Creativity and spiritism use the same methods

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Various practices of connecting to the world of spirits is as old as humanity and was turned into a philosophical system by Allan Kardec.

Allan Kardec is the pen name of the French teacher and educator Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail (Lyon, October 3, 1804 – Paris, March 31, 1869). He is known today as the systematizer of Spiritism for which he laid the foundation with the five books of the Spiritist Codification.

His interpretation of many paranormal phenomena is based on the idea that after we die we continue as invisible spirits that can, to a certain degree, influence the physical world we live in.

Chico Xavier the greatest spiritist of Brazil has psychographed 400 books that he said were dictated to him by spirits  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txa_gBNkvdU. John of God who considers himself, guided by Chico Xavier, receives 36 entities that use him to do physical surgeries, give healing advice or do spiritual healing.

All of these spirits were very compassionate and hard working human beings during their life-time, as the founder of the Jesuits Ignatius de Loyola and the first Jesuit missionary to Brazil Manuel de Nobrega.


Now imagine you would work harder than anyone for liberation/ salvation and then when you die you are locked into the responsibility to guide thousands of spiritists whenever they contact you for hundreds or thousands of years – what a nightmare. I know this is not  the case although it is appeals to a childlike understanding.

However when you study individual examples a little deeper than a very different picture appears : For example Chico Xavier considered and entity called “Emanuel” his mentor but this entity was telling Chico that he incarnated at least ten times 

“The first incarnation of Emmanuel on Earth dates from the 9th century BC of an Egyptian priest. After  that, there were still another 9 reported and just one of them was priest Manoel da Nobrega,  the founder of Sao Paulo, in the 16th centuries.”

This means when Chico was channelling for example Manuel de Nobrega, he actually channelled the the software that Emanuel created through his incarnation as Manuel de Nobrega. Nobrega does not exist as a soul but it is the informational manifestation, the software, that the soul EMANUEL left behind. 

From this perspective spiritsm is much closer to what I will explain in the following. It means to connect to a software that was created centuries ago, but is no longer carrier of a soul. This software can act and appear very alive when it is brought in contact with the energies of the physical world – just as the GPS lady can sometime appear more conscious than your spouse when she calmly comments every one of your wrong turns with the warm and friendly “I am Re-calculating” and never getting tired.

Also the majority of software created through the lifetime of most people is not as friendly and patient as the GPS lady but get easily upset or needs to be fed with spirit and gifts to cooperate – mostly for vicious ends – which is used extensively in Candomle and Macumba (and it works – I have suffered from it)

Here I want to give an interpretation of the same phenomena that is based on our new understanding that has come with the advent of computers and the Internet :

Today we see that everything living is operating not only based on matter and energy but also that it operates via a program to act and react, which I call software. We can see that many processes that earlier were considered a manifestation of consciousness like…. having a schedule of actions as finding a location, getting there, answering questions a.s.o. can all be programmed and performed by a machine.

We identify with our knowledge, with our opinions, our likes and dislikes, our gender and cultural tendencies, talents and aversions even more than with our body. Spiritual teachers were always pointing out that this is not our SELF that is the source for these manifestations and that aging takes most of it away with memory loss or Alzheimer even before we die.

Many trades that take years of study can be out-performed by machines. So what is really our essence, consciousness, the SELF, the divine that cannot be replaced by machines or taken away by aging or death ? However I do not want to talk about all this here – I want to show you that all else – the software part of our existence, the informational part, the program, the database – is what spiritists are concerned about – not consciousness.

Imagine you could tap into the informational database of another person, you would know all his history and all his knowledge, you could have the same talents that he had acquired over a lifetime. Exactly that is what a medium, a channel, like Chico Xavier or John of God can do. Chico could write thousands of poems and could even name the dead poet that dictated them to him and John of God can do physical surgeries and diagnose illnesses, know the reason why you have come although both were almost illiterate.

I hold that they do not connect with the dead but they connect to that database that a person created or used when he was alive, just as you can load a software to your computer that was created many years ago and millions of people can connect to the same database at the same moment.

The 18th century was the century of chemical discoveries, the last century that of energy discoveries and this century will be the century in which we learn to see the amazing manifestations of information and learn to harness them in many new ways.

The computer and the internet will teach us that there is software in anything that is alive and that this software can connect to a universal database, a matrix, a world of ideas, the astral or morphological field that contains all knowledge of past and future not only of human life forms but of all possible life forms and the ability to harness this new connection will become even more life changing than the discovery of Energy.

Also we will understand that it is not based on a connection to ghosts, spirits or des-incarnate beings . The more we can let go the idea that there are actual conscious entities at work, the wider and more general will be the information we can connect to. Also we will learn that consciousness is different from information and related abilities, it is the divine part of us that inhabits not only an earthly and energetic body during our incarnation but also is provided with a software that it leaves behind when moving on at time of death.

The ability to tap into this datafield is not limited to spiritists or psychics but it happens to all of us when we have an idea that surprises us, something that is not just a result of our thought habits or pre-exiting learning.

This is what we call a AHA effect, a moment of inspiration, of creativity and all inventive and creative people of all times had just a greater natural ability to create these AHA effect.

Therefor my thesis that will continue to unfold is that :

“Methods that increase the ability for creativity are the same as that of a talented spiritist because both are doing the same, they are not connecting us to the dead but they connect us to the living universal datafield and there is a method to that, that can be studied and learned.


Man has has not invented anything that nature has not used in one or another way before – now we are learning to use cloud-computing, while nature has done this from the beginning.”

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