One thought on “What is Love ?

  1. Dear Kiran,

    You describe the essence of love with clarity, I feel that these words reflect the feeling perfectly – unconditional love outweighs our flaws.

    Sometimes what someone else does disrupts our day .. I overcame many boundaries when my father was in the hospital, he was a strong man, but fell ill, and helped him bathe, changed his diapers, my brothers could not do it.

    I wanted to love him more every day.
    Learning to love without fear of suffering without obstacles … True love has to win everything … not distance or condition exists.

      Throughout my life, I sought to find love, someone who would be perfect, or ideal for me  I found a lot of response to love God, who raised my knowledge about love to that clarity of pure water and cristal.

        Love that conditions the beloved to slavery destroys the essence of love.

        Many mothers since childhood … teach their kids that love to be true depends on the sacrifice of someone … That is I am your mother and I sacrificed myself to educate you, felt labor pains and so on … its the love of a prostitute ….the child  feels that he needs  to repay the parents for their  sacrifice…But it is God who gives the life

       And like a puzzle, all seek to find a “soul mate” and few find.
       It is written in the stars the sense of love in every sunrise, in this our weakness and limitations and love of yourself is the basis of all … and accept imperfections as perfect .. then you’ll be ready to love.

       True love does not cause pain and suffering, no obligation to reciprocate. Or punishment .. love and peace light in darkness, many couples get together and years later discover they did not reach this point. Infinite love does not have an expiry date, it will be eternal, even if the relationship ends peace should continue, friendship of the essence of years of coexistence and mutual respect.

       Love and how to be mentally connected in sync with the thought and feelings to relieve the suffering of a loved one … smile and cry together … walking hand in hand towards the sunrise remember … and love renews us each morning with peace.    Love and daydream, feel the ocean breeze and touch the horizon.


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