Dark forces

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Dear All


I got more personal messages then before to any other post I made with respect to the  Light is all that exists post – and this surprised me and started me to think.

Unfortunately I get all comments and replies to my private box – rather than to the forum – which actually was made for that purpose .

I get very positive replies like this one :

I want to thank you so very very much for all the videos you have put on Utube and your web site . I try so very hard to watch them all .
I saw the one you talked regarding Dark Force when you were walking around in Portugal , I have something I will share with you you may find very interesting and true Im so proud that you have put it in your program people that have your system need to know in a huge way this is a big deal .And how big could be when someone is sick and cant get better this is the last thing to find this is what the person is dealing with Dark force issues and then they can get better . I also want to say if at any time you ever get to Arizona in Scottsdale we have a little casita you and your wife could stay Im sure you have places all over the world you could stay at
god bless you in all you do and keep up the wonderful work to help others and the world
god bless you


and sometimes  more questioning ones like this sequence from Joe Fighter (coincidental name !)


Dear Kiran,

there is so much involved in this discussion and I  would like somehow sort it out to understand it better.

This is not probably about science or physics.

Nobody argues that dark exists within our life or history from the point of that some mentally challenged members of human race, going for their pure egoistic needs, just bring it about. Actually there were no dark forces – in the sense we speak about them- before human being came to power on this Earth. Get humans out of this world and everything will just flourish. Need a proof? The Earth had been here for millions of years before first mammals were even born.

New Age is just a new direction, but yet a strong one. It is worth discussion, though.

Nobody argues, that US has also its dark forces or problems, as any other state or country.

Diane wrote about healing. Should someone heal a sick person and think about dark at the same time just because it exists?  You have nice or light thoughts you feel fine and concentrated, you have dark thoughts you feel depressed and lost. So why a healer should do that?

I am a fighter, I like quest, brain storming and I like to bite and I take you for a challenging opponent. Now you can delete me or continue, the choice is naturally – only – yours.

We discuss place of the dark,dle and healing. Allow me now to put you some questions:

– you live in a nice and peaceful environment. So why now because of dle and existence of the dark, you don’t move to…let’s say Afghanistan?
– you eat healthy food I suppose for a long time. So why because of polarity and balance you don’t start to eat bad or dark food?
– you live, I suppose, in a very nice house for a long time. So why not to move to a dark slump or a shed somewhere to live with dle?
– you have one day nice time full of enjoyment with friends. So next day why just don’t go and look up your enemies, because they exist? 
– you were inventing “light” healing machines so far.So why not to go for a sickening “dark” machines from now on?
– your apparatuses bring only light and health. So why not to put dark images on the screen, because dark exists and of dle ?

I personally think that nobody needs the dark in life (yet there is a lot of it around us)and we all try to live in a good and nice world.There is Good and Bad, because we live in polarized world but our life is – the fight for the Good, whatever it takes. And for the maximum possible good. 
Sincerely,  Joe

Could you please, clarify better how this works within your healing system?

Best regards



Dear Joe

The American virus has whispered in all our ears “There is no real evil, no Satan, no dark forces – this is all superstition of  the dark ages and was invented by a church hierarchy to make you afraid and slaves and depend on their protection – in fact all is in your hands – if you want – the universe will provide you what you wish and what you deserve – its the law of attraction and you have absolute control”


If your life does not go as you would want – really the only one you can blame is yourself. Or you can invent the “conspiracy theory” or you can blame other people or the government or some Aliens – or most importantly your parents or your karma or your DNA, environmental pollutants, or the trauma as a child when being sexually abused, a.s.o.

When you start to see dark forces just as real and independent from you as “Angels” you start to feel life to be the DLE, the tight rope walk, the juggling that it is designed for.

When in the Auto-communication dark forces are now found and listed just as remedies – we follow the oldest tradition that were intended to show reality, not in order to frighten – on the contrary to relief you of the need to indulge in ever new ways to add artificial Horrors and horror movies into our lives – not the last – the daily news –  only in order to satisfy the need for a confrontation with the dark.

Posting these forces on the auto-communication screen and integrating the matrix that represents them in the communication will be felt as a great relief and will enhance the effectiveness of the therapy greatly – as these forces are put into light – and confronted with the forces of light.

Newton told a world that energy and colors is exclusively contained in the light – Goethe knew better and could also confirm this in experiments – as can you if you take the time to do so – that colors and all optical phenomena are the result of both light and darkness – and if you integrate this in your world view – you will be less naive and more healthy and able to deal with the world the way it is created – you leave paradise of the infant soul that thought that there is only goodness and light.

this is not philosophy – this understanding can help you heal yourself and many of your clients





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