What a medium can do and what it cannot do

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Hello Kiran, A question of concern for me…..


Would a CoRe Evaluation (in this case with Homeopathic remedies from John Davidson) bring up a remedy for clearing or neutralising past life memories of significant / traumatic health experiences….or, to your knowledge, do all evaluation results refer to this present life- whats happening right now, today…..even if the information is to do with some time in the future, as a pattern now established to play out sometime down the road.


More specifically, why I am asking your wisdom on this, in this instance that has me questioning, is an evaluation on myself that came up with 5 repeated highest numbers for the same homeopathic remedy “to alleviate excruciating pain from open cancer” ….well, the situation of an open cancer is not a present condition I have, …and nowdays they really dull such pain with morphine drips so there is no excruciating experience – well in this country anyway.……


However, I do recall my radionics teacher many years back saying that with radionics testing, a specific health condition, especially cancers, can show up which are destined to happen to as far ahead as two years into the future – and I see the Core evaluations being a similar level of reading as does happen with radionics…..well, for me anyway.


My own quiet time inner message on this was that it is to do with a past life impression from an unpleasant ending of the body, and the Core evaluation is the ancient memory that is being perceived – but being one with a human mind, and with human minds doing what minds do, there is always the ‘am I kidding myself’ lurking around for moments of weakness…..so, I figure that if there is anyone who might shed some light on this for me it would be you……


When you get a spare 5 minutes….if ever….. I really would appreciate hearing your understanding on this specific issue…….and it may be worthwhile for other to know as well…..however, if you do make this question and answer public information on the web site, please do not include my actual name….call me anything you like.


With Love and Light……..


Kiran’s answer :

Dear Peter


The CoRe system is a Medium, a connection to the Informational Matrix. And different then all others – I said from the very beginning – results are not measurements but statistically significant coincidences.

We have such a hard time to understand the nature of Coincidences as it is something that our left brain has labeled it ” entertaining-but-meaningless” as it can only be dealt with by the right brain in conjunction with the left.

The right hemisphere is not only the part in us that allows a synthesizing/ holistic approach but also it is the antenna to the informational matrix, it is the part in us that can make us a medium.


People who have a strong left brain are always very much concerned about good spelling, remembering names and house-numbers, disease names. John of God can apparently not even properly write – which certainly is a good basis but not a guarantee for being a good medium. (I had been classified dyslexic – so it is now surprise that the main negative feedback we get about the CoRe system are spelling and grammar issues)

Our left brain understands the “holistic” concept that “everything is connected with everything” but in practice is incapable to see things holistically.

When I see people struggling with the Interpretation of CoRe results it is almost exclusively the left brain at work and this always goes like that “Is this issue that came up :   A) the cause of my problems or B) will this maybe some time in the future be an issue for me?”


Some super clever people may even say that Radionics can very well make predictions UP TO 2 YEARS in the future, somehow knowing that the left brain is only happy once you give it some definite quantities.

The concept of Medium-ship has suffered so much through all times by want-to-be-psychics and fortune-readers that just made money on people that wanted more certainty. You can sometimes discriminate the fake one from the rare real ones by the fact that the later never would give you dates or quantities – as these simply do not exist in the informational matrix.


Most astrologers, psychics and “healers”

Would do more good for the world –

Flipping soy burgers


Why seek guidance about your


And God

From a grinning coiled snake

In a carnival show ?



However different then all left brains will assume – there are real mediums – and they know all events, thoughts, words are meaningful to the degree that they repeat or come together, coincide, with others that point to their significance.

It is something that nobody can teach you to perfection – most of my seminars and these postings are only attempts to show the world that they are missing out – the big part of what experience has to offer Also much of my times goes explaining at the reasons why the right brain and its abilities are on the verge of atrophying in our culture and why so many want-to-be-physics-experts have such an easy time finding naive believers for every new pseudo-scientific theory they invent.


