Disclaimer – don´t make “Self-Healing” your God

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Disclaimer : This philosophy and this technology cannot diagnose, prevent or cure the ultimate reason for sickness at best it can point you in the right direction.

I am adding this disclaimer on all my posts, as I want not to be the reason for yet another illusion.

The ultimate purpose of our existence is to recognize that all is connected in God, God holds all and that all that we experience is a manifestation of God – the good as well as the difficult.

This understanding opens us for help even if it comes from a direction that we otherwise consider not valuable or dangerous. It is the design of the universe that any development that is not helping to bring us closer to a realization of this connectedness, of our limited knowledge, our need for help, will ultimately end in failure.

In alternative just as in conventional medicine I have observed several very good people who developed or promoted some valuable new ideas and products to have very dramatic death form disease. At least for the alternative practitioners critics quickly jumped to the conclusion that – if they could not help themselves – their technology could not be of much use anyway.

When you bring new ideas, you generally have a lot of enemies and this quickly turns you into a defender of your own ideas and thus creates more divisions. When you believe at the same time that it is a specific healing philosophy or technology that heals you will never accept that you always need to be open to solutions that your enemies might provide. This is particularly true for Alternative medicine where innovators who cannot be open to the possibilities that conventional medicine has to offer.

This conflict is a result of our incapacity to see that it is the divine that heals and not a specific ideology or technology. AND the divine frequently chooses to offer the solution through something or somebody that we dislike and thus forces us to overcome our divisions that are based on ideas or experiences. Especially when someone got many testimonials of people that got great healing from his ideas or discoveries it is almost impossible to accept that the same could not be the case particularly for his own health issues.

However it is the divine plan to not allow anything to take away from the “Glory of God”. God being the intelligence, the creator, the unspeakable source that hold all and everything including the plan and ultimate destination for everything. When we believe that we have found something that makes us independent from such a plan and power, when we think we have the key for health and longevity or any other human miracle creation, this vanity must and will be challenged.

We often are unable to see how the divine points us into the right direction as we either believe the divine will deliver the solution, the miracle, or because we do not like the direction in which we would find help.

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It is not enough to know that one, or ones inventions, is “only” the tool or channel for the divine but also that often one is not even the chosen channel for the solution of a problem.

It is easy to hold that one is a channel for God, it’s very much a vanity thing, not a manifestation of humility and it is very difficult to realize that there are moments when one has to be open to face that something else, particularly something one looks down upon, is the key.

But dogma is not limited to believe in God, likewise a Vegetarian will usually exclude the possibility that eating meat will sometimes be better for health, or a Homeopath that at times it is more indicated to remove a tumor with surgery than trying it with the Similimum principle.

Especially when we are specialists in something we believe that we can help ourselves best with the methods that we developed over a life-time. Consequently many doctors die because of diseases that they have been treating successfully in many cases before. It is not so much because we are blind towards ourselves but because it is not the plan of God that we get the illusion of self-sufficiency.

The degree to which we can be in a constant Dynamic Labile Equilibrium DLE state determines how likely we are able to see the direction that the divine plan wants us to take.

How we can open more to this state is described in this post http://www.hospitaller-soulspirithealing.org/miracles-science-healing-happines/

To pray for a certain solution that we prefer is often the best way not to see the way in which we can receive help. Any believe, that indicates certains DOEs and DONTs is an obstacle to see the solution to the degree it is fixed and dogmatic http://mindconscioushypnosis-psychologicalhealth.com/pos-and-limits-of-information-in-healing/  .

At the end of a long yourney only the realization – the experience – of something so immensly larger than believe remains, a feeling that allows us to let go any limited set of ideas.

OR you can start to accept and live DUALITY in your life by embracing both poles – that is another way to increase this desire for the wxperience of ONENESS, for GOD http://mindconscioushypnosis-psychologicalhealth.com/law-of-attraction-the-one-sided-approach-the-main-reason-for-sicknes/




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