honored by the Catholic Church

  1. How wonderful that Dr. Burzynski is knighted by the  Knights Hospitaller. Dr. Burzynski is doing what appears to be truly great healing work via ingenious anti-cancer gene /manipulation breakthroughs.

    What  a wonderful joining of the Knights Hospitaller and a great Medical Pioneer of our time.

  2. The letter from Cardinal Sodano is a great explanation of what healing is and by exposing the simultaneous healer/priest nature of a God’s servant it hints to man’s own essence which, by tradition, has the attributes of being a healer, a priest, a contemplative, a prophet, a mirror of God, a teacher and a warrior (the latter had a magnificent example in St. Ignatius of Loyola).

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