4 thoughts on “Different ways on how to deal with problems, opposition, tragic events, disease, loss, fraud, fear, pain, anxiety, trauma ….

  1. Well, I believe you have to work in the direction to manifest all your true potential. And this is only possible listening to your inner voice, that means to create the conditions and respect that you need for it. Take opposition as a challenge and make yourself the favor to nourish your one uniqueness. Love, Rosa

    • Sounds so good like angel-poesia

      “nourish your one uniqueness” who would not agree as it is so soothing for the EGO

      maybe you can explain what this practially means


  2. Hi Kiran and Rosa,
    Thank you for sharing your ideas on opposition, and the law of attraction. In my latest blogs for coaches and consultants in business, I share information on how they can work with their customers on how to find someones life intention. If you like, you can read them here: http://www.levelfivequaning.com/blog/
    The following blogs will also bring information on the why of opposition.
    Have a great day!

    Kiran : Yes Helma – you have an extensive business consulting module for CoRe and this really makes the search for solutions practical – because you know very well that for many companies for example the “believe in their uniqueness” that Rosa suggested is the reason for their bancrupcy because nothing can fool you more than this illusion.

  3. My dear Kiran

    between our discussions and our agreements above all you and I share a message that is very hard for people to understand…

    I usually say:
    “Pain is not bad… Pain is a source of fuel that allow you to endure every day and each situation”

    I have been thinking about this lately and want to share with you…

    Like the seven sins wirtten in the bibble (or any sacred book) can we say that the soul also have addictions (like love we are all one destiny and so on?) ?

    I Love the coincidence that you and I share because allows us to crette energy and friction due to our duality… the same message two different points of view… thank you for being part of my journey path and helping me to grow…  

    Kiran’s comment : …. yes often we share the same message – but sometimes it is more transformative to say “yes sorry you are right – I made a mistake”

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