Until now, in CoRe,  many items were in themselves as well as their descriptions so graphical and apparently obvious that they either completely confirmed the current believe or increased the block to look deeper as they were so hard to connect to with the left brain. This is changing in version 6 with the “Relational Protocol” function that only contains interpretations that are formulated from a combined right-left brain perspective.

Also I advice users not to try to use CoRe as a diagnostic tool – because the interpretation that you or your client make will either solidify the disease or heighten the walls that are between you and a true realization as it is in both cases the left brain.

CoRe recognizes statistically significant coincidences (CoRe = COincidence REcongition) but it does not tell you what they signify. However more importantly it uses the matrix pattern that are the basis of this coincidence recognition for informational communication or in conjunction with the energetic part to modulate respective energy with it – AND here is where CoRe becomes unquestionably useful in its therapeutic function.


CoRe is not a tool to look over Gods shoulders to see why and how he makes the dice fall the way they fall – too many people – including Einstein – tried this without success and still keep doing it. They are like children that look behind a mirror to find out what made the reflection possible.

I do not want to go with you behind the mirror and point out a hundred interpretations that are possibly — even more holistic then the simple left-brain concept of past and future lives were that “you had or will have some traumatic cancer experiences”.

But use the resonances that came up to communication and observe what it triggers in your life, stop pondering about it with your left brain – best even in future do not evaluate or treat yourself anymore but have you wife or a friend do it.


Start to understand this journey not from the point of view that “we had some traumatic experiences” that we can blame for who we are and what will happen in the future but that all conspires to shock us into his presence  and then


Write all that worries you

On a piece of parchment

Offer it to God

Even from a distance of a millennium

and I can lean the flame in my heart

Into your life

And turn all the frightens you

Into holy incense ASH




PS: If you now feel/ think/ believe you know as little as when you started to read this post – read it again.

PSS : If you think that all this is very poetic and makes good inspirational reading – but it is not the material that can make your healing practice or work with CoRe more successful – please know that this kind of feeling/ thinking turnes my life into an ever growing experience of wonder and excitement AND still I can operate on the physical level – know how and where to buy my 50 or so air tickets a year and dont run out of new insight and discoveries about myself and CoRe – it is the best I can give you – stop reserving the poetic part of life for some quiet evening – give your right hemisphere some room to breath




2 thoughts on “What a medium can do and what it cannot do

  1. Looks like CoRe reads to events karmically arranged by Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones (as Rudolf Steiner put it) and compares it with what is actually happening here on earth, single out things with statistical significance (resonance). Those homeopathy remedies are simply missed life cues. Am I understanding that correctly?

    Kiran’s comment :

    Maybe you can explain to me what you mean with Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones and how they compare with elves, gnomes, goblins, aluxes, chanekes, faries, angels and arch-angels —— you see people like Steiner talked a lot – he certainly had a connection but many people today repeat his words and concepts – thinking that they understand anything

    I for my part do not know what he or you are talking about.

    I know from my time in Coma that there is a world in between the physical/ energetic and the world of the SOUL that I call now “Informational realm” and this manifests on the physical level in form of coincidences. CoRe is a tool to generate the possibility of coincidences and then does a statistical evaluation – why coincidences are meaningful is not explained by this approach and coincidences need the right brain to be interpreted just saying they mean “simply missed life cues” is too simplistic

  2. Perhaps if we “read” the tetraedrous like the first “volumetric or solid” we can think about a central point with three axis, then:
    1.-Conciense “at the center” of our lain Tetraedrus, teh observer.
    3.-Memory-Information-Karma-Dharma-Holon-Genoformational Seed-ISIS-MYRIAM.
    Then, you can construct the entire Human Been:


    Then Dan Winter and Plato´s Timeo are ok, specially after Don José Reyes Meza “Traduction” on Leonardo Vitrubio´s Man, with the Timeo and the Blalatsky work.

    I hope you have some “new” fun there “In”…

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