Consciousness versus Information

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Or Unity in Diversity

Usually the word CONSCIOUSNESS is linked with abilities like driving a car, talking, shopping…. I  consider it distinct from all these manifestations which to me are simply the  expression of some software or information. I believe it is useful  to consider Consciousness as synonym with SOUL, SELF, GOD, ONENESS, Unconditional LOVE, TAO. It is said about TAO “That which can be defined is not the TAO”. However we can say what is NOT the TAO or Consciousness. For example all that is conditional in nature, that has duality is not Consciousness.

We all know moments of TAO, when  there is no thought nor feeling about  WHY and BUT and HOW and WHAT-FOR, this state is not about the present only but about past and future as well, it is timeless. This can happen in beautiful moments but equally in tragic or difficult moments. It is not Consciousness when we have a sense of Better-versus-worse, Higher-versus-lower, More true versus less true, Real-unreal, Beginning-ending, Complete-Incomplete, Cause-effect, Ideal versus Not-ideal, eternal-transient … because all this needs conditionality, it needs duality and is therefore very dependent on personal or cultural likes and dislikes.

If there is any word that best describes Consciousness is Perfection, however incomplete all our associations with this world always will be. However because we all have experienced moments of this perfection we get the idea that the purpose of life is to reach this state constantly and that those whom we consider having reached this goal live in it constantly.

Here is where my philosophy of DLE varies from all existing spiritual teachings and religions.

We know that it is very hard to endure too many “perfect” days in a row – lets say in holidays without getting bored or starting a quarrel or getting upset about minor details. Equally so many children today have “perfect” conditions but not despite of it but because of it become aggressive, destructive, depressed. Those that have no limitations, e.g. no shortage of money to do anything, just as those who see only limitations,  turn to drugs and excess. Why – because the other Pole is missing, the duality, the darkness, the obstacles.

The philosophy of the  Dynamic Labile Equilibrium holds that the “goal of life” that will give greatest satisfaction and transformation is to be more and more freely able to move between Duality and Oneness. To enjoy and use the challenges that Duality creates & not to need to get stuck with one side only in order to create a pseudo sense of ONENESS through dogma, perfectionism, alignment with others a.s.o. – By truly accepting Duality as an essential Pole of the ultimate DLE we will become much more accepting for failure and less allergic to IM-perfection BECAUSE  this Duality and on the other hand we will be less naïve and demanding  to expect this kind of perfection in those that truly have achieved the ultimate level of this existence.

ONENESS or Perfection on the other hand does then not need any particular settings, not beauty, quietness, detachment, happiness, or whatever concept of duality we could wish for, even “presence” is only an approximation as it allows for “non-presence”.

Reaching  GOD, SOUL, SELF, TAO, CONSCIOUSNESS are not the ideal but being in close-to-it is, being able to move freely, to zoom-in  and zoom-out between  all our concepts and feelings and a state were all this has no meaning anymore where it does-not-matter.

As long as we believe ONENESS to be better, more real, more desirable …. Than Duality we will not get to this ease of moving between the two because of this pre-conception and the im-balance it creates.

Duality is not something we have to live-with until we have reached perfection – it is part of Perfection – not ONENESS but the DLE between ONENESS and Duality is the ideal – symbolized for example in the Wheel of Life

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