Communication to the ladies and knights – the promised land

It makes click

And all was there, even in past and future all that was there just as the memory that this had not always been like this, all the moments of distress of infinite longing and emptiness – all was there in an overflowing feeling of abundance, but not height and grandeur only but the deepest of darkness and desperation also, petrified solid crystal  experience so infinite and complete that even one breath and one beat of the heart felt an unnecessary intrusion.

Have  you ever felt that there was any better moment than there was now ? Have you ever felt that there was any more infinite and completeness than there is now?  Let me confirm to you that this never was and never will be and if anyone tells you, tell him that you do not know what he is talking about.

Was this madness or the height of enlightenment – did you miss something because you could not even remember the concept of duality ? Black and White – Happiness and Despair ? Does it need something to get there ? Don’t ask someone who is there – if he would tell you anything could be different or should be changed – know that he is not talking about what you are asking about.

Take a deep breath and don’t believe, don’t expect, don’t hold that you  are certain – at best pretend that this is the last and the first one you ever took and that you will not stop this one forever – get Goosebumps when you even consider this idea of “stopping” – what could stop that never had a beginning ?

Take one piece out of this puzzle and you are in it – Alice in wonderland – and best you know the rabbit whole is always there for you to go down the long tunnel into that world of infinite wonder and possibilities – did you know it is there – did you just forget the entrance to the tunnel. Let me tell you that your memory is perfect and that it never was any different – clear ? If doubt comes in – know that you are close – just enjoy the doubt and confusion a bit more and the rabbit will hear your knocking at the entrance door and certainly will let you in.

How much confusion can you tolerate, how much madness without having to throw out or anesthetize your good common sense, your sober spirit, your mothers wisdom your good citizenship ? If you want to have it all – you need to be everything already – not ready just now – but having been ready from day one and even before that – if you want to join the dance, get this idea out of your head that you were not always part of it.


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